Welcome Amie Lee LAMOND to the LANCHBURY Family

4pm, 2nd March, 2002 and eagerly on time, Amie arrived to see an assembled crowd abuzz with excitement.

An awed hush fell, Nathan's knees doubled the speed of their knocking, and his heart pounded. The bridesmaids came slowly down the carpet aisle.

And here, at last, was Amie.

It was a beautiful ceremony, on a beautiful warm afternoon, the 2nd day of Autumn (Fall). I will let the pictures tell you the story of love.


Nathan and groomsmen 
            waiting for Amie
Men In Waiting

The register is signed
All Done And Signed For

Rose petals falling
Raining Rose Petals

A kiss
Rustic Kiss

It's her veil, but doesn't it
look like angel's wings?

Angel's wings

Bridal party on the bridge
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen on the Bridge

May, proudly waiting with Nathan
May and the men waiting 
            for Amie

They'll cut the cake when they 
            notice it
What cake? I don't see a cake


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