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Both photographs on this page of St Paul's Parish Church, Bledlow Ridge, with very kind permission of Peter GOODEARL of Princes Risborough.

Bledlow Ridge Parish Church
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This page holds the 1600s records. Click on the following links to go directly to
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Bledlow, Buckinghamshire, 1600s Parish Transcript
1600 BAPTISMS - months of dates becoming legible
Elnor dau of Robert Mead June
Elizabeth dau of John Stevens June
Andrew sonne of Peter Bull June
John sonne of James Bigge June
Elizabeth dau of Thomas Pratt Aug
James sonne of Edward Smith Aug
Dorathey dau of Richard Oaster [Carter?] Oct
Edward sonne of Jeffrey Ware Nov
Margaret dau of Richard Oeiree(?) [Chich?] Nov
Robert sonne of Henry Rance Feb
Alice dau of John Dossett Feb
Priscilla dau of John Humphrey Feb
Thomas sonne of Christopher Henly Mar
Thomas son of John Englishe gent Mar
Katherin wife of John Alice Mar
Christopher Bowden July
John sonne of John Dossett Oct
James Butler sonne of Raphe Butler Nov
Edward sonne of Elizabeth Lout(?) vid.
* "none recorded"
Damaris dau of John Bigge 1 April
John sonne of John Floid 1 Apr
Thomas sonne of Jeffrey Stevens
Ursula dau of Edward Dorwald(?)
Susanna(?) dau of William Pratt(?)
Nicolas(?) sonne of John Parker Aug
Edward sonne of Henry Rance Aug
Alice(?) dau of Peter Pratt(?) Aug
Jane dau of Jefferey Stevens ...
Robert sonne of Robert Mead Sept
John sonne of Robert ffletcher Sept
Alice dau of Thomas Pratt Oct
John sonne of Roger Newell Oct
Anne dau of Edward Smith ...
ffrancis sonne of Lawrence Oxlard Jan
Marie dau of William Stevens Jan
Elizabeth dau of Henry ffranklin ...
Isabell dau of Christopher Henly ...
* Apr. 17 Lawrence Oxlard & Katherine Lewse
* Apr. 19 John Towne & ffelina Costard
* Sep. 6 John Beddall & Margaret Newman
* Nov. 8 William Crooke & Dorathey Towne
John sonne of Andrew North Apr
Alice wiffe of Raphe Towne Aug
Richard Dossett Aug
Anne(?) or Amee(?) Mead Sept
Rose wiffe of Edward Carie Oct
Thomas Costard Oct
Margerie wiffe of Henry Ewstes Oct
Thomas sonne of Thomas White Oct
John sonne of Roger Newell Nov
ffrancis sonne of Lawrence Oxlard ffeb
Henry sonne of John Carie ffeb
Henry Burnam Feb
Helin wiffe of Henry Sale Mar
Stephen sonne of Robert Bigge Mar
Benjamin sonne of Jefferey Ware Apr
Elizabeth dau of Phillip Engolsbe Apr
Mabell dau of Edward Rance 1 May
William sonne of William Brooke June
Phillis dau of Thomas Eldridge June
Edward sonne of Joseph Maine gent June
James sonne of James Stevens
John sonne of John Bedall Aug
John sonne of John Bigge
Katherin dau of William Andrews Oct
Dorathey dau of Richard Chich(?) Oct
William sonne of Thomas White Oct
John sonne of James Franklen Dec
Anne dau of Henry Rance Jan
Joan dau of Ambrose Stevens Feb
James sonne of Lawrence Oxlard Mar
* Oct. 20 Richard Smith & Katherin Parrate
* Oct. 31 William Young & Katherin Towne
* Nov. 7 Edward Carie & Anne Harris
* Nov. 14 John Tripp & Joan Cooper
* Jan 16 Henry Barton & Alice Beddall
* Jan. 30 Robert Newell & Hellin Gibbs
William Cooper Apr
Hugh ffloxull Apr
Henry Greenwood Apr
Maryanne dau of Henry Eustes Jun
Maryanne dau of William Brooke Jun
Robert sonne of William Norton July
Alice dau of James Steevens Jan
John Renrent(?) Feb
Katherin wife of William Young Feb
Drusillla dau of William Stevens Apr
John sonne of Robert Bigge Jun
Ann dau of Robert Morris Jul
Richard sonne of Richard Sale Sep
Elnor dau of Peter Bull Oct
Agnes dau of John Trip Oct
Dorathey dau of Thomas Pratt Oct
Anne dau of Edward Carie Oct
Edward sonne of Richard Wingrobe Dec
Elizabeth dau of Edward Dorwald the second Dec
ffrancis sonne of Thomas Withington [...]
Elnor dau of Henry Rance Dec
Henry sonne of Hugh Cruse Jan
* June 7 Thomas Smith & ffrauncis Raunce
* July 2 John Towne & Phillipa Sale
* Dec. 10 John Alice & Isabell Mortimer
* Feb. 4 Thomas Griggs & Joan Smith
Thomas Norris [Morris?] Apr
Richard Sale May
John sonne of Robert Bigge Jun
Rowland Steevens Sep
Isabell Smith widdowe Sep
George sonne of Thomas Cooper Sep
William sonne of Edward ffranklen Dec
Ursula Tripp Jan
Margaret ffletcher widdowe Feb
Raphe Butler
John Tripp sonne of Thomas Tripp 5 Aprill 1605
Edward sonne of Henry Almond Aprill 1605
John Grigges sonne of Thomas Grigges Aprill 1605
Jeffrey sonne of Jeffrey Steevens Aprill 1605
Edward sonne of Edward Smith Aprill 1605
James sonne of Jeffrey Stevens May 1605
Phillis dau of Robert Mead May 1605
Katherin dau of John Norris June 1605
Edward sonne of John Dossett June 1605
Henry sonne of Henry Eustes June 1605
John sonne of Roger Newell Jul 1605
Anne dau of Robert Bigge Jul 1605
John sonne of Phillip Engolbe ... 1605
Hercules(?) son of John Humphrey Aug 1605
Edward son of Edward Raunce Sep 1605
James sonne of James Smith Sep 1605
Susanna dau of John Alice Sep 1605
John sonne of Christopher Hanley Sep 1605
Raphe sonne of John Towne Oct 1605
John sonne of Thomas Smith Oct 1605
William sonne of Thomas Fletcher(?) Oct 1605
Joseph sonne of Joseph May(?) Nov 1605
Alice dau of Lawrence Brookes(?) Jan 1605
Joan dau of Richard Northe(?) Jan 1605
Edward sonne of John Bigge Jr. Jan 1605
Edward sonne of James Stevens Feb 1605
Elizabeth dau of William Hill 2nd Mar 1605
ffridayfreinde dau of Richard Stevens Mar 1605
[* Jul. 22] Raphe Sale & Alice Costard Jul 1605
* Nov. 21 Edward Newman & ffrancis Dossett
* Jan. 13 Robert Howes & Joan Towne
John Chitch(?) Jul 1605
Henry sonne of Henry Ewstes Jan 1605
Robert Morris Mar 1605
James sonne of Raphe Sale 4 May
Jane dau of John Parker May
Thomas sonne of William Clarke June
Andrew sonne of William Brooke July
William sonne of Henry Raunce Aug
Edward sonne of James ffranklen Sept
Anne dau of Henry Raunce Nov
John sonne of Thomas Ward 5 Dec
Arthur sonne of Henry ffranklen Dec
Lara dau of William Younge Dec
John sonne of Edward Carey Jan
Dorathey dau of Joseph Mayne gent. 6 Feb
Richard sonne of Richard Steevens Mar
Elizabeth dau of William Steevens Mar
* Oct 26 John Boyer & Katherin fflexall
* Nov 10 Richard Winsar & Elizabeth Parker
* Dec. 1 Thomas Ewstes & Anne Ledgingame
* Feb. 1 Ambrosse Newell & Joan Hester
Mabel Rosewood March
William Brookes May
Katherin wife of Thomas Lawrence 2 Jun
Mabell Steevens widowe June
Elizabeth wife of Richard Dawmian Aug
Mabell wife of John Oxlard Oct
Edward sonne of Edward Raunce Oct
Alice wife of Thomas Towne Nov
Margerie ffloxall widowe Nov
Agnes Browning widow Nov
Katherine wife of Ambrose Newell Dec
Alice Smith widow Jan
Phillis dau of Thomas Edridge Jan
John sonne of Edward Carey Jan
Katherine dau of John Morris ffeb
Phillis dau of Richard House(?)
James sonne of Phillip Engolbe
Anne dau of Richard Winsor(?)
William sonne of John(?) Newell
Robert sonne of John Chitch(?)
Richard sonne of Christopher(?) Bigge(?)
John sonne of John Dossett
Thomas sonne of Thomas Pratt
Katherin dau of Edward ff...herbert Oct
James sonne of Jeffrey Stevens Nov
Andrew sonne of Ambrose Newell Dec
Anne dau of Edward Darvold Dec
John sonne of John Towne Dec
Richard sonne of Thomas Tripp Dec
Elizabeth dau of Ambrose Stevens Jan
Edward sonne of Edward Pim Jan
Jefferie sonne of John Clarke Feb
Dorcas dau of Christopher Henly Mar
William sonne of Raphe Sale Mar
* Apr 26 Thomas Bennett & Mary Bourne
* May 4 Edward Pim & ffraunces Oxlard
Lawrence Amesden & Elizabeth Sired(?) Sep
* Oct 1 Thomas Beverly & Alice Dossett
Elizabeth dau of Henry Sale April
Anne Dorvald widow April
Jone dau of Richard Northe July
John sonne of Christopher Newman Sep
William sonne of Thomas Towne Oct
Anne Holt widow Oct
John sonne of John Dossett Oct
Jane wife of Robert Mead Nov
Anne Parkly(?) widowe Nov
Katherine dau of Edward ffitzherbert 2 Dec
John sonne of Edward Carry Feb
James Bigge March
William sonne of Ambrose Newell Aprill
William sonne of John Alice May
Anne dau of William Younge May
Elizabeth dau of Thomas Griggs May
Jane dau of John Bigge Jr June
John sonne of Joseph Mayne gent July
Joan dau of Henry ffranklen July
Beatrice dau of Robert Steevens Sept
Edward sonne of Edward Raunce Sept
John sonne of William Andrewes 2 Oct
Edward sonne of Thomas Smith Oct
Margaret dau of John Beddall Oct
ffrancis dau of John Dossett Oct
Mary dau of John Hitchcocke Nov
James sonne of Edward Steevens Nov
Phillis dau of John Morris Nov
John sonne of John Bigge Nov
Henry sonne of Edward Carey Jan
James sonne of Henry ffranklen Senr Feb
Martha dau of Henry ffranklen Jr Feb
Thomas sonne of Richard Chitch Mar
* May 30 Henry Sale & Editha ffellowe
* June 29 Edward Steevens & Jane Holt
* Aug. 22 William Goad & Margery Raunce
* Dec 12 John Hitchcocke & Joan Cooper
Henry Sired May
Henry Butler June
John sonne of John Bigge Nov
Henry sonne of Edward Carey Jan
James Sale ffeb
Amey Sale widowe March
Joan dau of John Dean Aprill
John sonne of Richard North May
Jeffrey sonne of Roger Newell June
Anne dau of Thomas Brookes [Bedall?] July
Thomas sonne of William Goad July
Mary dau of William Hill
John & Edward sonnes of Thomas Withington
Henry sonne of Joseph Mayne gent. August
Edward sonne of Jeffery Steevens Oct
Henry sonne of William Steevens Oct
Edward sonne of Richard Winsar Oct
Mary dau of George Newell Nov
Thomas sonne of William Steevens 3 Dec
James sonne of John Steevens Dec
Thomas sonne of Edward Dorvald
John sonne of Thomas Pratt
Edward sonne of Edward Steevens March
James sonne of Edward Carey(?) March
Jeffery Steevens & Alice Springe June 18
* July 5 John Deane & Elizabeth ffrancklin
Thomas Harrison & Dorathey Smith Oct 1
* Oct. 2 Richard ffellowe & Mary Raunce
* Oct. 9 Henry Springe & Helen Chilton
* Feb. 11 Henry Towne & Joan Mallard
Roger Newell labourer Mar
Joan ffellowes widowe June
George Wheeler a servant July
ffridafreed wife of Thomas Giffin(?) August
John sonne of Thomas Withington August
Edward sonne of Thomas Withington August
Pernell wife of John Mead Sep
Edward sonne of Edward Raunce Oct
Anne wife of John Smith of ... Oct
John Smith the labourer Oct
John(?) sonne of Joseph Mayne gent ...
Elizabeth ... of ... Dec
Dorathey Cruise(?) widowe Jan
Thomas sonne of William Goad Jan
Mary dau of Henry Eustes Jan
Mary dau of George Powell ffeb

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John sonne of Robert Steevens 5 Apr
Thomas sonne of John Towne Apr
Anne dau of Rowland Sale Jul
Jane dau of William Younge Aug
Elizabeth dau of John Beddall Aug
John sonne of Henry Towne Aug
Elizabeth dau of John Tripp Sept
Jane dau of Joseph Mayne Sep
Jane Dau of Ralphe Sale Oct
Thomas sonne of Ambrose Newell Nov
Joseph sonne of Phillip Engolsbee Nov
Anne dau of Richard Steevens Dec
Stephen sonne of John Alice Dec
Edward sonne of Jeffery Steevens Jan
Mary dau of Lawrence Amesden ffeb
Katherin dau of Thomas Tripp ffeb
* Oct . 1 Thomas Gordre & Alice Dorvold
* Oct. 22 William Montague & Katherin Salter
* 31 Jan Robert Mead & Susan Axten
Lurina ffoster Apr
Chistopher Newman Apr
Richard Smith 1 May
Joan dau of Thomas Carter May
Elizabeth dau of Thomas Sunis(?) Jan
Arthure sonne of William Bayfield Jan
Jane dau of John Bigge Jr Mar
Anne dau of Henry ffranklen Aprill
John sonne of John Dossett Aprill
Elizabeth dau of Robert Bigge Aprill
Sabma(?) dau of William Goad Aprill
Edward sonne of Ambrose Stevens May
Mary dau of ...
James sonne of Peter Pratt
Susanna dau of William Steevens
Edward sonne of Richard ffellowes August
Elizabeth dau of George Powell August
John sonne of John Deane Sep
James sonne of Henry ffranklen Oct
Henry sonne of Richard North Oct
Katherine dau of Edward Steevens Nov
Oliver sonne of Thomas Smith Dec
John sonne of Richard Winsar 1 Jan
Phillys(?) dau of Henry ffranklen Jan
Elnor(?) dau of John Beddall ffeb
Philippa dau of Elizabeth Bosbocane(?) ffeb
Joan dau of Edward Darvold Mar
* Oct. 21 Edward Balden & Dorathey Cox
Verelly(?) wife of Edward Clement(?) May
John ffranklen Nov
Agnes Carey widowe Dec
William Bristowe labourer Dec
Ambrose Hambilden Dec
John sonne of Richard Winsar Jan
Elizabeth wife of Richard Winsar Jan
Anne wife of William Bigge Jan
Katherine wife of John Raunce ffeb
John sonne of William Goad Mar
Edward sonne of Edward Thredder Apr
William sonne of John Bigge May
James sonne of James Sale May
Ursula dau of Edward Balden Aug
Bridgett dau of Thomas Pratt Aug
James sonne of Robert Newman Aug
John sonne of John Smith min Oct
Isabell dau of William Hill Dec
Edward sonne of ffrancis Costard Dec
Anne dau of Henry Ewstes Dec
William sonne of John Dossett Jan
Robert sonne of Edward Carey Feb
Katherin dau of Jeffrey Stevens Feb
Elizabeth dau of John ffranklen Mar
Katherin dau of William Slater Mar
* May 15 John ffrancklen & Elizabeth Witney
* Jan. 25 ffrancis Almon[d] & Ursula Smith
William Costard Aprill
Richard Costard Aprill
Edward Smith Mar
Josias Costard Jun
John Dossett Jul
Ralphe Smith Dec
Mary Wingrove Dec
William sonne of John Dossett ffeb
Elnor dau of John Gomme May
Thomas sonne of Thomas Trippe Jun
Jane dau of Edward Stevens Jul
...ndre(?) sonne of Henry ffranklin ...
John sonne of Jonas Humphrey Aug
John & William sonnes of James Sale Aug
Marie dau of Richard ffellowe Oct
Henry sonne of Ambrose Newell Oct
Thomas sonne of James Cook Nov
Elizabeth dau of John Alice Dec
ffrancis sonne of John Smith Jr Dec
James sonne of Phillip Engolsbee feb
Dorcas dau of Robert Steevens feb
Joseph sonne of Richard Winsar Mar
* Apr. 16 Edward Thredder & Rose Newman
* July 4 Richard Winsar & Phillis Gifkin
* Feb. 7 ffrancis Alice & Agnes Hill
* Feb. 17 Nicholas Moody & Katherin Raunce
* "(a Churchwarden on this B. T.:- John Pewtrace)."
Alice wife of Richard Bigge Apr
Phillis dau of Elizabeth Bristowe May
Alice Johnson widowe July
Margaret wife if Robert ffletcher Aug
John Bigge Sen. Aug
Raphe Towne Sep
Anne wife of Thomas Enmis(?) [or Sunis(?)] Oct
Margaret wife of Thomas Smith Oct
Amey Costard Oct
William sonne of James Sale Nov
Thomas Balden Nov
William Butler Dec
Richard sonne of Robert ffletcher Jan
Elizabeth wife of Jonas Humphrey Mar
1614 - no transcript available
Starting here I again had the W.H. Challen transcript to follow. Again I will start each entry from that transcript with an asterisk (*) [D. Eustis, May 2005]
* Apr. 6 Elizabeth dau of Richard North
* Apr. 25 Thomas sonne of John Costard
* May 14 John sonne of John ffranklin
* May 29 Richard sonne of John Bigge
* June 18 William sonne of John Towne Sen.
* June 18 ffrancis son of John Jaxson
* July 23 Katherin dau of Rowland Barnes
* Aug 12 Henry sonne of Henry Munday
* Sept 3 Alice dau of William Slater
* Sept 24 Anne dau of Edward Steevens
* Sept 28 Thomas sonne of James Sale Jun.
* Dec 17 Richard sonne od Richard Winsar
* Dec 24 James sonne of Henry Steevens
* Jan 14 Alice dau of John Richman
* Feb 4 George son of Ambrosse Newell
* Feb 11 Katherine dau of Edward Carey
* Feb 25 Mary dau of John Smith Jun.
* June 12 William Jordan & Margarett Bigge
* Jan 28 William Tubman & Anne Steevens
* May 13 Rowland Sale
* May 24 John Alice
* Aug. 15 John Smith
* Sep. 23 Anne Balden widowe
* Sep. 28 Richard Henley
* Oct 30 Alice dau of William Slater
* Dec. 19 Jane wife of John Morris
* Jan. 10 James sonne of Henry Steevens
* Jan. 15 Tomasin wife of Edward Holt
* Jan. 26 Richard North
* Feb. 14 Nicholas Moody
* Feb. 15 Edward Este, gent.
* Feb. 28 John Raunce alias Giles
* Mch. 5 Joan wife of George Cooper
* Mch. 15 David sonne of David Powell
* May 23 Thomas sonne of William Hickes
* May 26 William sonne of William Hill
* June 24 Ursula dau of John Luttman
* July 28 Katherin dau of James Gomme
* Sep. 8 Sara dau of John Beddall
* Nov. 17 John sonne of ffrancis Alice
* Nov. 24 Elizabeth dau of William Slater
* Nov. 24 Anne dau of Edward Cooke
* Dec. 1 Raphe sonne of Henry ffranklin
* Jan. 12 Henry sonne of John Bemington
* Jan. 30 Agnes dau of Richard ffellowe
* Feb. 22 Nicholas sonne of Nicholas Moody
* Mch. 16 Rowland sonne of James Sale Jun.
* Mch. 18 Anne dau of John ffranklin
* Apr. 4 John Luttman & Elizabeth Costard
* June 1 Edward Lancaster & Joan Newell
* June 17 Raphe Smith & ffrancis Bould
* Dec. 16 William Stevens & Isabell Alice
* Jan. 20 James Smith sen: & Alice Godden
* Feb. 13 Peter Bull & Elizabeth Keene
* Apr. 13 Anne ffrancklin widowe
* Apr. 14 Susan Humphrey
* May 13 Elizabeth dau of William Steevens
* Aug. 9 Godfrey ffremont
* Sep. 5 Alice Steevens widowe
* Sep 29 Margarett dau of Richard Wingrove
* Dec. 10 Thomas sonne of James Steevens
* Jan. 9 Henry Sale
* Jan. 19 Mary dau of John Hackman
* Feb. 1 Agnes dau of Richard ffellowe
* Feb. 15 Nicholas Weston, Sen.
* Feb. 21 Elizabeth dau of William Slater
* Feb. 22 Margaret wife of John Beddall
* Mch. 9 Margarett wife of Christopher Morris
* Mch. 11 Sibbell Costard widow
* May 26 Anna filia Henrici Stevens
* July 26 Laurentius filius Thomas Gomme
* Dec. 7 Joana filia Christopheri Springall
* Dec. 22 Anna filia Gulielmi Tudman
* Jan. 28 Anna filia Richardi ffelloe
* Jan. 28 Anna Filia Phillippi Inglesbey
* Jan. 18 Alicea Towne filia Johannis Towne
* Mch. 11 Wm. filius Johannis Bigge Jun.
* Mch. 11 Maria filia Nicholai Horrod
* Mch. 18 Wm. filius Thomas Bigge
* Feb. 5 Thomas Costard & Margaret Saunders
* Jan. 8 Thomas Bigge & Elizabeth Sale
* Nov 22 Eduardus Steuens, Vic. De Bledlowe
* Nov. 25 Henricus Easte de Saunderton
* Mch. 27 Vid. Kinge de Hinton, Oxon.
* Feb. 22 Jacobus filius Jacobi Sale
* Sep. 5 Johannes filius Johannes Wright
* Oct. 18 Chistopherus filius Nicholai Weston
* Oct 18 Thomas filius Jacobi Gome
* Nov. 29 Lettice filia Ambros Newell
* Dec. 13 Isabell filia Edward Carey
* Oct. 28 Johannes filius Richardi Smart
* Oct. 28 Clement filia Robti. Howse
* Mch. 22 Joseph filius Johannis ffranklen
* Mch. 22 ffrancis filia ffrancisci Alice
* Feb 2 Edvardus Horseman & Ursula Sale
* Apr. 9 Thomas Towne
* June 14 Elizabeth Vincent
* June 26 Johannes filius Johannis Bigge
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* Aug. 9 Mary dau of Richard Smart
* Oct. 12 Rowland sonne of Rowland Barnes [Bledlow: Bournes]
* Nov. 10 Henry ffranklen sonne of John ffranklen
* Dec. 24 Elizabeth dau of John Eeles
* Jan. 6 John Willmot sonne of John Wilmott
* Nov. 16 Nicholas Hill & Mary Pontifex
* Nov. 28 John Raunce & Clement ffloid
* .?. 24 Edward Bristowe & Anne Syred (no month)
* Dec. 2 Richard Groue & Anne Chitch
* Dec. 2 John Chapman & Mary Stevens
* Nov. 24 Eduardus Eustace
* Mch. 24 Alice Wingraue (see next B. T.)
* Mch. 24 Alice Wingrove widow (see above)
* Apr. 14 William sonne of Richard ffelloe (see next B. T. below)
* Apr. 21 Elizabeth dau of Wm. Goglington (see next B. T. below)
* Apr. 23 Margery dau of Thomas Costard
* Apr. 28 Elizabeth dau of James Sale Jun.
* Apr. 14 William sonne of Richard fffellow (see above) [different spelling of surname]
* Apr. 21 Elizabeth dau of Danyell Goglington (see above) [Wm. Vs. Danyell]
* Apr. 23 Margery dau of Thomas Costard
* Apr. 28 Elizabeth dau of James Sale, inor.
* May 15 Betteris dau of John Haman
* May 26 Jane dau of Nicholas Weston
* June 5 Edward sonne of Strang Garland
* June 30 Elizabeth dau of Robert Stevens
* July 7 Johane dau of Richard Dorvall
* Aug. 3 Penelope dau of John Smythe
* Aug. 11 Ambros sonne of Ambros Newell
* Aug. 11 Elizabeth dau of James Gom
* Aug. 25 Robte. sonne of Robt. Newman
* Sep. 8 Martha dau of William Atkyns
* Sep. 29 Elizabeth dau of Tho. Sale
* Nov. 10 Anne dau of William Costard, inor
* Nov. 17 Hellynor dau of Xpoer Spryngall
* Nov. 24 Robt. sonne of John Morris
* Dec. 1 Elizabeth dau of Xpoer Hill
* Dec. 8 Margaret dau of John Towne
* Dec. 8 Margery dau of Edward ffrancklyn
* Dec. 15 Dorothye dau of Leonard Keate
* Dec. 29 John sonne of William Slater
* Feb. 2 Ralph sonne John Stevens, inor
* Feb. 9 Anna dau of John Eles
* Mch. 23 John sonne of John Beddall
[Transcript at Bledlow shows Henry Newell sonne of Ambrose Newell bapt Mch. ...]
* June 17 John Ledgingham & Damaris Bigge
* Feb. 3 Robt. Stevens & Phillis Ewstes
* June 24 Anne wief of Ja: Sale, senior
* July 2 Elizabeth wief of Edward Dorvall
* July 3 Margaret wief of John ffloyd
* Sep 9 Anne Smythe widowe
* Nov 13 James sonne of James Steevens
* Mch. 11 Margery wief of William Brookes
* Mch. 14 John Wyngrove
* Mch. 20 Henry Newell sonne of Ambros Newell
[Transcript at Bledlow shows burial of Lettice dau of Ambrose Newell in Mch. ... [see below in next year] / Bledlow Transcript shows Henry Newell baptism but NOT burial]
* Mch. 30 William sonne of ffrancis Ales
* Apr. 6 Anne dau of Richard Wynsor
* Apr. 9 ffaithe dau of Tho. Ales
* Apr. 4 Elizabeth filia Eduardi Raunce
* Apr. 10 Anna filia Richardi Windsor
* Apr. 20 Thomas filius Eduardi Holte (duplicate B. T. records: Thomas filius Henrici Holte)
* June 15 Clemens filia Thomas Beckley
* June 20 Thomas filius Roberti Steuens
* July 6 Johannes filius Michaelis Nichooles
* July 13 Johannes filius Johannis Chapman
* Sep. 17 Margareta filia Eduardi Reynolds
* Oct. 12 Richardus filius Johannes Clemence
* Nov. 16 Elizabeth filia Jacobi Sale
* Nov. 26 Anna filia Eduardi Bristowe
* Jan. 1 Gulielmus filius Johannis Steuens
* Feb. 13 Elizabeth filia Nicholai Horwood
* Feb. 20 Johannes filius Gulielmi Jeffkin
* Mch. 1 Elizabeth filia Johannis Bigge Jun.
* Mch. 14 Thomas filius Johannis Axten
* Mch. 14 Henricus filius Henrici Steuens
* none recorded (Transcript is in duplicate)
* Mch. 27 Lettice dau of Ambros Newell
* Aug. 24 Johannes Towne
* Aug. 10 Robertus Newell
* Nov. 8 Johanna uxor Richardi Trippe
* Dec. 9 Thomas ffletcher
* Feb. 27 Straunge Garland
* Feb. 29 Wm. Bigge
[this transcript (*) then jumps to 1631 baptisms but has intervening marriages]
1624 infant BAPTISMS
Thomas filius Johannis Axten bapt. 2 Apr
Isabell filia Robt. Stevens 13 Apr
Alicea filia Gulielmi Trippe 25 Apr
Gulielmus filius Johannis Costard 25 Jun
Elizabeth filia Gulielmi Axten June
ffrancis filia Thomae Smith July
Phillis filia Johannis Lethingham Oct
Elizabeth filia Martin Dossett Oct
Susanna filia Thomae Costard Oct
Jeane filia Richardi Wheeler Nov
Maria filia Gulielmi Costard Nov
Lawrentius filius Jacobi Gome Dec
ffrises(?) filia Guliemis Hunter(?) Dec
Thomas filius Thomae Upshur(?) Jan
Anna filia Josephi Eustace Jan
Radolphus filius Jacobi Sale Jan
Joanna filia Johis Bigge ffeb
Joanna filia Richardi Darvill ffeb
Anna filia Gulielmi Devonne ffeb
Sara filia Johannis Stevens ffeb
Striardus(?) filius Edwardi Arnold(?) ffeb
Elizabeth filia Jonae Umphrey ffeb
Elizabeth Anna filia Chris: Springall ffeb
Norritus(?) or Arburistus(?) [maybe Thomas] filius Johannis Smith Mar
ffrancis filia Thomae Smith Jan
Elizabetha filia William Addams Jan
Edwardis Pratt Jan
* Apr. 10 Thomas Upshire & Jeane Parker
* Nov 22 William Sale & Elizabeth Bigge
* "(The next Transcript is actually bound after 1637 & is numbered in pencil 37. The portion containing the year is torn off, but from Baptisms, etc., the Transcript would appear to be for 1625).
Thank you to Peter GOODEARL of Princes Risborough for this photograph of Bledlow Ridge Parish Church. Bledlow Ridge Parish Church
* Apr. 11 Johannes Scott & Anne Lane
* Apr. 19 Eduardus Bristow & Alicea Bull
* Apr. 30 Thomas Crooke & Katherina Holloway
* Nov. 12 Richardus Bigge & Anna Hill
* Feb. 11 Johannes Chitch & Elizabeth Ewstes
Francis son of Rich: Horrod 20 July
Sara dau of Ed: franklyn 2 Aug
Anne dau of John Bigge Sep
Thomas son of Wm: Tripp 18 Sep
Thomas son of Martyn Dossett Sep
Rich: son of Edw: Raunce 8 Oct
Mary dau of Willm: North alias Claydon 15 Oct
Anne dau of John Ledgingham Oct
Margery dau of James Smith 25 Nov
Susan dau of John Chapman 29 Nov
Mary dau of John Eustes 17 Dec
Thomas son of Thomas Buckly 22 Dec
John son of John Robins 27 Dec
James son of James Gome 24 Mar
* Apr 24 Thomas Smith & Margery Smith
* June 29 William North & Francis fletcher
* July 27 William Eustace [Bledlow transcript: Eustis] & Alice Trippe
* Nov 28 Thomas Trippe & Phillis Smith
* Nov. 30 John Wynniates & Alice Brankes [Bledlow transcript: Brookes]
Wm. Hayley buried 27 Apr
Jane Garland widdowe buried 4 May
Henry Mallary buried 24 Aug
Wm. Costard buried 10 Sep
Orryn Hayley buried 1 Nov
Henry Franklyn buried 3 Nov
Wm. Andrews buried 4 Nov
Sara Garland buried 13 Dec
Mary filia Johannis Bigg 30 Mar
Dorothy filia Johannis Abraham 30 Apr
John filius Henrici Stevens 13 Apr
John filius Richard Dorvall 23 Apr
John filius Jacobi Smith 3 May
Mary filia Johannis Tripp June 10
Mary filia Richard Raunce 13 July
Joane filia Johann ffranklen 20 July
Mary filia Jacobi Sale 23 July
William filius Johannis Carolins(?) 30 July
William filius Josephi Eustace 22 Aug
Edward filius ffrancesci Alice 2 Sep
Joane filia Thomae Ropshire(?) 20 Sep
Matthew filius Jonae Umphrey 20 Sep
Ellnore(?) filia Edwardi Smith 2 Oct
Mendoray(?) filius Johannis Bigge 8 Oct
Mary filia Thomae Trippe 25 Oct
Joane filia Richardi Stevens 2 Nov
William filius Thomae Costard 11 Nov
Anne filia Roberti Stevens 10 Dec
Margarett filia Edwardi ffelloe 20 Feb
John filius Johannis Wise 8 Mar
John filius Gulielmi Clarke 20 Mar
Johannes Beddall 3 July
John Andrews 2 Aug
Ned [or vid.] ffranklen 10 Aug
Edward Windsor 10 Dec
Edward Saunders 20 Dec
Katherine Bowyer 4 Jan
Elizabeth Greenwood 1 Mar
Edward Smith(?) 30 Mar
* Apr. 25 Edward ffellowe & Margarett ffigge
* Apr. 20 ffraunces Bampton & Elizabeth Chitch
* June 4 Richard Stevens & Anne Steuens
* July 2 John Bassett [Bledlow transcript: Dossett] & Phillippe [Phillippa] Towne
* Jan. 14 ffraunces Stevens & Joan Morris
Elizabeth filia Jacobi Smith May
Ellnour filia Thomae Clarke May
Elizabeth filia Joacobi Blankes Jun
Anne filia Henrici Carey July 4
Dorothy & Alice filiae Johannis Slatter July
Robertus filius Roberti White July
Katherine filia Jacobi Smith July
Alice filia Johannis Smith July
Christofferus filius Johannis Raunce Aug
Anne filia Gulielmi Sale Sep
Anne filia Johannis Abraham Oct
Mary filia Jacobi Sale Oct
Joane filia ffrancis Stevens Oct
Edward filius Edward Bristowe Oct
Joane filia Johannis Ledgingham Nov
Robertus filius Gulielmi Clarke Nov
Richard filius Jonae Umphrey Nov
Elizabeth filia Jacobi Cooke Dec
Alice filia Gulielmi Hook(?) Dec
Gulielmus filius Johannis Monday Dec
Ralph filius Martini Dossett Jan
Edmond (Edward?) filius Johannis Bigge Jan
Alice filia Jacobi Stevens ffeb
Joane filia Nicholai Horwood Mar
Thomas filius Gulielmi Hebournes Mar
John filius Richardi Windsor Mar
Robert filius Robti Stevens Mar
John filius Thomae Bortler (Butler?) Mar
Jeffrey Hawkins Apr Edward Smith June
John Trippe May Anne Sale Nov
Dorothy Reaves May Elizabeth ffranklen Dec
Joane Trippe May Smith ffletcher Dec
John ffloid May Ralph Sale ffeb
Jane Darvall May Edward Carey & wife Mar
Agnes Humphrey June Margery ffloid Mar
* Aug. 20 Ambroase Steuens & Agnes Trippe
* Jan 20 Edward Smith & Elizabeth Griggs
Ann filia Thomae Raunce Apr
Ellinor filia Edwardi Powell(?) Apr
John filius Johannis Newel May
ffrancis filia Richardi Stevens July
John filius Gulielmi Slatter Sep
Katherin filia Francis Axten Sep
Edward filius Edwardi Smith Oct 2
James(?) filius Jacobi Smith Oct 2
Joseph filius Thomae Saunders Oct 2
Richard filius Richard Churout(?) Oct
Jacob filius Richard Stevens Oct
Elizabeth filia Gulielmi Trippe Oct
John filius Gulielmi Eustace Oct
John filius Edwardi Smith Nov
Jeffrey filius Johannis Stevens Nov
Wm. filius Henrici Stevens Nov
Joane filia ffrancisci Alice Nov
Arthur filius Johannis Eeles Nov
John filius Thomae Upshur Jan
Henry filius Johannis ffranklen Jan
Richard filius Gulielmi Costard ffeb
Howard Towne 1 June
Wm. Filius Josephi Eustace July
James Stevens Nov.
* Jan. 20 Henry Eustace & Anne Sale
Alicea filia Josephi Eustace Apr 1
Edwardus filius Jacobi Smith Apr 2
Johannes filius Johannis Trippe May 20
Henricus filius & Ursula filia Johannis Stevens July 20
Thomas filius Nicholai Weston Aug 20
Johannes filius Johannis Raunce Aug 30
Sara filia Richaradi Raunce Sep 10
Henricus filius Henrici Eustace Sep 30
Alicea filia Thomae Trippe Oct 20
Henricus filius Roberti Stevens Oct 30
Ellinor filia Jacobi Gome Nov 10
Alicea filia Johannis Abraham Dec 10
Maria filia Jacobi Blankes Dec 20
Jeane filia Johannis Rawlins Dec 30
Anna filia Thomae Costard ffeb
Elizabeth filia Thomae Clarke Mar 2
Maria filia Richardi Stevens Mar 10
pretty divider
Edward Raunce Sep 10
Elizabeth Jefkin Sep 20
Phillis ffranklen Dec 20
Richard Sharpe Mar 2
Katherine Stevens Mar 10
* Oct. 20 Thomas Pratt & Ursula Steuens
* Feb. 2 Johannes Oxlard & Elizabeth Meade
* Apr. 10 Johannes filius Johis Bigge
* Apr. 20 Katherina filia Johis ffrancklen
* June 10 Margareta filia Jacobi Sale
* July 10 Elizabetha filia Rowlandi Steuens
* Nov. 10 Joanna filia ffrancisci Steuens
* Nov. 20 Eduardus filius Jacobi Smith
* Nov 25 Jeane filia Jacobi Steuens
* Nov. 30 Katherina filia Thomae Raunce
* Dec. 2 Jeane filia Gulielmi Clarke
* Dec. 10 Elizabeth filia Eduardi Smith
* Jan. 9 Richardus filius Martini Dossett
* Jan. 9 Susanna filia Henrici Steuens
* Jan. 9 Joanna filia Eduardi Bristowe
* Feb. 2 Anna filia Jacobi Smith
* Feb. 10 Jacobus filius Radulphi Raunce
[this is the end of baptisms in W. H. Challen transcription]
* June 20 Eduardus Steuens & Debora Wright
* Dec. 10 Gulielmus Sale & Maria ffilloe
* Apr. 20 Gulielmus Costard
* Aug. 20 Dorothy Parker
* Oct. 20 John Barsett [Bledlow: Bassett]
* Oct. 30 Joane Upshire
* Nov. 20 Christopher: Gulielmi Higgs
* Dec. 20 Gulielmus Hickes
* Feb. 3 Eduardus Holte
* Feb. 12 Richardus Wingraue
Henricus filius Gulielmi Eustace May
Alicea filia Gulielmi Slater May
Maria filia Johannis Raunce June
Jeane filia Johannis Bigge July
Anna filia Johannis Raunce alias Clements Aug
Jacobus filius Richardi Raunce alias Clements Sep
Johannes filius Henrici Eustace Nov
Thomas filius Johannis Stevens Nov
Joseph filius Johannis Stevens Dec
Richardus filius Johannis Monday Dec
Agnes filia Richardi Stevens Jan
Agnes filia Gulielmi Clarke ...
Joane filia Thomae Clarke ffeb
Maria filia Henrici Stevens Mar
Johannes filius Josephi Eustace Mar
Edwardus filius Jacobi Gome Mar
Henricus Wallis May
Jane uxor Richardi Churchill May
Edith fellows vid ffeb
Thomas Widdington Mar
Jeane uxor Edwardi Lancaster Mar
* May 20 Gulielmus Saunders & Margarett Steuens per praecoma sponsalia
* Nov. 20 Gulielmus Moore & Anne Ewstace per licencia cur. prerog.
* Nov. 30 Thomas Chitch & Joanna Wheeler per praecoma sponsalia
Johannes filius Jacobi Blanck Mar
Anna filia Johannis Smith Apr
Hester filia Johannis ffranklin May
Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Saunders May
Jacobus filius Roberti Stevens June
Margarett filia Jacobi Cooke July 7
Johannes filius Jacobi Smith Aug
Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Sale Jun. Aug
Richardus filius Thomae Saunders Sep
Joanna filia Rowland Stevens Nov
Hercules filius Elizabeth Surman illeg Nov
Maria filia Eduati Smith Dec
Katherina filia Jacobi Stevens Dec.
Edwardus & Joanna fili Thomae Borkley Jan
Thomas filius ffrancisci Alice ffeb
Alicea filia Nicholai Horwood ffeb
Maria filia Johannis Rawlins Mar
Maria Shrimpton Oct
Christopher Henly Nov
Thomas Smart alias Gowell Nov
Richardus ffelloe
Johannes Morris Nov
Hercules Surman Dec
Alicea uxor Johis Hmgox(?) Jan
Ursula uxor Thomae Pratt Jan
Joane Borkley ffeb
* June 10 Eduardus Lancaster & Maria Corderay [Bledlow: Cowderey]
* Oct 20 Robertus Russell & Elizabetha Hill
* Dec. 2 Radolphus Towne & Anne Costard
Edwardus filius Roberti Stevens Apr 10
Joane filia Johannis Axten May 20
Alice filia Matini Dossett June 10
Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Moore yeo June 20
Edwardus filius Henrici Stevens Aug 20
Katherine filia Johannis Stevens Sep 20
Johannes filius Wm Bearker Sep 30
Katherin(?) filia Gulielmi Eustace Oct 5
Johannes filius Johannis Bigge Nov 3
Jacobus filiius Johannis Stevens Nov 10
Anna filia Gulielmi Trippe Dec 6
Anna filia Henrici Eustis Dec 26
Henricus filius Arthur ffrancklen Jan 6
Edwardus filius Gulielmi Sale Jan 12
Alicea filia Thomae Costard ffeb 20
Gulielmus filius Henrici Stevens ffeb 27
* May 10 Gulielmus Raunce & Alicea Towne
* June 20 Johannes Neele & Prudentia Alley
* Aug. 4 Ambrose Newell & Susanna ffrancklen
* Aug. 11 Thomas Pratt & Phillis Towne
[Bledlow: Johannes Linger & Isobella Damian Aug 17]
* Aug. 17 Edward Durrant & Anne Steuens
* Oct. 3 Jacobus Steuens & Elizabetha Churchill
* Oct. 20 Jacobus Steuens & Prudentia Thorne
* Nov. 6 Bryan [Bledlow: Henricus] Staple & Anna Bigge
* Nov. 20 Galfridus Steuens & Alicea Clinckett
Elizabetha Andrewe June 24
Agneta Raunce Oct 6
Johannes Smith Dec
Alorenet(?) Mallory ffeb
Next Transcript:
Edwardus filius Mariae & Gulielmi Sale carpenter Mar
Johannes filius Ellen & Johannis Monday husbandman May
Joan filia Prudential & Jacobi Stevens operant June
Elizabetha filia Ursula & Edwardi Smith exifer July
Thomas filius Mariae & Thomae Raunce agricol July
Richardus filius Elizabethae & Nicholai Horwood fabx Aug
Josephus filius Aliceae & Gulielmi Eustes bariztl Oct
Rebecca filia Joane & Edwardi Bigge moliter Oct
Richardus filius Annae & Richari Bigge agricol Nov
Anna filia Annae & Gulielmi Moore yener Nov
Jacobus filius ffranciscae & Gulielmi Clarke opit Nov
Gulielmus filius Lettice & Gulielmi Parker otif Nov
Anna filia Annae & Radolphi Towne yeoman Nov
Edwardus filius Elizabethae & Edwardi Howgrave yeoman Dec
Elizabetha filia Phillis & Thomae Trippe opif Jan
Maria filia Margeriae & Jacobi Smith opif ffeb
Anna filia Annae & Jacobi Smith yeoman ffeb
Rebecca filia Rowina(?) & Johannis Pratt fabx ffeb
Hanna filia Annae & Henrici Stevens teptordor ffeb
Elizabetha filia Elizabethae & Thomae Costard Jun. yeoman Mar
Maria filia Annae & Henrici Ewstes quid yeoman Mar
Anna filia Annae & Gulielmi Newell fabx Mar
Another (different) transcript of 1637 baptisms
Anna filia Johannes & Anna Dossett Mar 26
Sara filia Jacobi & Elizabetha Blank May 28
Jeane filia Edwardi & Jeane Thomas(?) July 4
Sara filia Edwardi & Annae Stevens July 16
Edwardus filius Richardi & Katherinae Turner July 23
Elizabetha filia Johannis & Elizabethae Chitch July 23
Elizabetha filia Roberti & Elizabethae Russell Aug 6
Thomas filius Gulielmi & Aliceae Raunce Sep 23
Radolphus filius Radolphii & Joane Smith Sep 30
Robertus filius Roberti & Phillis Stevens Oct 20
Daniell filius Johannis & Sara Stevens Dec 10
Johannes filius Thomae & Margeriae Saunders Dec 17
Thomas filius Gulielmi & Annae Moore Jan 7
Dorothea filia Gulielmi & ffrancescae Clark Jan 14
Elizabetha filia Thomae & Katherinae Crooke Jan 14
ffrancis filia Edwardi & Ursula Smith ffeb 20
Anna filia Thomae & Elizabethae Clarke ffeb 20
Edwardus filius Edwardi & Elizabethae Lancaster ffeb 20
Petrus filius Edwardi & Aliceae Bristowe Mar 20
Anna Williams ancill Robti ffletcher Apr
Katherina filia Edwardi Carey lapidary May
Richardus Sale junionis et filius Elizabetha Sale vid May
Elizabetha uxor Bartholomei Smith labon Mar
Anna filia Johannis ffrancklen opif Mar
Second set of 1637 BURIALS
Gulielmus Stevens Apr 24
Henry Puttnam June 15
Anna Hester July 3
Gulielmus filius Johannes & Elizabethae ffrancklen July 20
Johannes Burge als Burges Aug 6
Thomas Darvoll Aug 26
Joanna uxor Richardi Darvoll Sep 16
Elizabetha Sale vid Nov 28
Dorothea filia Gulielmi Clarke Jan 22
Josephus filius Johannes & Hester ffrancklin ffeb 4
Johannes ffranckliin yeoman Mar 13
* "There are now two Transcripts 'per 1637,'each in duplicate & each different."
* Feb. 4 Gulielmus Coxe & Elizabetha Henly per banns
* May 9 Thomas Costard Jun: yeoman & Elizabeth Ells virg.
* June 26 Thomas Bowler de Kingsey yeoman & Maria ffelloe vid.
* Aug. 30 Henry Bowler de Kinsey & Anna ffelloe virg.
* Sep. 25 Eduardus Sale yeoman & Margareta Carlton virg. per lic. vestram
* Dec. 4 Johannes Mallery exif & Joane Adkins per lic. vestr.
* Nov. 20 Thomas Towne & Jane Sale
Gulielmus & Edwardus filii Thomas [torn away]
Damaris filia Johannis Ledgingham [torn away]
Jacobus filius Jacobi Smith May
Edward filius Gulielmi Sale May
Anna filia Jacobi Blanks June
Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Sharpe June
Gulielmus filius Johannis ffranklen July
Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Clarke Aug
Daniell filius Jonae Umphrey Sep
Johannes filius Thomae Clarke Sep
Richardus filius Richardi Raunce Sep
Henricus filius Jacobi Smith Sen. Sep
ffrancis filius Edwardi Lancaster Sep
ffaith filia Johannis Oxlard Dec
Johannes filius Jacobi Stevens Dec
Alicea filia Jacobi Gome Jan
Edward filius Jacobi Stevens Jun. Jan
Edwardus filius Brian Stapleton Jan
Gulielmus filius Joseph Ewstes ffeb
Edwardus filius Gulielmi Raunce ffeb
Maria filia Richardi Stevens Mar
Alicea filia Johannis Trippe Mar
Another (different) transcript 1638 baptisms
Johannes filius Jacobi Stevens Apr
Richardus filius Edwardi Wingrave Apr
Gulielmus filius Edwardi ffelloe June
Thomas filius Thomae Towne Sep
Maria filia Thomae Costard Jan
Elizabetha filia Richardi Stevens Jan
Edwardus filius Edwardi Sale Jan
Richardus filius Gulielmi Moore ffeb
Elizabetha filia Galfridi Stevens ffeb
Elizabetha filia Johannis Pratt Mar
Johannes Scott & Ann Laud Apr
Edwardus Bristowe & Alicea Bull Apr
Thomas Cross(?) & Katharina Holloway Apr
Richardus Bigge & Anna Hill Nov
Johannes Chitch & Elizabetha Ewstes ffeb
1638 MARRIAGES (in duplicate)
* Apr. 4 Johannes Grinborowe & Maria Henly
* Oct. 11 Johannes Surman & Alicea Trippe
* June 15 Johannes Towne & Dorithea Chitch
* June 23 Johannes Deane & Dorithea Newman
* June 30 Gulielmus Hill & Dorcas Henly
* Feb. 12 Jacobus Robins & Alicea Widdington
Johannes Smith Apr
Wm Raunce fil Thomae Raunce Apr
Edwardus filius Susan & Thomae Raunce Apr
Joane Bristowe vid May
Edwardus filius Wm Sale May
Nicholas Hill May
Maria filia Thomae Puttnam June
Katharina Ingolsbee July
Annis filia Edwardi Bristowe Dec
Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Clarke ffeb
Another (different) set of 1638 BURIALS
Alicea Smith vid May
Gulielmus ffelloe July
Alicea Sale vid Radolphi Sale Sep
Anna uxor Richardi Bigge Sep
Dorothea Cooke vid Jan
Henricus ffrancklin Mar
Elizabetha filia Henrici Ewstes Apr 18
Maria filia Jacobi Smith May 3
Jacobus filius Johannis Humphrey May 19
Henricus filius Henrici Stevens June 6
Susanna & Joane filiae Gulielmi Newell July 22
Ellen filia Radolphi Towne July 29
Johannes filius Johannis Dossett Aug 12
Martha filia Jacobi Blank Sep 29
Humphrey filius Humphrey Atherton Oct 2
Debora filia Edwardi Stevens Oct ...
Robertus filius Thomae Raunce Oct 20
Maria filia Edwardi Wingrave Oct 28
Richardus filus Richardi Bigge Nov 10
Henricus filius Johannis Stevens Jan 26
1639 MARRIAGES (in duplicate)
* May 6 Gulielmus Tubman & Maria Canon per lic.
* July 8 Richard Kinge & Alicea Towne
* Nov. 14 Thomas Costard & Anna Steuens
Galfridus Ware Apr 13
Rodolphus Smith Apr 13
Margaretta Blanck vid. June 2
Anna filia Jacobi Smith Aug 2
Edwardus Smith Sep 5
Johannes Humphrey Nov 1
Gulielmus filius Josephi Ewstes Dec 14
Sicely Sale vid. Dec 26
Nicholas ffrancklin Jan 28
Johannes filius Johannis Bigge Mar 3
Anna Raunce vid, Mar 12
Edwardus Smith Mar 18
pretty divider
Egidius filius Egidy Churchill Mar 26
Johannes filius Johannis Trippe Mar 26
Gulielmus filius Edwardi Smith Mar 29
Jacobus filius Gulielmi Sharpe Apr 6
Johannes filius Gulielmi Hill Apr 6
Johannes filius ffrancisci Withington Apr 26
Johannes filius Johannis Deane May 27
Elizabetha filia Jacobi [dup: Johannis] Robbins de Longworke [dup: Longenirbey] May 31
Gulielmus filius Jacobi Smith labourer May 31
Henricus filius Gulielmi Moore June 23
Anna filia Johannis Chitch June 25
Ellenor filia Gulielmi Parker Aug 13
Henricus filius Johannis Mallory Sep 3
Maria filia Johannis Rawlins Oct 19
Anna et Phillis filiae Bryan Staple [dup: Stapleton(?)] Dec 20
Thomas filus Thomae Clarke ffeb 7
Edwardus filius Richardi Stevens Mar 20
Margareta uxor Richardi Chitch Apr 2
Johannes Ledgingham Apr 23
Petrus Bull June ...
Rodolphus Raunce Aug 2
Galfridis Stevens de Tilands(?) Nov 1
Anna Howatt Dec 23 [dup: Alicea Pratt Dec 23]
Richardus Chitch Dec 26
Katharina Stevens Mar 28
1640 MARRIAGES (in duplicate)
* June 22 Johannes ffrancklin & Maria Grinborowe
* Oct 5 Henricus Allen & Margeria Herring
1641 BAPTISMS [transcript badly stained and fragmented]
Edwardus filius Gulielmi(?) Sale
Johannes filius Johannis et Ellena Monday
Joane filia Jacobi et [Prudentia?] Stevens
Elizabetha filia ... et Ursula Smith
Thomas filius Maria et Thomae Raunce
Richardus filius Elizabetha et Nicholai ...ook(?) Aug
Josephus filius Annae et Wm. Ewstes Oct
Debora(?) filia Elinor et Edwardi Bigge Oct
Richardus filius Annae et Richardi Bigge Nov
Anna filia Annae et Gulielmi Moore Nov
... obus filius ffranciscae et Gulielmi Clarke Nov
Gulielmus filius Hester et Gulielmi Parker Nov
Anna(?) filia Annae et Radolphi Towne Nov
... us filius Elizabetha et Edwardi Wingrave Dec
... filia Phillis et Thomae Tr[ippe?] Jan
... filia Margeriae et Jacobi Smith
... (fili)a Annae et Jacobi Smith
... ... Connie(?) et Johannes [Jackson?]
... ... Annae et Henrici S...
... filia Elizabetha & Thomae Costard Mar
... ... ... et Henrici Ewstes Mar
... ... ... et Gulielmi(?) Newel Mar
1641 BURIALS [hopelessly fragmented]


1641 MARRIAGES [stained, fragmented]
Gulielmus [Costard?] & Elizabetha Henly
Thomas ... Jun. Yeoman & Elizabetha ...
Thomas ... & Martha(?)
Henricus Bonbow(?) de Kingley et Ema ffelloe
Edwardus Sale de Kingley & Maragreta ...
Johannes ... & Joane ...
Daniell filius Johannis Humphrey Mar 28
Maria filia Humphredi Atherton May 5
Hannah filia Henrici Eustace Mar 8
Johannes filius Edwardi Bigge May 14
Martha filia Johannis Trippe May 19
Jacobus filius Thomae Pratt July 21
Prudentia filia Jacobi Sale July 31
Maria filia Edwardi Lancaster Aug 28
Edwardus filius Edwardi ffelloe Sep 25
Maria filia Johannis Pratt Oct 2
Sarah filia Edwardi Smith Oct 19
Nathaniel filius Johannis Mallory Oct 24
Annis filia Edwardi Wingrave Oct 29
Richardus filius ... Pimme Oct 30
Anna filia Ambrosi Bigge Oct 30
Susanna filia Galfridi Clarke Dec 26
Maria filia Gulielmi Sale Jan 1
Maria filia Jacobi Smith Jan 8
Elizabetha Bull vid. Jan 29
Gulielmus filius Thomae Costard ffeb 2
Elizabetha uxor Thomae Clarke ffeb 7
* Sep. 27 Gulielmus Slatter & Maria Chapman
Maria filia Thomae Carroll Apr 5
Bridget filia Johannis Chitch Apt 16
Elizabeth filia Egidy Churchhill Apr 23
Alicea filia ffrancisci Withington Apr 24
ffranciscus filius Roberti Stevens June 4
Margaretta filia Gulielmi Parker Dec 24
Jeane filia Johannis Humphrey Jan 1
Edwardus filius Jacobi Stevens Jan 16
Johannes filius Edwardi Stevens Jan 21
Richardus Dorvall May 2
Anna uxor Johannis Dossett July 5
Joane uxor Thomae Griggs July 20
Joseph Ewstace July 26
Rowland Stevens July 28
Anne et ffrancisca filiae Rowlandi Stevens Aug 2
Jacobus Stevens Aug 4
Elizabetha Heales Aug 5
ffranciscus Allice Aug 10
Robertus Gibbins Nov 2
* Aug. 7 Thomas Clarke & Elizabetha Hardwell
* Oct. 16 Eduardus Steuens & Alicea Raunce
Edwardus filius Edwardi ffelloe Apr 10
Deborah filia Rudolphi Towne Apr 22
Rebecca filia Jacobi Smith de pitchgreene May 1
Johannes filius Johannis Costard May 13
Johannes filius Edwardi Mane June 2
Anna filia Edwardi Stevens de pitchgreene June 25
Sarah filia Johannis Pratt Aug 24
Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Clarke Aug 25
Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Newell Sep 26
Maria filia Roberti Stevens de Littleburnsgreene Sep 29
Israell filius Johannis Mallory Oct 29
Thomas filius Thomae Axten Nov 2
Thomas filius Thomae Pratt Nov 7
Prudentia filia Johannis Dossett Jan 1
Johannes filius Galfridi Clarke Jan 6
Henricus filius Henrici Pimme ffeb 6
Thomas filius Henrici Stevens yeoman ffeb 27
Katharina uxor Richardi Turner Mar 26
Joane Harris vid. Apr 4
Isabella Andrews vid. Apr 28
Jacobus Sharpe infant Nov 12
ffranciscus Horwood infant Nov 22
* Jan. 19 Thomas Bourne & Maria Trippe
Jacobus filius Edwardi Wingrave June 8
Johannes filius Jacobi Smith de comonbanks June 13
Eugenia filia Jacobi Blanks June 17
Hanna filia Edwardi Costard July 27
Margeria filia Thomae Clarke Sep 21
Egidus filius Egidij Churchill Sep 27
Johannes filius Richardi Turner Oct 9
Radolphus filius Gulielmi Sale Oct 15
Anna filia Jacobi Sale de Alleygreene Oct 16
Thomas filius Thomae Bourne Oct 24
Alicea filia Johannis Dossett Jan 14
Elizabetha uxor Jonae Humphrey May 25
Jacobus Sale fuit de Ridge Sep 12
Wm. Hill de eadom Oct 9
Elizabetha Dossett virge Oct 19
* Jan 19 Eduardus Pimme & Anna Cleydon
Maria filia Gulielmi Towne Apr 26
Johannes filius Ambrose Newell June 28
Matthew filius Johannis Humphrey Aug 9
Thomas filius Johannis Costard Sep 12
Anna filia Roberti Raunce Sep 26
Hannah filia Johannis Pratt Oct 28
Stephanus filius Jacobi Smith de pitchgreene Oct 29
Susanna filia Robti Stevens de Littlebarnes Nov 23
Johannes filius Thomae Axten Dec 29
Elizabetha filia Richardi Bigge Jan 9
Thomas filius Gulielmi Newell Jan 20
Maria filia Radolphi Towne Mar 8
Thomas filius Thomae Costard May 30
Jane Wingrave Nov 26
Ellen Costard vid. ffeb 9
1646 MARRIAGES " 000 "
No transcript for 1647
Gulielmus filius Thomae Axten Apr 23
Johannes filius Christopheri Springall Jun. Aug 13
Josephus filius Jacobi Stevens Sep 4
Thomas filius Ambrosi Newell Sep 12
Anne filia Jacobi Sale Jun. Sep 27
Richardus filius Egidij Churchill Oct 2
Ruth filia Jacobi Smith pitchgreene Jan 8
Daniell filius Edwardi Wingrave Jan 13
Johannes filius Johannis Pratt ffeb 4
Richardus filius Thomae Driver ffeb 4
Elizabetha filia Rodolphi Stone ffeb 5
Morderay(?) filius Johannis Humphrey Mar 1
Thomas filius Johannis Chitch Mar 4
Joane filia Robti Stevens Mar 4
Gulielmus Stevens ffeb 14
1648 MARRIAGES " 0 "
No transcripts for 1649 thru 1658
John sonne of John Ewstace Apr
Sarah dau of John Chitch ffeb
Thomas sonne of John Alice Mar 20
Hanna dau of John Dossett Mar 25
Joane Newman widdowe Apr 4
Edward Ware an old man Apr 12
John Stevens ... Apr
Elizabeth ye wife of John Hill
1659 MARRIAGES (in duplicate) "None recorded."
No transcript for 1660
pretty divider
Susan & Mary daus of Thomas Arrys 22 May
Sarah dau of Edward Raunce May 30
Elizabeth ye dau of Wm. Thomas(?) July 16
Deborah dau of Jon. East Oct 14
Edward ye sonne of Edward fford(?) Dec 16
Thomas ye sonne of Ambrose Newel Dec 19
Richd. the sonne of Robt Morris Jan 5
Jon. the sonne of Jon. Paynter Jan
James ye sonne of Robt Newman Jan 5
John the sonne of Jon. Almond ffeb 10
Jon ye sonne of Tho. Dossett ffeb 13
Thomas ye sonne of James Slater(?) ffeb 23
Sarah dau of John Stevens ffeb 26
1661 MARRIAGES (in duplicate)
* Sep. 28 John Bigg of Bledlow widr. & Elizabeth Joanes of Allsbury wid. 1661
Mary ye dau of John Bournes(?) 21 June
... ...areston widdowe
Wm. Giffin 17 Jan
James sonne of James Tyler 20 Jan
Phillis Trippe 26 Jan
Thomas Raunce ffeb
Margery Webb ffeb
Robt Barlowe 23 ffeb
No transcripts 1662 - 1670
pretty divider
Mar 30 Elizabeth dau of Jon & Jane Pharoh
May 1 Elizb. dau of George & Elizb. Randoll
May 7 Mary dau of James & Ann Tiler
May 11 Edward son of John & Mary Alec
June 21 Sarah dau of James & Ann Rance
July 8 Richard son of Edw. & Elleanor Lee
Aug 14 Rich. son of Robert & Elizb. Dorset
Aug 14 Thomas son of Nicolas & Alec Wales(?)
Oct 30 Thomas son of John & Mary Eustace
Dec 14 Joseph son of Thomas & Elizb. Pratt
Jan 18 Elizb. dau of Thomas & Mary Smith
Feb 25 Joseph son of James & Elizb. Walker
Mar 14 Tho. ye son of Rich. & Jane Bowler
Apr 15 Edward ffrancklen (Tines?)
Jul 4 Alec Rawlins
Sep 14 Sarah Sanders
Sep 16 Elizabeth Pharoh
Nov 2 Ann Harris
Jan 30 John Stevens
1671 MARRIAGES (in duplicate)
* Jan. 29 John Axtin & Elleanor Big
* Feb. 3 Gabriell Tome [Bledlow: Gome] & Mary Costard
* Feb. 15 Thomas Herbert of Else borough & Jone Smith of Chinnor
Mar 24 Wm son Wm & Elizb. West
Apr 7 Ann John & Ann Eustace
May 13 Elizabeth Tho(?) & Elizb. Bourne
May 22 Ann Howard & Ann Carie
June 2 James John & Elizb. Price
June 16 Willa- Wm & Abigall Lee
June 27 Joseph Robert & Elizb. Mead
July 14 Richard John & Margaret Clark
July 21 Elizb. John & Elizb. Pharoe
Nov 3 Mary John & Elizb. Chitch
ffeb 24 Willa- Wm & Ann Steevens
ffeb 26 Joseph John & Ann Inglewood
Mar 7 Thomas Tho & Susan Brook
Mar 23 John Ric.(?) & Dorothy Howlett
Apr 26 widdoe Garroway
Apr 30 Mrs Margaret Babham
May 3 William Steevens
June 13 Xfer Springall
June 17 Elizb. Newman
July 26 John ...
Sep 3 Thomas Clark
Sep 24 Ann Johnson
Sep 24 Ann Steevens
Oct 11 Dorothy Sale vid
Oct 20 Margery Tiler
Oct 31 Xtopher Hill
Nov 22 Mary Rance
Dec 19 John Blanks Esq.
Jan 24 James Steevens
ffeb 1 ffrances Clark
Mar 1 Richard Howell
* Sep. 30 Will. Howlett & Dorothy Dean
* Nov. 17 John Newall & Jane Arnet [Bledlow: ffelloe]
May 8 Elizabeth dau of Will Wayle(?)
May 31 Ann dau of John Bigge
June 22 Stephen son of Edw. Lee
July 30 Thomas son of Richard Raunce
Aug 9 Jane dau of John Newell
Sep 23 Guard(?) son of John Pharoh
Nov 18 Joseph son of John Eustice
Nov 24 Mary dau of George Caudill
Dec 21 Edw. son of James(?) & Ann Raunce
Jan 3 Thomas son of Robert Powell
ffeb 4 James son of John & Ann Eustice
ffeb 16 Richard son of Thomas Bourne
Mar 21 Sary dau of Thomas Brookes
Mar 23 Dorise dau of John Penney
Apr 2 Thomas Nicols an Infant
Apr 4 John Clarke of Thame
May 3 Thomas Dossit
May 11 Elizabeth Plant
May 29 Isabell Jefkin
June 26 Rebeckah Harris
Oct 18 Kathern Gome a Child
Dec 15 Alice Stevens widowe
Dec 31 The wife of John Oxlard
Jan 4 Brin: Xmatto Minge:
Jan 10 widow Clarke
Jan 15 Willam Sall
Jan 28 Alice Trippe
ffeb 1 Elizabeth Caudill
ffeb 5 Edward Raunce a Child
ffeb 18 Katherin Hill of the Ridge
Mar 16 Elizabeth Chirtha
Mar 16 widow Cougy of Thame
* Sep. 29 John Jefkin & Marget North

May 20 Elizabeth dau of Robt Mead
June 2 Hannah dau of John Raunce
June 25 Edward son of John ... [Trippe?]
June 30 Henry son of Henry Younge
Sep 12 John son of Willm Howland
Nov 20 Thomas son of Thomas Coulman(?)
Dec 20 Joseph son of Thomas Bourn
Jan 6 Ann dau of Thomas Houlte
Jan 21 Thomas son of John Pharoah
Jan 23 Margarett dau of John Guam(?)
Jan 26 Elizabeth dau of George Caudill
Mar 4 Raulfe son of Raulfe Richards(?)
Mar ... Elizabeth dau of Henry Bauline(?)
Mar 8 Hannah dau of John Ewestice
Mar 20 James Tiler housband man
Apr 18 Jone Axton
Apr 25 Willam Clark a Child
May 4 Willam Axton
June ...
1675 MARRIAGES None recorded
Apr 1 Anne dau of Willam Houllte
Apr ... Thomas son of John Pharaha(?)
Apr 19 Willam son of Willam Loutman
June 17 John son of John Randalls(?)
June 30 James son of Thomas Pratt
July 1 Mary dau of Thomas Brookes
July 7 Anncise(?) dau of John Bigges
Sep 23 Willam son of Henry Younge
Oct 13 Johnathan son of Johnathan fellows
Dec 21 Sary dau of Edward Carye
Jan 28 Elizabeth dau of John Stevens
ffeb 10 Mary dau of John Hall
ffeb 19 Rebecka dau of Willam Huntter
Mar 4 Jamse son of Willam Lee(?)
Mar 26 Jane Houllite a Child
May 12 Richard Morrise Ridge
May 16 Martinne Dosite
May 19 widow Cooke Ridge
June 30 Elizabeth Clarke
Sep 22 Elizabeth ffinnch
Sep 28 Christofer Weston Ridge
Oct 14 John Alice yeoman Ridge
Oct 19 Anne Blicke Ridge
Jan 4 Joseph Bigge yeoman
ffeb 22 John Tyler
1677 MARRIAGES None recorded
Apr 6 Anne dau of Richard Turner
Apr 22 Sebbel dau of Richard Raunns
May 3 John son of John Alice
May 17 James son of John Raundall
June 23 Anne dau of Willam Stevens
July 23 Thomas son of Willam Lutman
Sep 21 Mondegue son of Nathaniel Moulary
Sep 21 Nickalas son of James Walker
Oct 15 James son of Edward Salle
Nov 16 Mary dau of Robert Powell
Dec 26 John son of Thomas Ballye
Jan 11 Thomas son of Thomas Housin ... [traveler?]
ffeb 10 Elizabeth dau of Willam Houlet
Ffeb 28 Elizabeth dau of Joseph Ewestice
Apr 14 Edward Bigge yeoman
June 5 Thomas Costard
Aug 16 Anne Raunce widow Ridge
Aug 18 Anne Stevens a Child
Oct 12 Anne Barkier Ridge
Oct 18 Thomas Bridene a Child
Dec 2 Richard Aman Ridge
Dec 4 Willam Bamston
Jan 6 Thomas Bally a Child Ridge
ffeb 1 Elizabeth Ewestice a Child
* June 14 Christifar Bigges & Mary Moris
* Sep. 25 Edward Priston & Mary Lamborn (lisons)
* Nov. 2 Robart Monday & his maide (lisons)
* Nov. 13 Edward Blicke & Margrite Swanse
* Jan. 4 John Hill & Elisabeth Hill (lisons)
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Mar 29 James son of Henry & Mary Smythe
Apr 17 Mary dau of Ralph & Sussan Towne
Apr 18 John son of Dannall Haris Traveler
May 3 Sary dau of John & Jane Pharaha
May 24 Mary dau of John & Mary Stevens
June 7 Mary dau of Thomas & Elizabeth Bourne
June 9 Mary dau of Thomas & Anne Houlte
June 10 Mary dau of Richard & Elizabetha Bourges
June 20 Solomon son of Edward & Mary Lee
Jul 27 Thomas son of John & Sary Chitche
Sep 24 John son of Johnathan ffellowe
Oct 3 Elizabeth dau of John & Mary Pourttnaye
Oct 11 John son of William & Anne Stevens
Oct 16 John son of Edward Carye
Oct 23 Edward son of Edward Blicke
Nov 6 Anne dau of John & Anne Alice
Nov 22 Richard son of Richard & Anne Tourner
Jan 29 Mary dau of John & Mary Randall
ffeb 9 Edward son of Edward & Liddy Stevens
ffeb 15 Mary dau of James & Mary Deane
ffeb 24 John son of John & Elizabeth Hille
ffeb 28 Samuell son of Mr James And Mrs Bridgite Salle


Apr 12 Betteris Bowland
June 28 ffrancis Smythe widow
July 22 William Ewstice younge man
Aug 23 Anne Stevens
Oct 28 John Caudille
Nov 24 Edward Stevens ould man
Dec 4 Matthew Gome
Dec 25 Anne Stevens widowe
Jan 17 Mary Dosit
Mar 10 John Dosit ould man
* Oct . 3 Frances [Bledlow: James] Hunttar & Anne Mashe of London lic.
* Oct. 5 William Dosit & Winnefred Houlte of Prince Risborough L.
* Nov. 1 John & Anne Iuese of Risboroughe (no surname for man) L.
Apr 7 Elizabeth dau of Joseph Ewstice
June 11 Anne dau of Ralphe Towne
June 18 John son of Dannall Stevens
July 18 Mary dau of Christopher Bigge
Sep 13 John son of Willam Hunte
Oct 18 Anne dau of Joseph Newell
Nov 14 Frank & Hanna son & dau of Robert Meade
Dec 12 Elizabeth dau of Willam Louttman
Dec 22 Hanna dau of Henry Smyth
ffeb 22 Hanna dau of Thomas Bourne
Mar 5 Jane dau of Jane Deane
Apr 8 Elizabeth Ewstice A Child
May 3 John Moulary ould man
May 9 James Salle Laborhose
June 13 Christifar Weston yeman
June 17 George Bowlan labourer
July 5 John Lamborne Ridge
Aug 20 Henry Ewstice yeman
Sep 4 John Este
Sep 30 Lorance Gome carpenter
Oct 30 Alice Ewestace widow
Nov 18 Christifar Bigge Ridge
Nov 20 Mary Bigge a Child
Nov 24 Mr James Salle gent.
Dec 2 Annie wife to John Bigge
Dec 22 Elizabeth Chitche widow
Mar 12 Richard Raunce Ridge
Mar 18 widow Saunders
* Apr. 3 John Chadd & Anne Cheel of Chennar L.
* Apr. 4 William Varney & Sary Andrea of Little Kimbell L.
* Apr. 4 Charlise Rynells & Alice Lambourne of Chessham B.
* Jan. 12 William Corknes & Anne Russell of Longe Crendune L.
* Feb. 20 William Writte & Jane Brickane of (... torn ...) isnup Stone
Apr 14 Josephe son of Willam Loutman
June 7 John son of Edward Salle
June 9 John & Mary son & dau of John Pourtnas Ridge
July 13 Ester dau of Richard Bourges
July 27 James son of James Gomme
Aug 3 Thomas son of James Gomme
Aug 16 Sary dau of John Chitche
Aug 30 Mary dau of Dannall Stevens
Nov 17 Hanna dau of Henry Hourtney
Dec 27 James son of Joseph Stevens
Ffeb 15 John son of William Willcoxe
Apr 14 Margrite Salle widow
Jul 24 Sary Inglewood 16 yrs age
July 20 John Hourtnay a Child
Aug 20 Anne Lee wife of John Inglewood
Sep 1 Benne Powell a Child
Sep 16 Richard Monday yeman
Sep 23 widow Grinsbourie Ridge
Oct 24 Thomas Dosite
Nov 4 widow State
Dec 3 widowe Damsolle
Jan 10 Margrite the wife of Edward Tilar
ffeb 10 widow Monday
ffeb 23 Thomas Stevens Oklay
* Apr. 7 Richard Rynells of this parishe & Elisabeth Dorelle of Saunderton
* Apr. 29 Robert Redinge of Great Missenden & Rebecka Jedrie of Chessham
* Apr. 29 Thomas Syrid (? Syrie) & Ruth Bigg boath in the parish of Monks Risborough
* May 4 John Walkar & Mary Willcoxe both in thise parishe
* May 11 Dannall Hause & Mathawa Hause both in the parish of Prince Risbouroughe
* May 19 Thomas Coulman & Rebecka Hunte boath in thise parishe
* Sep. 29 Thomas Stocken of Greate Missenden & Mary Ousten [Bledlow: Eusten] in the parish of Luknar, Oxon.
* Oct. 14 Abraham Cartar & Sary Bodare in the parish of Wickham
* Oct. 20 Thomas Stadham of littell Camball & Ruthe Eldridge of Monks Risbroughe
* Nov. 2 Thomas State of Hadhame & Sary Grove of Thame
* Nov. 24 Mickell Danrar & Elisabeth Tallard in the parish of Prince Risbrough, Oxon.
* Jan. 16 John Godin of Sidname & Judy Estar of Arsson in Oxon.
* Feb. 9 Edward Talar of Thame & Mary Astar of Prince Risbroughe
* Feb. 15 William Mosse & Dorthy Righte in p. of Great Cemball
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William son of Richard ... [Lee?] ...
Willm. Son of William ... [Deane?] May 19
John son of Edward ... [Honington?] a traveler May 19
William son of Edward ... [Lancaster?] June 11
Joseph ...[Hall?] 32 years of age June 13
Will son of Thomas Horbon Aug 12
Sarah dau of Henrie Mearton? Sep 8
Marie dau of Edward Layman(?) Oct 24
Hanna dau of William ... [Alice?] Oct 27
Elizabeth dau of James Pratt Nov 7
Hester dau of James Gomm Dec 24
Sarah dau of Richard Darvall Jan 12
William son of William Dowde Feb 20
Richard son of John Hill Feb 22
Joseph son of Thomas Jefkin Mar 30
Richard Hughs July 19
Hester ... [Musame?] July 23
John Bigg July 28
Susan wife of Thomas ...ish May 5
Marie dau of Joseph Eustace May 4
Robert Stevens May 12
Amie Stevens May 12
Thomas Gish May 12
Jane wife of Edward Rans May 15
Francis wife of John Johnson May 18
An infant unbaptized of Joseph Avarey(?) May 27
Thomas Grafdon June 12
John North June 15
Thomas son of James Gomm June 24
William Costard June 28
Ann Town widow Aug 26
William Lee(?) Nov 4
William son of Edward Lancaster Dec 9
Ric. Slatter Dec 9
Marie wife of Henrie(?) Smith alias Tyler Dec 16
William son of Robert Eustin(?) Dec 22
Richard Slater alias Cossendon(?) Jan 5
Thomas Clark Jan 8
Marie dau of Elizabeth Costard Jan 23
Edward Stevens Feb 1
Jane Carr widdow Feb 2
Catharine wife of Edward Cooke alias Johnson Mar 12
* Apr 25 Edward Bowler of Shabbindon & Elizabeth White of Icford (lic.)
* May 31 Thomas Pratt & Ann Smith bothe of Bledlow
* Oct. 2 Stephen Stevens & Hanna Stevens bothe of Bledlow
* Nov. 28 William Mod... (torn) of Hitchenden & Sarah Brookes of Bledlow
* Dec. 19 Thomas Birch of Bledlow & Marie Butler of Siddenham
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