LAINCHBURY Family of Kingham, Oxfordshire

The family in Kingham most assuredly deserve their own page in this website. The family is fairly well documented, have a long history in the Kingham area, and of course are famous for their farm machinery company. Below you will find a snapshot of the available data on the family, and on this page you can see the modern-day story of one of their farm machines which is still being shown in steam rallies around the UK.

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LAINCHBURY family beginnings in Cornwell

   Cornwell Parish Church which is dedicated to St Peter
Cornwell Parish Church
Cornwell, on the very northern edge of the boundary between Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, sits to the north-west of Chipping Norton and close to due north of Kingham. Parish records began in Cornwell in 1662.
The 1841 Census from Cornwell shows
Mary 35
Raichel (6), Harriet (4) and Ellen (1m)
George HATHAWAY 70 Ag Lab (Mary's father)
Cornwell registers show that John LAINCHBURY had married Mary Ann HATHAWAY in 1832 and they proceeded to have 7 known children.
By the 1851 Census of Cornwell we have
John LAINCHBURY HD m 43 Ag Lab born Cornwell
Mary Ann WI m 45 b Kingham
Ellen 9
Caleb 6
Elija 4 all Village Scholars and all born Cornwell.
1861 Census, Cornwell
John LAINCHBURY HD m 53 Ag Lab b Cornwell, Oxon
Mary A do WI m 55 Ag Lab b Kingham, Oxon
Caleb do SO u 16 Agr Labr b Cornwell, Oxon
Eli do SO u 14 Agr Labr b Cornwell, Oxon
The 1871 Census has Eli, son of John, with a new family of his own,
living in New Street, Chipping Norton.
William SCARSBROOK HD m 62 Cloth Drier b Astall (sic)
Ann do WI m 56 b Charlbury
Eli LAINCHBURY SL m 24 Thrashing Engine Driver b Cornwell
Caroline do DA m 24 b GLS Mickleton
Edith E do GD 1 b Chipping Norton
                Caleb LAINCHBURY
               Caleb LAINCHBURY
Edith was later to attend the British School, also in New Street, Chipping Norton, and there she embroidered a 'cross-stitch sampler' which was recently found for sale. To read more about this, and see a picture of it, go to this page.
And even better, here are John and Caleb, living next door to one another (or possibly across the road?) in Cornwell.
These entries are particularly exciting as we can see John's occupation.
John LAINCHBURY HD widower 63 Thrashing Machine Proprietor born Cornwell, Oxon
Harriet LAINCHBURY daughter unmarried 34 born Cornwell, Oxon
Caleb LAINCHBURY Head mar 26 Steam Thrashing born Cornwell, Oxon
Elizabeth LAINCHBURY WI mar 24 born Over Norton, Oxon
Ernest J LAINCHBURY SO 2 Cornwell, Oxon
John and 
            Caleb LAINCHBURY
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From the book 'Kingham, The Beloved Place' by E.J. LAINCHBURY Jnr comes this family tree
     Ernest John LAINCHBURY Snr
Ernest John LAINCHBURY Snr on his 90th birthday, 10 May 1958, with the birdbath given to him by his employees.
William Charles LAINCHBURY - married Hester GARDINER in Kingham 13 Feb 1734
It is unsure whether the William above was a forebear to the more recent Kingham family, as no link can be found between him and the William below, but it is listed here as a likelihood.
William LAINCHBURY born 1773 - married Hannah- died 1855
John LAINCHBURY born 17 Aug 1807 - married Mary Ann HATHAWAY in Cornwell 24 May 1832 - died 1881
Caleb LAINCHBURY baptised 9 Mar 1845 Cornwell - married Elizabeth BOND - died Kingham 1918
Ernest John LAINCHBURY Snr born 1868 - married Kate EATON in 1896
Ernest John LAINCHBURY Jnr born 1897 - married Lilian Sarah MACE in 1925 - died 15 Nov 1975
Michael John LAINCHBURY who went to South Africa in 1948.
Sibling to Ernest John Jnr was Charles Edward, born 1901, who married Florence Annie CHURCH of Banbury in 1926, and it is their son, David, who has so kindly provided me with the photos and almost all the data for this page. I am deeply honoured to be given the opportunity to bring this family story to the web.
And let us not forget the third sibling, Arthur William, born 1903, who married Emily I PETTIPHER of Long Compton in 1929.
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