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This page has become possible through the kindness, generosity and hard work of Dave BEAMES. I would like to thank him sincerely for these transcriptions, and his willingness to share them with us all. He has been responsible for a huge quantity of the data on this site. A hearty thank you seems inadequate, but that‘s the best I can do from the other side of the world. One day I‘ll get to England and buy you that beer Dave.

This page has, largely in dot points, the modern-day English translations of the Wills which can be seen in their original, olde style language here. For an index of names that appear in these Wills go here. On all 3 pages, each Will has been given a common reference number to help you know which one is which. To switch between individual Will numbers rather than pages use the number linksbelow.

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I Robert Lanchepraye . . . of Chadlington . . . sick in body . . .
  • I bequeath . . . my body to be buried in the churchyard of Chadlington
  • I give to the poor men‘s box of the same parish 4d
  • I give unto my son Richard the pot that is [channgied?] and a pair of wheels and a bond for one of them
  • I give to the forenamed Richard two sheep with half a quarter of corn
  • I give to the same Richard a yearling of a year old
  • I give to William my son five sheep
  • To the same William half a quarter of corn
  • I give to Jone my daughter two sheep
  • I give to Fortune my daughter four sheep
  • To the same Fortune one heifer of three years old
  • I give to the foresaid Fortune half a quarter of corn
  • I give to Thomas my son the best pot and my cart after his mother‘s decease
  • The rest of my other goods unbequeathed I give to Alice my wife and Thomas my son, of which said goods I do make Thomas my son and Alice my wife to be my executor and executrix and these parcels above bequeathed to be delivered within one month next after my departure
  • Overseers Thomas Drake? and my cousin William Lanchepraye
Witnesses none

Probate ". . executoribus in dicto? Testamento no‘nate in p‘sona Willm Busby de Enstone . . . . ."
Inventory 16/10/2
185.68 (1570/1570+) Will: Richard Lanchepray. Chadlington 10th Apr 1570
Probate 17/3/1570+

I Richard Lanchepraye of Chadlington . . . . sick in body . . .
  • I bequeath . . . my body to be buried in the churchyard of Chadlington
  • I give to the poor men‘s box 12d
  • I give to Margaret my daughter 16 sheep, two kine? and half the household of all my implements
  • And the residue of my goods to be equally divided amongst my 3 sons that is to say William, John and Robert Lanchepraye and the said Robert I make my sole executor to pay my debts and legacies
Witnesses Anthony Sambage? Thomas Carter and John Carter with other

Probate ". . executor in eodem no‘i‘at in p‘sona Willm Busby . . ."
Inventory 11/14/7
185.321 (1574/1575) Will: Alice Lanchepraye, Chadlington 20th May 1574
Probate 7/5/1575

I Alice Lanchepraye of Chadlington . . . sick in body . . .
  • I bequeath . . . my body to be buried in the churchyard of Chadlington by my late husband
  • I give to the poor men‘s box 12d
  • I give to my son Richard my second best beast and my stable pail (?)
  • I give to my daughter Fortune one heifer and the best be_er?, a barrel, a pot, a posnett and a frying pan
  • I give to my daughter Jone one cover? a barrel and a ____?
  • I give to my son Thomas b_ye? the best of my sheep and to my daughter Margarett Clarck‘s children the other four, the best to William the second to Margerie the third to Jone and the fourth to Doritie
  • I give to my daughter Margaret a pint? kettle and all my woollen apparel saving one petticoat that I give to Fortune my daughter
  • Further I give to Margaret my daughter two carches? a sheet and a smock
  • The residue of my goods unbequeathed, my debts paid, my legacies discharged, I give unto William my son whom I make my sole executor to pay my debts and legacies
Witnesses William Lanchepraye the elder and John Lorde the husbandman with other

Probate ". . in p‘sona Will‘m Shawe . ."
Inventory 20/12/6
W187.144 (/1581+) Will: Fortune Lanchpraie, Chadlington 5th Jan --
Probate 23/3/1582

I Fortune Lanchpraie . . . sick in my body . . .
  • I commit . . . my body to be buried in the churchyard of Chadlington
  • I give to the poor men‘s box of Chadlington 2s
  • I give to my brother Richard Lanchpray a cow which is in the hands of my brother William Lanchpraie that he set to the hire?
  • I give to my brother Thomas Lanchpraie thirty shillings which is in the hands of my brother William
  • To the same Thomas I give a kettle with a little? pot
  • To the same Thomas my brother I give a cow
  • To the same Thomas 2 platters
  • I give to the children of Margaret Clarcke my sister all that remains unbequeathed in my brother William‘s hands to be divided amongst them
  • The rest of my goods I give to Thomas my brother which I have not bequeathed whom I make my whole Executor of this my last Will and Testament
Witnesses John Higgens Curate Willm Cross with other

Probate ". . Administrac‘ Executori in dicto Testamento no‘i‘at in p‘sona Willm Shawe . . "
Inventory 3/16/-
W187.332 (1596/1596) Will: William Lanchbery senior, Chadlington 19th Jun 1596
Probate 26/10/1596

I Wm Lanchbery senior . . . Chadlington, husbandman . . .
  • I commit . . . my body to be buried in the churchyard
  • I bequeath to the said church 4d
  • I give to the poor man‘s box 4d
  • I give to Arthur Cooke? the half land of barley which we sowed at the batt?
  • To my daughter Mary if she be alive a quarter of barley after harvest next
  • I give to Arthur Cook‘s three children lawfully begotten of the body of Anne Cooke my daughter 3s, viz 12d apiece to be paid them at the age of sixteen
  • All the rest of my goods as well moveable as unmoveable I give & bequeath to Elizabeth Davies my daughter whom I constitute & ordain my whole & alone? Executrix of this my last will & testament
  • Overseers Willm S_orman? Robt? Carter Jn _____ & Isay? Harris?
Witnesses none

Probate has no legible names
Inventory 7/4/-

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W 190.263 (1596/1597) Will: Willm Lanchbery, Charlbury, husb 2nd Sep 1596
Probate 27/9/1597

I Willm Lanchberry sick in body . . . .
  • I bequeath . . . my body to be buried in the churchyard of Charlbury.
  • I give all my goods unto my wife Margaret. I make her my Executrix to see? me brought home as a Christian man should ever be
  • I give unto my three daughters that is to say Margaret one bedstead?
  • I give unto Elizabeth my daughter one tableboard
  • My son El__s hath granted unto my three daughters unto Margaret my daughter 6; unto Elizabeth my daughter 6; unto Ursula my daughter 3; and for that he shall have my house and the house shall pay it
Witnesses Willm Rose Anthony Ryman Edward Fillis? with others

Probate ". . Executrix in eode‘ no‘i‘at . . "
Inventory 3/18/-
W 191.128 (1601/1601) Will: Thomas Lanchberry, Chadlington 16th Aug 1601
Probate 25/91601

I Thomas Lanchberry of Chadlington . . . husbandman . . . sick in body . . .
  • I bequeath my body to be buried in the churchyard of Chadlington
  • My small? goods, my debts being paid, I dispose in manner following
  • I give unto unto Thomas my son my iron-bound cart, my ces[te__?] & a shepike?
  • I give unto John my son my G?al[___] & a shepike?
  • I give unto William my son two bushels of barley, my least pot & a shepike?
  • I give unto Katherin my daughter two bushels of barley & a little pot
  • I give unto D?r?i?ggett my daughter two bushels of barley
  • I give unto Jane my daughter two bushels of barley
  • I give unto Susan my daughter two bushels of barley
  • The said ten bushels of barley to be paid unto my said five children in manner followinge viz unto the eldest of them two bushels of barley at Michaelmas next & unto the next eldest two bushels of barley at Michaelmas come twelve months & so yearly according to their ages until the said barley shall be all paid
  • I do request & give in charge unto my loving wife Grace that she pay all my debts which as I remember are these, to William Norman of Chadlington 3, to widow Whitinge? of Finstock 40/-, to Wm Crosse my brother-in-law 40/-, to John Lanchbery my cousin? 40/-, to John Allin of Chadlington 8/-, in consideration of the payment of which debts I make my said wife my sole executrix & do give unto her all the rest of my goods moveable & unmoveable
  • Overseers . . . my loving brothers in law Thomas Crosse & William Crosse
Witnesses William Osbaston, Thomas Crosse Andrew Food__? Willm Crosse

Probate [executrix in eodem . . .]
Inventory 19/2/-
W191.145 (1600/1601) Will: Margaret Lanchbery, Charlbury 10th Aug 1600
Probate 8/10/1601

I Margaret Lanncbery of Charlbury . . . widow . . . sick of body . . .
  • I bequeath . . . my body to be buried in Charlbury churchyard
  • I give to Ursula my daughter one pillow, one joined board, in the sellar, one apron, one kerchief? & one partlet, one bedstead in the soller, the lesser barrel, one kettle being the greater?, the little pan & one sheet, one platter & one salt-cellar & a candlestick, all these parcels before named to be delivered unto Margery the daughter of the said Ursula when she is 16 years old, & in the meantime to remain in the use & occupation of Ursula my daughter & in like manner one new? chaffer?
  • All the rest of my goods unbequeathed I give unto Elizabeth Lannchbery my daughter whom I make my Executrix of this my will & testament
Witnesses Peter Toma‘ [Sema‘?] Richard Joyne[r?] T?homas G?e___g?

Probate [executrix in eodem no‘i‘at . . .]
Inventory 3/3/8

Note: sollar = solar? a partlet is a neck-covering, ruff, or kind of shirt.
W59/1/34 (1610/1612) Will: Em Symons, Wootton 17th Aug 1610
Probate --/5/1612

I Em Simones of Wotton . . . widow . . . sick in body . . .
  • I give my . . . body . . . to be buried in the churchyard of Wotton
  • I give to the mother church of Oxford 4d
  • I give to three children of Thomas Skasbrit‘s thirteen shillings and fourpence apiece to be paid unto them at the age of sixteen years the which Thomas Skasbrit doth owe unto me
  • I give to Thomas Skasbrit himself ten shillings and to his wife all my wearing apparel except my best petticoat which I do give to my sister Elyzabethe Lanchburie, also I give to her two couple? of hens?
  • I give unto my brother Anthony Lanchburie two loods of wood? and my long ladder?
  • Overseers ___ Pettye and Robert Paron? . . . and I do give them full possesion of all my goods and cattle to sell and to pay my debts and for their pains I do give them three shillings and fourpence apiece
  • All the rest of my goods unbequeathed my debts paid and all things discharged I do give unto my son John Taylor whom I do make my sole executor of this my last will and testament
Witnesses John X Baret? Thomas Carter Edmond Kylbe

11 Apr 1612 [I don‘t know what this date represents. Her death?]

Probate "Hoc testamentum non fuit probatum . . . . . quod executor in eode noiat in minore ___ etate? existit Sed . . . . . Thome Skarsburroughe marito Jane Skarsburrowe als Lanchbury sororis naturalis et ____ Em Symons als Lanchbury . . . testatricis supradicte . . . testamento . . . annex‘ May 1612"

Note: Em L == John Taylor 1598 Chad, John T bur 1602, Em T == John Simmons 1603 Chad, John S bur 1610.
WI196.10 (1612/1612) Grace Lanchbery, Chadlington 7th Apr 1612
Probate 26?/9/1612

I Grace Lanchbery of Chadlington . . . widow . . .
  • I bequeath my . . . body to be buried within the churchyard of Chadlington
  • I give unto my son Thomas Lanchbury my table board standing in the hall and the forms and benches belonging to the same
  • I give unto my son-in-law Anthony Carter my next best table board, one form, my best coffer excepting one, my store-pig, my best pot, my posnet, one salt?, my two worst? platters, one saucer, the? great? form in my chamber, my ___ing? trough? with his cover?, my round? dough? keever?, one tub, one pair of sheets, one table cloth, one towel, my bed, one pillow, one pillowbeere & one twillicloth
  • I give unto my son William one table board and one pair of sheets
  • I give unto my daughter Bridget one table board, my best kettle, my best platter, my best open? barrel, my worst coffer, my bedstead, one pair of sheets & one twillicloth
  • I give unto my daughter Susan one pair of sheets, one table board, my best tablecloth, one towel, one twilly cloth, one pewter? platter, one brass candlestick, my best pillowbeere, one bolster, my cupboard, my best coffer & my least kettle
  • I give unto my daughter Katherine five bushels of barley
  • I give unto every one of my childrens‘ children 12d
  • [___] corne and wood I appoint to be sold & out the s[____] other? debts to be paid & that which remaineth to be equally divided & paid to my four children (that is to say) William [Bridgett??] John and Susanna
  • I do ordain and make my son Thomas Lanchbery my sole executor
  • Overseers: my two brethren? Th[omas?] Crosse & William Crosse
Witnesses John? Drake? and John Crosse with others

Probate [executor in eode noiat]
Inventory [rest of line appears to be blank]
Note A dough keever was a shallow tub with a dished lid for mixing/kneading bread.

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WI139/1/29 (1624/1627) Will: John Lanchbury, Chadlington 10th Dec 1624
Probate 5/4/1627

I John Lanchbury Chadlington Carpenter sick and weak in body . . . .
  • I bequeath my . . . body to Expaine burial in the churchyard of Chadlington
  • I give to the Church or Chappel of Chadlington 6d
  • To the poor of Chadlington 12d
  • I give to my son John Lanchbury one sheep, one ironbound cart, one suit of apparel being the best
  • I give to my son Hercules Lanchbury a pair of cart bridle eyes?
  • I give to my son Thomas Lanchbury five Shillings and one suit of apparel
  • I give to my daughter Mary three pound, one featherbed and one sheep
  • I give to my wife one press?, one pot being her owne and one kettle
  • I give to my daughter Ann one cobbert & one kifferlid: [cupboard & coverlet?]
  • I give to my daughter Frances twelve pence
  • I make my wife and my daughter Ann my whole and sole Executors. I give to them all my goods whatsoever within doors and without, movable and unmovable whatsoever to be requalidealed betwixt them, saving that is promised to others, to perform this my last will and testament
X John Lanchbury mark

Probate [ . . . filia Anne . . .]
Inventory taken by Thomas Lander Anthony Crose & Thomas Lardner 26 Mar total 17/18/-
Exhibited 5 Apr 1627
WI139/2/5 (1633/1633) Will: Thomas Lanchbery, Chadlington 30th Oct 1633
Probate 23/11/1633

I Thomas Lanchbery of Chadlington . . . husbandman . . . sick in body . . .
  • I bequeath my body to be buried . . .l in the churchyard of Chadlington
  • I give unto Anne my wife the sum of forty pounds & all the household stuff that she brought with her when we were married, or at her choice if she leave the household stuff to receive the sum of fifty pounds and? to acquit my executor from all obligations & bonds wherein I am bound concerning her portion after my decease.
  • I give unto her my wife one cow, my executor to make choice of three and she the next to her liking
  • I give unto her my wife two quarters of corn, half a quarter of wheat & half a quarter of malt & a quarter of barley.
  • I give unto the four children of John Townsend to each of them a ewe sheep to be delivered at Our Lady Day next after my decease
  • I give unto my two sisters Bridget & Katherin to each of them one bushel of barley
  • I give unto Thomas Holloway the son of John Holloway one sheep
  • I give unto Thomas Widdowes the son of William Widdowes one sheep
  • I give unto Dorithy Crosse the daughter of Richard Crosse & to Thomas Lord the son of Thomas Lord and to Hester Carter the daughter of Robert Carter to each of them 12d
  • I give unto the poor of the town of Chadlington the sum of 5/- whereof 2/- unto Elizabeth Esey? but the rest to be distributed by the overseers at Cristmas next after my decease
  • Overseers Anthony Carter and Thomas Harris to each of them 5/-
  • All the Rest of my goods and cattle I leave with John Lanchbery my son whom I do make whole and sole executor paying & discharging my debts & legacies
Witnesses Anthony Carter X and Thomas Harris

Probate [. . . Johis Lanchbury filii . . . ]
Inventory . . . . appraised 12 Nov 1633 [Major items are:]

Corn 45
5 kine & 2 breeders 12
35 sheep & hay 10
4 horses & harness 11
Cart etc 6/13/4

Total 123/16/8

Anthony Crosse his X mark Anthony Carter Thomas Harris
Exhibited 23 Nov 1633
Bd107.65 (1641) Bond: Frideswide Lanchbury, Chilston 11th Jan 1641

[Mostly indecipherable]
___ Juris? Pasche? Johe Godfrey Maria Godfrey Cleevely
______ Johis?
BdI107.85 (1645) Bond: Hercules Lanchbury, Chadlington 9th Sep 1645

____ Sti Thome _______________________
bonor‘ &c Isaaco Lanchbery filio &c
WI139/2/34 (1649/1650) Will: Anthony Lanchberye, Bradwell 14th Dec 1649
Probate none
I Anthony Lanchberye of Bradwell . . . yeoman . . .
  • I render my body unto the Earth . . .
  • I give unto my daughter Marchery Whitting and her child my two houses and all ye appurtenances therunto belonging lying and being in the parish of Chadlington in the county of Oxon aforesaid
  • I give unto my son Thomas Lanchberye of Little Faringdon in the county of Berks the sum of twelve pence of lawful money of England
  • And to my aforesaid daughter Marcherye Whittinge all my several debts owing me as by a particular appeareth being? twelve pounds? seventeen shillings
  • I give unto my daughter Marye Greenehelufe my cow and calf already in her possession
  • Overseers Mr Edward Yate and John Hamlyn . . . the sum of five shillings apiece for two pair of gloves
  • And to my daughter Marchery Whitting all my other goods whatsoever and do hereby make my said daughter Marchery Whitting sole Executor of this my Will and Testament
Witnesses Edw: Yate Junior the merk of X Mary Goodinough
Inventory . . . . . deceased 14 Dec 1649 [Mostly a list of creditors:]

Mr Edward Yeat 3
John Keafe? of Kencott 17/- [or Kease]
Richard Rudson of Chadlington 2
John Godfrey of Millton 10/-
William Stickle of Filkins 2
Francis Sheary alias Taylor of Kencott 7/-
Robert Burdock 1
John Vernham of Kencott 13/-

Total Inventory 18/7/-
Appraised by John Hamlin and Richard Hughson
Exhibited 19 Oct 1650 [Marcherice Whittinge filia]

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WI203.140 (1680/1680) Isaiah Lanchbury, Chadlington 16th Apr 1680
Probate 3/10/1680

I Esay Lanchbury of Chadlington . . . husbandman . . . weak in body . . .
  • . . . my body I commit to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executor
  • I will that my debts & funeral charges shall be paid & discharged
  • I give unto my son William Lanchbury the sum of twenty pounds to be paid to him by my Executor at the end of two years after my decease and one half yard land after the decease of my wife, namely that half yard land which I formerly purchased of John Toolley
  • I give unto my daughter Joane Lanchbury the sum of forty pounds to be paid to her by my Executor three years after my decease
  • I give unto my son Esay Lanchbury one band? of fifty shillings and all that estate, houses & all the appurtenances belonging to that yard land commonly called Spooners Yard Land, upon condition that he shall pay or cause to be paid three pounds a year to his sister Mary Lanchbury during her natural life or see that she [is?] carefully provided for or otherwise half that estate aforesaid during h[er life?] but in case my son Esay Lanchbury dies & never marries [the?] estate shall be to & for my son William Lanchbury and m[____] he be the longer liver and if it shall happen so, then he shall pay or cause to be paid unto my daughter Mary Lanchbury the [sum of] four pounds yearly and every [ year] during her life and taking Suff?[____] of her and see that she be no way wronged
  • I give unto Elizabeth my wife & my son John Lanchbury my [____] all my chattels and corn and do make him coexecutor with Elizabeth my wife in all things except my household goods that shall be to my wife Elizabeth & at her disposing except one bedstead and all the furniture belonging to one bed or bedstead to my son John Lanchbury
  • And I do hereby revoke disannul and make void all former Wills and Testaments by me heretofore made
  • In witness whereof I the said Esay Lanchbury to this my last Will & Testament have hereunto put my hand & seal, the seventeenth day of April Anno Domini 1680 Esay X Lanchbury his mark [NB a day later]
Witnesses Tho: Holloway John Garnar

Probate [Johis Lanchbury fil‘ et Eliza‘ R‘lict‘]
BdI107.313 (1709) Bond: James Lanchborow, Shipton-u-Wychwood 3rd Dec 1709

Admin‘ Margarette Relicta _____
WI205.377 (1708/1709) Will: John Lampory, Kingham 7th May 1708
Probate 9?/5/1709

I John Lampory of Kingham . . . husbandman . . .
  • I bequeath . . . my body to be buried in Christian burial at the discretion of my Executrix
  • I give unto my brother William Lampory all the Goods Lands Tenements and Cattle whatsoever I die possessed of for the term of the two lives that be upon the Chattel Lease, upon condition that he the aforesaid William Lampory shall pay all my debts, & what remaineth yearly afterwards shall be at my brother William Lampory‘s disposal for the use of my wife & children & I make him the aforesaid my brother William Lampory whole & sole Executor of this my last Will & Testament revoking all other Wills & Testaments
Witnesses Sho:? Kite Thomas Boulter Edward Gillett

Probate [Gul Lampory frater] ========================================================================================
WI94.87 (1726/1726) Will: Joseph Lanchbury, Ramsden 4th July 1726
Probate 7/7/1726

I Joseph Lanchbury of Ramsden . . .
  • I give unto my beloved wife Sarah Lanchbury all the goods that she brought to me and three guineas in money & all her clothes likewise
  • I give unto my two sons Joseph & Stephen Lanchbury all the residue of my goods & chattels & all my money be it little or much
  • I give unto my beloved wife supposing she be with child proportionable with my two sons toward the breeding up of the child
  • If my two sons should die before their substance be spent I give my beloved wife three pounds in money
  • I do make George Lanchbury my brother sole Executor of this my last Will & Testament to be in trust for my children
Witnesses the mark of John Lanchbury the mark of John Cooke Tho: Dix

Probate 7 July 1720 [amended to 1726] [Geo: Lanchbury fratris]
78/3/40 (1729) Bond etc: Henry Lanchbury, Little Faringdon 15th Aug 1729

The first section is a pre-printed form, in Latin, with gaps for the insertion of names etc.

Noverint Universi per praesentes, nos [Robertum Fisher de Faringdon parva in Cou‘ Berks yeoman et Johannem Fisher de Faringdon p‘dict yeoman et Georgium Radbourn in _____ de Lechlade in Comit? Gloucester Innholder] teneri&firmiter Obligari [Jacobo Bouchier Leg__ D___at peculiar? sive Exempt‘ Jurisdictoris? de Langford in Coun‘ Oxon et Berks et membrorum? ejus? ___ Officiali? sive Comissario legitimo constitut__ certum??] bonae& legalis monetae Mag. Brit> solvend eidem [Jacobo Bouchier] aut suo certo Attornato, Successoribus, Executoribus, Administratoribus, sive Assignatis suis. Ad quam quidem solutionem bene et fideliter faciendum obligamus nos & [quamlibet] nostrum per se pro toto&in solido Haeredes, Executores&Administratores nostros firmiter per praesentes.
Sigillis nostris Sigillatas
Dat [Vicesimo Quinto] die mensis [Aug____] Anno Regni [Domini nostri Georgij Secundi] Dei Gratia Mag. Brit. Franciae,&Hiberniae [Regis] Fidei Defensor &c [Tertio] Annoque Domini [1729]

The second section is also pre-printed, with gaps for insertion, but is in English.

The Condition of this Obligation is such that if [Eliz: Fisher als Lanchbury wife of the abovebound Rob: Fisher the daughter &] Administrat[rix] of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of [Henry Lanchbury late whilst he lived of Little Faringdon within the parish and peculiar Jurisdiction of Langford abovenamed widower&yeoman] deceased do make, or cause to be made, a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the Goods, Chattles, and credits of the said deceased, which have or shall come to the Hands, Possession, or Knowledge of the said [Elizabeth Fisher als Lanchbury] or unto the Hands and Possession of any other Person or Persons for [her] and the same so made, do exhibit, or cause to be exhibited in the Registry of the above-named [peculiar Jurisdiction of Langford] at or before the [Last day of November] next ensuing And the same Goods, and Chattels, and Credits, and all other the Goods, Chattels and Credits of the said deceased at the time of [his] death, which at any time after shall come to the Hands or Possession of the said [Administratrix] or unto the Hands and Possession of any other
Person or Persons for [her] do well and truly Administer according to Law. And further, do make or cause to be made, a true and just account of [her] said Administration at or before the [last day of July in the year 1730]
And all the rest and residue of the Account, the same being first examined and allowed by the Judge or Judges, for the time being, of the said Court, shall deliver, and pay unto such Person or Persons respectively, as the said Judge or Judges by his or their decree or sentence, pursuant to the true intent and meaning of an Act of Parliament, in that behalf made and provided, shall ___t and appoint.
And if it shall hereafter appear that any last Will and Testament was made by the said deceased, and the Executor or Executors therein named, do exhibit the same unto the said Court, making request to have it allowed and approved accordingly, if the said [Eliz: Fisher wife of Robert Fisher] above bounden, being thereunto required, do render and deliver the said Letters of Administration (approbation of such Testament being ___st had and made) in the said Court, then this Obligation to be void and of none effect, as [can‘t read rest of line]

Signatum, Sigillatum,&deliberatum
adulum dict. [___ Bouchier] Robert Fisher O [seals]
E Davis ____ John Fisher O

George Radburn O
_____ _____
__ John X _____
Jno Kinge?
The third section is hand-written in Latin, which I have not transcribed.
It is headed "Jacobus Bouchier" and contains the following names:
Edward Davis sen; Edward Davis jun (Langford) Geo: Cooper; Henry Lanchbury; Jo: Greenway Reg‘r;
Elizabeth Fisher als Lanchbury uxor Robert Fisher filia naturali et legitima . . . 16 Aug 1729
The fourth section is hand-written in English

The Form of the oath to be administered to Elizabeth Fisher als Lanchbury laying her hand upon the holy Evangelist

Your oath is and you shall swear that the abovenamed Henry Lanchbury your late Father deceased died intestate and made no Will as far as you know or believe and that [you] shall well and truly administer the goods credits and Chattels of the said deceased by paying his Debts so far as his said goods credits and Chattels will thereunto extend and the Law requireth And that you will make or cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods credits and Chattels of the said deceased that shall come to your hands possession or knowledge and make a true and just Account and Exhibit them into the Registry of this Court when you shall be thereunto Lawfully required So help you God Kiss the Book

This Commission was Executed and the Oath above written duly administred unto the abovenamed Elizabeth Fisher
als Lanchbury the twentyfifth day of August Anno D‘ni 1729 By me E Davis Junr

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NB Some of my copy is illegible. Wording within braces {} is from Howard until I get a better copy.
WCod96.62 (1735-37/1738) Will: William Lanchbury, Chadlington. Will 9/6/1735
Codicil 23/1/1737
Probate 19?/3/1738
I William Lanchbury of Chadlington . . . Yeoman . . . in indifferent health . . .
  • To my son Hercules Lanchbury during his natural life my Messuage and Lands which I hold by Lease of Sir {William} Osbaldeston Bart if the said Lease shall so long continue.
  • After his decease I give to Mary his now wife during her widowhood the bakehouse with the room over the same, the barn adjoining the stable, and half of the garden, part of the said premises with liberty of ingress egress way and passage at all times to and from the same through the backsides belonging to the said premises.
  • After the death of my said son and death or marriage of his said wife I give my said Messuage and Lands to Isaiah Lanchbury and John Lanchbury, two of the sons of my said son Hercules, for all the remainder of the said Lease equally divided between them.
  • To William Lanchbury, another son of my said son Hercules, all that my Messuage or Tenement and Lands which I hold by Lease from William Rollinson Esq and also the crop of corn that shall be growing thereon at the time of my death to h[old?] to him his Exec‘rs Adm‘s and Assigns for all the remainder of the term therein then to come __ the said William Lanchbury paying to my said son Hercules 20/- a year during his natural life by two equal half-yearly payments to wit at Michaelmas and Ladyday, and also pay all such sums of money as shall appear at my death to be charged on the said premises by way of Mortgage.
  • To my grandson John Burden his Exec‘rs Adm‘s and Assigns my Messuage or Tenement at Ramsden in the said County of Oxford with the garden and barn thereunto belonging for all the remainder of the term which I have to run therein, he paying such moneys as the same stand as? a? Security? for ___
  • To my daughter Frances Burden my bedstead which is now in the house / William Lanchbury/ {late in the possession of Sheney ___} my Looking Glass, and the {use of the brass drum? for life}
  • To my grandaughter Sarah Burden {an upright barrel and my ____ drum} after the death of her mother.
  • All the rest of my {household goods} to my said grandson William Lanchbury ________
  • {The residue of} my goods chattels credits ready money {and personal estate} not hereinbefore mentioned and? {so he can pay the funeral expenses I give} to my said son Hercules Lanchbury whom I __ appoint sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament . . . .
Witnesses: Thomas Maj[or?] Abell Issard Tho: Bulley

A Codicil to be annexed to and taken as part of my Last Will and Testament.
I hereby ratify and confirm my Will dated 9/6/1735 every Article Clause and thing therein except as follows:
  • Whereas I have by my said Will charged the Messuage and Land devised to my grandson William Lanchbury with the payment of an Annuity of 20/- a year to my son Hercules Lanchbury during his life: Now I do hereby revoke the said Annuity of 20/- a year and give my said Messuage and Lands and crop that shall happen to be thereon as in my Will to my said grandson William Lanchbury absolutely, discharged from the said Annuity. [Dated 23rd Jan 1737]
Witnesses: Henry Ward John Burden Wm Dolton?

Probate [Hercules Lanchbury]
Bd111.191 (1825) Bond: Ann Lainchbury, Southleigh 15th Apr 1825

On the fifteenth day of April in the year of our Lord 1825 Letters of Administration of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of Ann Lainchbury late of Southleigh in the County of Oxford deceased were granted to James Lainchbury the natural and lawful son and next of kin of the said deceased being first sworn duly to administer James Lainchbury the lawful Husband of the said deceased surviving but dying without taking out Letters of Administration

Under 20
WPec18.40 (1842/1843) Will: James Lanchbury, Towersey 15th Apr 1842
Probate 4/2/1843

I James Lanchbury of Towersey . . . Farmer . . . weak in health . . .
  • I give unto my Executors hereinafter named the whole of my Estate and Effects whatsoever and wheresoever and of what _al_e_ and kind soever, after payment of my just debts and funeral and testamentary expences, Upon Trust, to use the same in such way and manner as they shall from time to time think advisable, for the benefit of my wife and child during the whole of my wife‘s natural life, should she remain so long whole and solely? unmarried, subject notwithstanding to the allowing to my father Thomas Lanchbury a maintenance out of the same during the whole of his natural life.
  • I further bequeath that in case my wife marry, then upon my son William Lanchbury obtaining his majority, I give and bequeath to Rebecca my dear wife one third of my property for her own absolute use and benefit; and the other two parts to my son William Lanchbury, his Executors, Administrators and Assigns, to and for his own absolute use, benefit and disposal.
  • And I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my kind friends Robert Juggins of Emmington in the County of Oxford, and Richard Borden of Towersey in the County of Buckingham, to be the Executors for carrying this my last Will and Testament into effect.
Witnesses Thomas Juggins William Bowden

Feb 4th 1843 Robert Juggins, one of the Executors above named was sworn? as usual and that the Personal Estate of the deceased is under the value of 450 (the other Executor reserved)
Before me W H Apthorp Official Commissary

Probate [Robert Juggins one of the Executors (reserved . . . Richard Bowden the other Executor) ]
PROB11/1743 (1654/1654) Will: Mary Lainchberry, Chadlington 16th Jul 1654
Probate 20/9/1654
I Mary Lainchberry of Chadlington . . . widow . . .
  • I give to Alice Baylies the sum of ten shillings.
  • I give to her four children the sum of ten shillings apiece, if either of them fortune to die it shall remain unto them.
  • I give my daughter Alce my best wastcoat? and my best petticoat, my short coat, one smock, one Crestclate??
  • I give my daughter Anne Hanckes? my best gown, my great coffer, one smock, and the twenty shillings that I lent to Joseph Hanckes her husband I give unto their children equally to be divided between them.
  • I give to my son William Lainchberry the bond of five pounds that he owes me, paying out of the aforesaid bond the sum of twenty shillings to my Executor hereafter to be named.
  • I give to John Lainchberry my grandchild the Garner? and one bedstead, one tableboard&frame and one cistern after the death of his father.
  • I give to Esay_Lainchberry my grandchild one bedstead, one cupboard&the Iron bar after his father&lsquo&#;s death, and I give him one ewe sheep p‘sent [present or per sent?] and all the rest of the things that be at my son Esay Lainchberry‘s I give him excepting my great pot.
  • If either John Lainchberry or Esay_Lainchberry my grandchildren fortune to die before they come to the age of 21 it shall remain to the other of them.
  • I give to Mary_Lainchberry my grandchild my great kettle when she comes to the age of sixteen.
  • I give to Mary Harrys my grandchild one flock-bed?&one bolster, two pillows, two pairs of sheets& two blankets, one coverlet? with the bedstead&one brazen chafing-dish, one kettle, one little coffer& forty shillings of money.
  • I give to my grandchild John Harris the sum of twenty shillings&one little bottle.
  • I give to Robert Harrys my grandchild the sum of twenty shillings&[my] great brass pot that is at my son Esay Lainchberry‘s.
  • I give to Alice Harrys my grandchild the sum of twenty shillings.
  • I give to Anne Norman&Eliz: Norman one ewe sheep apiece.
  • I give all the rest of my wearing apparel not before bequeathed to my daughter Francis Harris&my cow and my brewing barrel.
  • I give to my son Esay Lainchberry the sum of two shillings.
  • All the rest of my goods lands and chattels not before bequeathed I give to my son-in-law Humfrey Harrys whom I make my whole&sole Executor of this my Will and Testament so desiring the Lord to be merciful unto my soul I rest.
Witnesses John Smithe John Norman his mark

Probate Westminster the 20 Sept 1654 . . . Humfrey Harrys sole Executor . . .
(1725/1728) Will: Edward Lainchbury, Ramsden 2nd Sep 1825
Probate 10/7/1828

The Will of me Edward Lainchbury of Mount Skippett near Ramsden . . . yeoman . . .
  • I give . . . to John Williams Clinch of Witney Banker and David Newman? of Ramsden Carpenter . . .
  • upon trust . . . my messuage or dwellinghouse with the barn stable garden orchard and appurtenances thereunto belonging at Mount Skippett formerly two cottages or tenements and now in my own possession, to hold . . . upon trust and to the intent that they . . . do as soon as conveniently may be dispose of the same to any purchaser . . .
  • and out of the purchase money . . . do pay to my neighbour Charles Leake of Witney . . . the principal sum of thirty pounds now due and owing from me to him upon security of the said premises and for which sum and interest he now holds a lien? in the nature of mortgage thereupon and on my documents of title relating thereto, and do pay to the said Charles Leake all such further monies as are due and owing to him from me or my estate
  • and after payment thereof and of my funeral and testamentary expenses, upon trust to apply the remainder of the said purchase monies in discharge to the said John Williams Clinch and David Newman? of the monies I now owe to . . . them
  • And then in payment to any other my Creditors of the debts or demands which may stand against me . . . in the discretion of my trustees . . . as far as such residue of purchase money may extend and in full or pari passu amongst all or any of the said Creditors
  • It being my desire that the receipts of my trustees . . . shall be a good and sufficient discharge to the purchaser of the premises . . . and that such purchaser shall not be required to see to the application . . . of his her or their purchase money or liable to any misapplication of the same
  • And as to any . . . monies to remain in my trustees‘ hands the produce of the said purchase money after payment of all expenses . . .upon trust for the benefit of the two children now under my roof namely Edward Lewis Ryman and Hester or Esther Ryman lately born of the body of Susanna Ryman living at this time with me, at such time and in such manner for maintenance or other purposes as my trustees . . . shall judge discreet, it being my desire that the whole thereof shall if requisite be disbursed in the maintenance or support of the children or of the survivor of either dying, at the full discretion of my trustees during the minority of such children or child
  • I give to Susanna Ryman my household goods and wearing apparel within my dwellinghouse at Mount Skippett
  • Subject to the payment of my said debts I give to John Williams Clinch and David Newman? my mare and colt, my ___ or? Whiskey? and harness, and all my other effects undisposed of in or about my said house and premises, and also all _____ dividends and property which may be due or belonging to me at the time of my decease from any person except my property or effects at Lynn Regis in Norfolk
  • [The] last mentioned property consisting of household furniture, wearing apparel, household goods and other effects in or about my house there occupied by my wife Phoebe Lainsbury together with any other property under her control I give to her provided that she and my said estate intended for her do indemnify my other estate fully against any debt [or other demands] from that neighbourhood or on her account and further that she . . . discharges . . . my premises at Mount Skippett and all my other real estate from all dower or thirds at the Common Law or otherwise and from all . . . demand by her whatsoever
  • in default thereof I give my property and effects at Lynn Regis or elsewhere and whether or not under her control to my trustees in trust for the purposes of this my will and ultimately for the benefit of the said two children . . .
  • I give to my nephew the eldest son of my sister Mrs Sarah Moore the gold watch, chain and seals which she some years since kindly gave to me
  • All the residue of my estate and effects I give to my trustees . . .appointing them Executors . . .
Witnesses James Cook Wm Ferriman Samuel Ferriman
Probate 10th July 1828 London [John Williams Clinch&David Newman? the Executors]
Notes: Poss bapt Susanna Ryman 1789 Charlbury. No baps of her children at Shipton or Charlbury.
Poss Susan(na) Ryman in Gt Rollright 1841&1851 (Unm, age 65) with servant Dorcas Hunt.
Edward Lewis Ryman (”15”) in Neat Enstone 1841. No Hester. Neither in 1851.
No Moore marr or baptisms.
No sign of David Newman (or Norman) in PR or census. J W Clinch was well-known in Witney.
Lynn Regis was old name for Kings Lynn.
(1802) Will: James Lainchbury, Grays Inn London 3rd May 1802
Probate 11/1375

I James Lainchbury of Grays Inn London . . .
  • My body is to be interred by daylight in the most plain and private manner and with as little expense as the strictest decency will permit in Saint Andrews Burial Ground in Grays Inn Lane ... in the same grave with my good and worthy late friend Isaac John Bearley? the ground having been purchased by me at his death for the purpose; and on the same flat stone that now covers his grave no other memorial of me than my name, age and the day of my death.
  • My set of Chambers wherein I long have lived are to be sold within twelve months after my decease (otherwise they will be forfeited to the Society) together with such part of my fixtures, books and furniture as may not be wanted and not below disposed of.
  • Although hard to say and still more strange to relate, I have a brother who from impudence in the early part of life and through more than forty years has neither been sociable or comfortable as I could have wished, yet still he is my brother, and as such I here leave my brother William Lainchbury all my houses, farm lands and estate both freehold and copyhold at Ramsden and Finstock for his life.
  • If my brother William dies before his present wife Martha then I leave her 20 a year payable quarterly for life as a reward for her attention and kindness to my father in his last Illness.
  • After my brother's death I leave all the property to my nephew James Lainchbury for life, he keeping it in good tenantable repair and committing no waste.
  • After the death of James I leave it to my sister's eldest son Edward Lainchbury for life, he keeping it in good tenantable repair and committing no waste.
  • After the death of Edward then to his brother William for life, he keeping it in good repair without waste.
  • After the death of my brother and three nephews as above I then leave all the property equally amongst my five nieces or the survivors of them.
  • To my brother's eldest daughter Elizabeth the wife of John James, in consideration of her large family, I leave an annuity of 40 a year for her life, for her sole and separate use free from the debts engagements and control of her husband, her own receipts being a sufficient discharge.
  • To my brother's other daughter Mary the wife of Edward Clifford? I leave an annuity of 50 a year for life and also the use of my late father's house, gardens etc to dwell in, with the use also of the adjoining Cot for one of her daughters to live in or otherwise as she shall think fit, keeping it in repair, and 10 guineas for mourning.
  • To my nephew Edward Lainchbury (notwithstanding his inconsistent impudence and ingratitude) I leave an annuity of 50 a year for life.
  • To his brother William Lainchbury I leave an annuity of 40 a year from age 21 for the remainder of his life
  • To my sister's second daughter Elizabeth I leave an annuity of 30 a year for life.
  • To my sister's third daughter Mary the wife of William Doare I leave an annuity of 30 a year for life.
  • There is 50 a year Imperial Annuities at the Bank in the joint names of myself and Sarah Austin, and another small account in the 3% Reduced Annuities in the same names, both of which are the sole property of Sarah Austin, my name being there only as a Trustee, and both annuities are to be transferred into her name after my decease.
  • I also leave Sarah Austin an annuity of 20 a year for life and 10 guineas for mourning.
  • I leave for the joint and equal use of Sarah Austin and my niece Sarah Lainchbury whatever part of my books, goods and furniture they may choose, so that they may dwell comfortably together as they have done hitherto.
  • All the above annuitants are to be be paid quarterly, the first payment to be made to each on the first usual quarter day after my decease, and I charge all my freehold and leasehold ground rents in London or elsewhere with the payments.
  • None of the annuities shall ever be sold or disposed of to anyone -- if so they shall be no longer payable, it being my intention that they shall be paid to the legatees alone for their sole use, as being the produce of much care and industry on my part to make a small provision for the several fatherless children left young totally unprovided for.
  • I have reason to suppose that the two grounds and a little strip of woodland, formerly belonging to the late John Joyner's estate which I purchased of his nephew Edward Bird, must inevitably be sold after the death of Mrs Smith of Brize Norton, the present owner.
  •           As the owner of those grounds has a right of access through my lands to theirs it is advisable for me or my heirs to buy them in order to put them together as they once were.
  •           If possible, I wish to have them bought and added to my adjoining property, and to hold the estate during the several lives as I have bequeathed my other lands.
  •           For that purpose I leave 500 in Trust to purchase the two grounds and strip of woodland when opportunity offers, and in the meantime the 500 is to be invested in the 3% Consols in my nephew James's name, and held by him in Trust until the purchase can be obtained, provided it can be accomplished within ten years after my decease.
  •           If not I leave the 500 plus interest to my nephew James to dispose of as he then thinks fit.
  • I leave my good and worthy friends Jane and Mary Wellington of Wilcote 5 guineas each for a ring, as a small token of my affection and regard for their kind and uninterested friendship to my self and family over many years
  • I beg that Mr John Noble and Mr John Morgan will each accept a ring.
  • To Mary Dubourg? of Red Lion Passage I leave 10 guineas in consideration of the many charitable and other good qualities which when in better circumstances she I believe really had.
  • My gold watch, key and one seal I leave to my niece Sarah Lainchbury, and my gold chain and other two seals to my nephew James.
  • All the residue of my money, stock, property and effects I leave to my nephew James and my niece Sarah Lainchbury divided equally.
  • I appoint my nephew James Lainchbury and my niece Sarah Lainchbury Executor and Executrix and joint residuary legatees, relying on their being kind and friendly to all and to each other

Witnesses Rich'd Barry Wm Dodd Jno Dunn
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