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This page has become possible through the kindness of Sharon Strange in England who remembered my interest in the LANCHBURY name when she happened across a gravestone with the name on. I would like to thank her for not only remembering me, but going to the trouble to transcribe the inscription from the stone, take a photograph of it, and then find me to share it.
Sharon is researching De Bank, Hutt and Bugg in Charlbury, Oxfordshire. If you would like to visit her Charlbury page click here. This will open a new browser window. Thanks again Sharon.
There are now more gravestone markers below thanks to the kindness of Michael and Barbara Clemens in taking these photos for all of us who can not get to the graveyards in person. Thank you so much!

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Mary Ann and 2 Williams Sharon writes... "Insofar as I could read it the inscription was:-
In memory of
Mary Ann Elizth LANCHBURY daughter of Thomas and Mary LANCHBURY who died April 8 1862 aged 1 year
William LANCHBURY their son [ unreadable] 11 1865 aged 1 month
William LANCHBURY who died Sep 1869 infant
I have the Charlbury PRs transcript and just thought I would cross check. There is a burial for an Ann Elizabeth on 8 April 1863 aged 1 year. A burial for William on 12 Dec 1863 aged 1 month. A burial for William Henry on 21 Sep 1869 aged 18 months. So looks like I misread a couple of the years".
born 24 Jun 1855 Darycote, Worcestershire,
died 31 Dec 1920 and her husband Hubert
CLEMENS. This grave is in Pershore,
Sarah Ann 
           CLEMENS nee LANCHBURY
              LANCHBURY Eustace LANCHBURY, husband
of Kathleen died
8 Mar 1972 in Dumbleton, Gloucestershire.
Kathleen Maud LANCHBURY,
wife of Eustace, died
15 Jan 1971 in Dumbleton, Gloucestershire.
Kathleen Maud 
              LANCHBURY Pamela LANCHBURY, daughter
of Kathleen and Eustace died
2 Jan 1975 in Dumbleton, Gloucestershire.
died 21 Oct 1942 and also
Vera LANCHBURY, his wife,
23 Jul 1962, Dumbleton,
Walter & Vera 
Rhoda & Margaret 
              LANCHBURY Rhoda LANCHBURY, beloved
wife of John W died 3 Dec 1916.
Also Margaret, 2nd wife, Dec 1922
in Dumbleton, Gloucestershire.
Please contact Rosemary by emailing thecattery @ (removing the spaces) if you are related to John or Rhoda. Rhoda's maiden name was PITMAN, Margaret's maiden name was STANLEY, wives of John Wilkins LANCHBURY. Thank you to Rosemary for this information.
Rosemary also writes 'Rhoda and John married Dec Quarter 1885 Winchcombe Registration District 6a 803. As to the actual place, I would guess at either the Registry Office in Winchcombe or Didbrook church. Rhoda's father, John Pitman was from Didbrook and her mother Eliza Pearson was from Winchcombe. Eliza kept the village shop in Didbrook and after her death, Rhoda carried on with it. I don't know anything about John's second wife apart from what I found on your website. However, the John W mentioned below did marry a Margaret Stanley, if that's any help and Rhoda had died in 1916. I also have three children for John & Rhoda:
Hudson John Lanchbury, born c 1887 in Didbrook
Aldwin Pitman Lanchbury born c 1889 in Didbrook
Eustace Clifford Lanchbury born c 1894 in Didbrook
There may have been others, but none that I am aware of as I do not have copies of the Didbrook registers.,br />
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Please email May at maygenealogy @ (removing the spaces) if you wish to send me an email. Additional data for this site will be welcomed.
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