Radnage Parish Registers - Burials 1574-1812

This data has been transcribed from personal photos of a typed transcription of the Parish Register, which has obviously been compared (in great detail) with the Bishop's Transcripts, viewable at Radnage Parish Church. The transcription is subject to human error. Feel free to contact us for any corrections.

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Radnage Parish Registers - Burials 1574-1812
1575No burials recorded either in register or Transcript         
1576Jun-29WilliamHesterJunior     (The Transcript records:"a batcheler"
1577Jan-13AmeeWhitbornewife of Jhon      
 Feb-06JoaneHawkinswife of Ja Hawkins      
1578No burials recorded in register         
1579Jan-01MargeriGylesvid     mater Chr, Gyles senior
 Mch 3HenrieWheler       
 Oct-31AliceSpenserfillaT. Spenser    T: Spensser
1582Mch 29ThomasWhelersenex      
1583Aug-03ThomasRoosesonT. Roose     
 Oct-16DoratheHuntdauJhon Hunt    "Pestis"
 Nov-25EllenHuntdauJhon Hunt    "Pestis"
 Nov-26RichardHartewell    Servent to Jhon Hunt "Pestis"
 Jan-04GylesRigge      "Pestis"
 Jan-24JoaneRiggefillaGyles Rigge    "Pestis"
 Jan-24EdieRiggefillaGyles Rigge    "Pestis"
 Jan-25CenceRiggewifeGyles Rigge    "Pestis"
 Feb-06AgnesPayne    servent to Jhon Hunt "Pestis"
1584Mch 27MargaretDeham      gent
 Jan-19RichardGylensonSesly Gylen     
1585May-17ThomasWhitesenex viz  103   
1586No burials recorded in register         
1587Apr-03IssabellHawlinsuxor Ja.      
 Apr-22JoaneWhelerWife of Ric.Wheler senior      
 Dec-12  Wife of Bonor      
1588Sep-02JoaneWhelerwife of Thomas      
 May-23RichardRowlles      in eclesia "prepost"
 Dec-21DavieWheler      et uxor
 Mch 22SesselyPytfallwife Jhon  70  3 in one grave
 Mch 22WilliamPytfallsonJhon  vi j days  3 in one grave
 Mch 22ThomasPytfallsonJhon  vi j days  3 in one grave
 Mch 18ElyzebethGyleswife of W.      
1590May-26BeniamynNewellsonC: Newell     
 Jun-16MargerieBiggswife of Ambros      
 (No Burials recorded in the 1590 Transcript)         
 Jul-18ThomasWeston      only one in Transcript
 Sep-27ChristofferNewellsonChristoffer    In Transcript only
 May-13JoaneRauncewife of Richard      
 June 4 or 6ThomasTripletsonW:     
 June 6 or 4AliceTripletdauw:     
 Feb-02OlliffeBookmasterwife of T:      
 Jan-02AgnesLeweswife of T:      
 Jan-24AliceDenhamwife of George  96  wife of George Denham of Etheruppr Esquire was buried in the chancell nere her daughter Margeret. Her age 96
1596(no Burials recorded for 1596)         
1597Oct-27JoanEstewife of T:      
 Feb-26JoanSeamerwife of Peter      
1598Jun-29AnneEstewife of Robert      
1599Apr-15JulyanCurtiswife of Jeames      
 Apr-22ChristopforRauncesonChr. Raunce junior     
 Oct-31RichardWheler     Hauridge 
1601May-05SybbellCyrcotteVid     ("Aprell" deleted)
1602No burials recorded in register or Transcript         
 Jul-12JoanRoosewife of Thomas      
 Nov-11DoratheBaratwife of Jhon      
1604No burial recorded in register, The Transcript states: "Ther hath not ben any maried nor buried this Yere"         
1605Aug-08WilliamSyere    Clarke Clarke parson of Radnage while he lived was buryed the vii j th date of Auguste in the chancell
 Nov-10DorothieWhitewife of Christoffer      
 Nov-25DorrethieWhitewid     (In Transcript this burial is recorded before Cath. Smyth)
 Dec-25CatheryneSmythewife of John     ("primum" is recorded on the left hand side of this entry)
1606Apr-06JohnLineleye    servant to Mr Smythe  
 Dec-25AlicePewtreswife of Thomas      
 Mch 1JohnHuntesenior      
1607Dec-14RooseGyles alias RauncedauAmbrose Gyles alias Raunce     
 Mch 18ChristoferGyles alias Raunce      (Transcript records "Raunce alias Gyles")
 Mch 19SibbollGyles wife of Ambrose     (Transcript records "Ambrose Raunce")
 Mch 23CatherineWhellerwife of John      
1609Apr-12AgnisGyleswife of X'per, Gyles senior      
 Oct-15Joneffoordewife of John      
 Mch 15Johnforde       
1610Apr-27ThomasHuntthe younger     (Apr 27 in Transcript)
 Jun-26AgnesHuntwife of John     (Annis Hunt, 26 June in Trpt.)
 Jul-24JonaneWheelerWife of William     (not in Transcript)
 Dec-29JohnSmith      ("xx111 th of June" deleted) (Dec 29 in Trpt.)
 Mch 25MargaretWheelerdauJohn     
 Dec-29JoyceNewellwife of John      
 Feb-20JohnNewell      (Transcript 21st)
 Feb-03ElyanorJamesdauWilliam    (Transcript 3 April)
1613Oct-13DorotheffordedauJohn fford     
 Jun-06JyllianNewellwife of Xpofer      
 Jun-30ChristopherWheelerfather of Thomas      
 Nov-05AnneWhitethe relic of Micheal      
 Dec-25JeaneBuckmajsterwife of John      
1616Feb-15JohnWheelerfather of Xpofer      
 May-22XpoferRauncehusband of Elizabeth      
 Jul-30SusanBiggswife of John     (Transcript July 13)
1618Aug-06SybbellNewellmother of Xpofer      
 Dec-20ffrauncesNewellwife of Xpofer     (26 Dec in Transcript)
 Nov-16SibbellBriantwife of Thomas      
1620Nov-02JaneBriknellwife of Bennett      
 Feb-26ElnorPewtraceWife of Thomas      
1621 No buriels in Register. The three 1620 burials appear in the 1620 and also 1621 Transcripts        
1622May-13ThomasHunteffather of John      
 Jan-02AliceMorewife of George      
1623Oct-17ThomasEastefather of Robert      
 Dec-09FrancesBelmelldauWilliam    (Not in Transcript)
 Dec-13JohnHancocke      (Transcript records: John Husband of Alice Hancocke)
 Feb-02ElizabethNewelldauXpofer    (Not in Transcript)
 Feb-20SamuelRandallfather of Samuel      
 Mch 1JaneMeadedauJohn    (Not in Transcript)
 Mch 13JoanePewtracedauSylvanus     
  (There are two transcripts for 1623, Both with 5 burials alike)        
1624Apr-26AmyEastewife of Thomas      
 Feb-24JefferyBennelbother to Will.     (Jeffery Benell 21 Feb in Transcript)
1625Mch 14WilliamEastsonneHenry     
1626 No Burials recorded in register but the year mentioned. Transcript records "burials none"        
1627Jun-30MaryHousedau Elizabeth    
 Aug-08MargeryPennington      dyed 7th of August & was buryed 8th August
 Nov-23JeaneMeadewife of John     (Headed 1628, evidently in error, as 1627 in Transcript & the entry in register is followed by 1628 in heading again
1628Mch 9EdwardBraisersonRichard     
1629Jan-26ElizabethHancock      She dyed in the pish of Stokenchurch but desired to be buried in this parish
 Oct-27RebecchaHawkswife of John     Buried. (recorded in the transcript for 1629 but not in the register)
1630Dec-25MaryFellowedauRobert    (Recorded twice in the register)
 Sep-24ThomasBuckland      (This is recorded before Mary fellowe in the Transcript)
 Jan-13AnneNewellwife of Christopher     (1631 amended in register to 1630 which is the year in transcript)
 Jan-26JoneLeewife of John     (Entry in register contains 1631 in the text but is headed 1631 amended to 1630. In the Transcript it is 1630 & comes after Anne Newell)
 Mch 16KatherineGyleswife of Ambrose      
 Mch 19FaithCocksdauWilliam    (In transcript Faith is recorded before Katherine)
1632Jun-06ffrancisRandallson Widow Randall    
 Feb-02AliceWheelerwife of Thomas      
1633Oct-28JohnBookmaster     of Radnedge 
 Sep-07AnneBeydonwife of Nathaniell      
 Feb-23George Horethe elder      
1635Mch 26ElizabethPewtracewife of Thomas     was buryed the 26th of March 1638 (27 Mch in Transcript)
 Jun-01BridgettKitelywife of Andrew      
 Jun-30MaryBrasierdauRichardJane his wife buried    
 Mch 2francisAnthonydauDavidFaith    
 Mch 5ThomasWheelerthe older      
1636   (there are two Transcripts for 1636 both identical in details)      
 Sep-07ThomasBiggs     of Radnedge 
 Sep-14WilliamNewell      (of Ragnedge added to Transcript)
 Jun-23RobertHeth      (not in Transcript)
 Jul-19AnneDavywife of John      
 Nov-16JoneWheelerwife of William      
 Nov-28ElizabethSergentedau of William     gent
    (there are two Transcript for 1637, with identical burials)      
1638Jun-29JamesCurtssethe elder     Buryed June 29th 1638
 Oct-13ElizabethHuntewife of Thomas      
 Oct-14ThomasBeyan/WhiteThomasSusan    reputed son of Thomas White & Susan Beyan
 Nov-12JaneHuntewife of John the elder      
 Dec-13DavidAnthony    Clark & Curate Clark & curate of Radnedge
1639  There are in the register neither any burials for 1639 until 17 Dec 1653, excepting one death in 1650 but there are Transcripts for 1630 & 1640 with burials       
   The 1630 & 1640 Transcripts are in duplicate with similar details except for small differences in spelling and one additional 1639 burial which is only recorded in one of the Transcripts, as stated hereafter.       
 Jul-30ThomasHearne      buried 30 July 1639
 Dec-21StevenHunttsonneJohn the elder buried    (This is only recorded in one Transcript the more legible of the two Transcripts)
 Mch 2JohnNewellsonRichard     
 Mch 2Eliz.NewelldauRichard     
1650   (see remarks under 1639)      
 DeathMargeryAllnutdafterRichardJane   died 3 Feb 1650 (This death is recorded between the 1646 & 1647 baptisms)
1653   (see remarks under 1639)      
 Dec-17SusanStyens (?)dafterRichardSusan    
 Aug-13JohnDavis ?sonEdward     
1655Jul-23? Widowalles Collens       
 Oct-03ChristopherGiles ales Ran (ce)       
 Nov-14ChristopherRanos     of Bledlow ridge 
 Dec-31JoanWats (?)wife of Thomas      
 Sep-18WedoCitly      (?18th)
 Oct-11AllektiousSargentwife of William      
 Dec-20Raf (?)Gibonn       
    "John Smith, alias Bieden, Register.      
    A learnd scribe, as appears by his hand in the times of the Rebel Oliver"      
    (The above three lines are written at the bottom of this page, ---- and notwithstanding that John Smith's writing & spelling are those of a illiterate person and the worst in this book.      
 Mch 17JohnEast    Shoomaker buried 17th March 1657
 no dateffrancisEastdauJohnAnn   buried (no date or year)
1658May-18widoweShrimptonwife of ffrancis deceased    of Chinnor 
 Jun-21Olde JohnToody     of Chinnordeceased was buried here
 Mch 2GoodmanPetree      deceased
1659Mch 31ChristopherBuckmaister      deceased
 May-12SibilIvesdauRafeSibil   being upon Ascension day: a child
 Nov-26SarahMeadewife of Rob: Junior    of Chinnor 
 Dec-26WidoweRandoll      Anno Aetatis saue contesimo et __ount veicecster )?)
 Feb-19Edward (Richard deleted)Alse      He dyed suddainly
1660May-24WidoweEast     of Bennet=End 
 no dateElizabethHawksdauJohnAnn   a young child no date
 Feb-03Johnffellowe      Feb 3 1660
 Sep-24ElizabethDorsetdauJohnEliz   a young child
1663Apr-07widoweBarny      (Between the lines _________________ baptisms her burial is also recorded but as Ellinor Barney, widow)
 Apr-09Edward Davis       (Also recorded among baptisms 1662-1663)
 Apr-26LukeWelled      buried by Phillip Humfrey, Curate (This entry is not among the burials but among the 1663 baptisms)
 Jan-09ElizabethWheelerwife of Chr.     (These two burials of 9 Jan. are not among the burials but after the 1683 baptisms)
 Jan-09SusanGibbonwife of Richard     (These two burials of 9 Jan. are not among the burials but after the 1683 baptisms)
1667Apr-02Tho.Watts      gent was buried at Radnage (recorded just after the two burials of 9 Jan 1663
1669Nov-09WidowWeston      deceased in the parish of Bledlow was buried (? 9th)
 Mch 1ThomasNewell       
1670Jun-04ChrestopherNewell     of Stoken ChurchWas buried here
1672Feb-10Richardffellow     of Bledlow 
1673Aug-16JaneNewellwife of John    of Bledlow 
1674Jun-23ThomasMasters    ministor (Rector in Transcript)
 Jan-20ElizabethHoarewife of Ralph      
 Mch 11ElizabethSmithdauChristopherElizabeth    
 May-30ChecillaAllenwife of Robert      
 Jan-28JaneChapmanwife of Daniel     (Not in Transcript)
1677Jun-03Susann.EastdauRichardSusanna   (Not in Transcript)
 Jun-25NicholasWeston      yoeman
 Sep-10JohnRauncesonRichard   of Hambledon 
 Mch 7Eliz:RandleWidow      
 Nov-06Sarastivenswife of William     bur. Nov 6 1677
1678Sep-02Jane wife of Tho.     Sheppard of London, Chirurgion (from the Transcript; not in the register)
 Nov-07IsaacAllensonIssacCatherine    (from the Transcript; not in the register)
 Mch 21RichardEast      (not in Transcript)
 Jun-10AnneNewelldauWill:ffrancis  of Stocken-Church(not in Transcript) (10 June 1678)
1679         No burials in Register or Transcript
1680         No burials in Register. No Transcript Available
1681         No burials in Register. No Transcript Available
1682Dec-21MarySeamurwife of Peter    of Stocken-Church, Oxonyeomen
1683Mch 29DinahBiggsWiddow    of West Wycombe 
 Jul-02ElizabethDossetwife of John      
 Jan-05AliceNewellwife of John      
1684Mch 29NathaneelSmith als Beadon       
 Apr-16MaryWelheadwife of John      
 Jun-08AliceffellowWiddow    of Bledlow 
 Jun-29WilliamDavis    Labourer  
 Feb-27JamesBuckland      a poor man
 Mch 8HenrySlaughter      a poor man
 Aug-03ThomasAlce    Labourer  
 Dec-31JohnNewellsonAmbrose   of West Wycomb 
 Mch 11JohnHunt     of West Wycombgent.
1686May-03DanielStevenssonJohnMary  of Stoken Churchpish ____ _entice
 Aug-31HughHunt      yeoman
1687Mch 23JohnClarksonThomasHannah    
 Aug-04MaryRandallwife of Samuel    of Tame.(Tane, Oxon in transcript)
 Mch 10ElizabethSmith als Beadonwife of Christopher      
 Jun-06EdwardHunt     of Londonwinecooper
1691Sep-29JoanHuntWiddow    of West Wycombe 
 Dec-26MaryBeadon als Smithwife of John, senr      
 Mch 18AnneHuntWiddow    of Kingston in the countie of Oxon 
1692Apr-26PhillisNewellWiddow     buried Apr 26 1692
 Jul-30JosephSmith als BeadonsonJohnMary    
 Oct-14IsaacAllen    Tayler  
 Oct-17JohnCollins als. Dean       
 Dec-16CatharineHawkswife of Thomas      
 Feb-19HannahClarkwife of Thomas      
1693Apr-12AnnDean als CollinsWiddow      
 Oct-29ThomasLawrence      a poor traveller
1694Mch 30JamesCurtys      an ancient poor man
 Apr-07ChristopherSmith als Beadon       
 Apr-11MosesSmith als Beadon       
 Jul-25ElizabethCotrellwife of John      
 Aug-19JohnSmith als BeadonsonNathaenal     
 Oct-16HannahHuntwife of Jasper      
1695May-18JohnSmith als Beedenwidower      
 Oct-12RobertAllen      late pish clarke
 Oct-25ElizabethWooddesonwife of John      
1696May-13SarahNeweldauWilliamffrances  of Stokenchurch Oxon 
 Oct-19SamuelRandallsonSamuel   of Thame Oxon 
 Mch 12MaryRandallwife of John    of Uxbridge Middlesex 
1697Apr-12SusannaNewel    poor maid  
 Apr-27ElizabethMillierdauPhillipElizabeth  of Sanderton 
 Oct-29EdwardBarlow      a ancient man
1698Apr-20HenreySnowe      a ancient man
 May-19ThomasAlce    labourer  
 May-30AnnBeaden    maid servantof Crowell Oxon 
 Jan-14JohnDosset    labourer  
 Jun-26MaryAllenwife of Thomas      
 Aug-15AmbroseNewel     of West Wycombe 
 Nov-18SarahBurgeswife of Thomas Burges Junr      
 Mch 14JohnHawkes      a poor man
1700   No burial in register. No Transcript available      
1701Apr-12AnnRandalldauJohn   of Uxbridge 
1702May-29GraceNeeyelwife of John    of Stoken Church, Gent 
 Jun-12MaryPlomridgewife of robert    of Stoken Church  
 Oct-20ElizabethAllenwife of Thomas      
 Mch 16MarySmith alas BeadendauJohn Smith als Beaden   of Sydenham, Oxon 
 Mch 17MargeryClarkWiddow    of Chinner, Oxon(In Transcript the parish is not stated, but "poor" is recorded)
 Aug-09ElizabethBurgeswife of Thomas Burges Junr     ("ffarmer" added in Transcript)
1704May-06MargeryBryan      an ancient maid
 Jun-17ElizabethHorewiddow of Robert Hore      
 Aug-01AnnHawks      a poor widow
 Sep-11ThomasWheelerwidower     a very ancient man
 Aug-30ElizabethNeweldauJohn    of Stocken Church, Gent
 Sep-21AnnEdwards      an ancient maid of the _______ of Towersey
 Oct-23MarthaSlater      a poor maid (_____________________________________)
 Feb-21RalphIves      an ancient poor man
1706Feb-15HannahNeweldauThomasMary  of Bledlow Ridge 
1707Sep-16RachelNewelwiddow    of West Wycombe 
1708May-11WilliamNewel     of Bledloe 
 May-26HenryChapman     of Towersey 
 Jun-02ElizabethSmith alas Beadenwife of James Smith als Beaden      
 Oct-26SarahBurgeswife of Thomas Burges senr      
 Dec-26EllinorHorewife of Ralph      
 Mch 15HesterHuntdauJasperElizabeth    
 May-26ElizabethSmith wife of Edward      
 Jun-07JohnChapmansonDanielHannah   (Daniel and Hannah Chapman in Transcript)
 Jun-08MarthaNeweldauThomasMary  of Bledlow Ridge 
    The following two Burials are recorded in the 1709 Transcript      
 Oct-12an infant childBarnet Richard    interr'd
 Oct-12an infant childBurges Thomas    interr'd
1710Jul-08ElizabethHuntwife of Jasper      
 Jan-28jacobAllensonIsaac   fron Stoken Church 
 Mch 2JohnQuant      (The Transcript records "John son of Thomas Quaint" -- Thomas being written in and Steven deleted in the entry)
 Mch 20ElizabethDossetwiddow      
1711Apr-27RobertAllen      ("Tailer" in transcript)
 Sep-03RalphStone      ("Yeomen" in transcript)
 Oct-03lukeWehaed    Carpenter ("Carpenter" in transcript)
 Feb-03SusannaKeone      ("Poor women" in transcript)
1712Jul-04MaryWallisdau Sarah    
 Sep-19ElizabethQuaint      a poor maid
 Dec-09MaryQuaintwiddow     ("a poor widdow" in transcript)
 Jan-12WiddChapman     of Towsey(Jane Chapman widdow in transcript)
1713May-02MaryWelheaddau of Ye widdow Welhaed     (Welled in transcript)
 Jul-17JohnWelhead      (Welled in transcript)
 Aug-12ElizabethHuntwife of Hugh      
1714Mch 31SamuelRandalph       
 Nov-25Phillisffordwife of Christor      
 Feb-21MaryClerke      a poor travelling woman (in transcript "All according to ye act of Parliament for the burying in woolen as apeared by affidavit, John Wooddeson,Rector)
 Oct-26JnoSmith      a bastard child
 Feb-15JohnRandalsenr     ("Uxbridge" added in transcript)
 Nov-14MaryBurgeswife of Tho      
1717Jul-29ElizabethHawks      ("ux Thomas" added in Transcript and date given as 26th July)
 Aug-01MaryBridgeman      ("de Uxbridge" added in Transcript)
 Dec-07SamuelRandall      ("de Thame" added in Transcript)
 Mch 16AnneHorton      ("pauper" added in Transcript)
1718No burial recorded in the register "buried: none" in Transcript)         
 Feb-08WilliamDewbury      ("son of Wm Dewbury and Eliz his wife in Transcript)
1720Jul-29JohnBarlowsonEdwardEliz   Affid.made ye July ye 3
 Aug-11FrancisBryantsonFrancisEliz   Aff. Bt Aug 11
 Oct-20HughHunt      Affi. Brot Oct ye 30 (buried 20 Oct)
1721Apr-04NathanielBeaden alas Smith      Affi. Brt. Ap.5
 May-18MaryNewellwife of William     Affi. Brot. Ye _lat
 Jul-06JohnStonesonRalphEliza-Margaretta   Affidavit made ye same day
 Aug-13MaryBeeden alas Smithwid     Affid. Brot. Ye 18
 Jan-13AbigalWall     of Princes RisboroughAffid. Brot. Ye same day (In Transcript Abigal Wall, wid.)
1722May-05DanielWingrove      Aff. Made May 10 (In Transcript "Infant" is written between these two burials and may apply to either)
 May-23HannahWingrove      Aff. Made 25 (In Transcript "Infant" is written between these two burials and may apply to either)
 Jun-05JohnHunt      ("London" added in Transcript) Aff. Made May ye 8th
 Jun-06JasperHayly      an Infant buried June ye 6th Aff. made May ye 8th
 Jun-16EdwdRandall      Aff. Made the same day ("London" after surname in Transcript)
 Jan-29RobertHunt     of High WycombeAff. Made Jan 31 1722
 Feb-05MaryDarvildauJohnElizabeth  of Aston RowantAff. Made next day (Mary Darvil, and infant, buried in the Transcript)
 Feb-28EdwardDavis      Affida. Made Mch ye 1st
1723Apr-10WalterHuntsonJasperJoan   Affid. Made Apr 12 (burial date Apr 12 in Transcript)
 May-12LukeWelled      Affid. Made May ye 15 1723
 May-28AnnWelled      Affidavit May 30
 Jun-05MarthaFordwife of John     Affid. Made ye 8th
 Sep-26a stll born       A still born child of Ralph Stone and Eliz Margaretta his wife. Affidavit made Nov ye 1st (This burial not in the Transcript)
 Dec-09WalterHuntsonJasper    Aff. Made Dec 9th
 Dec-22WilliamHaylysonJohnElizabeth   Aff. Made Dec 25
 Feb-18JefforyBarney      Affid. made ye same day
1724Apr-27MaryBarlowdauEdwdElizabeth   Affid. Made ye 29
 May-26RalphHore      Affid. Made Jun 1st
 Jun-30ElizabethBeeden alas Smith      ("pauper" added in Transcript) Affid. Made July 1st
 Aug-29WilliamMountague      Affid. Made ye sme day. "Wm Clarke" written or signed here in both register and the Transcript.
1725May-20WidowWingrove      bur. In wool ("pauper" in Transcript)
 Aug-01MarySimmsDauThomasMary   bur .in wool
 Oct-12AnneLamburne      bur. In wool
   John Batchler.Rector      
   Ricd StoneChurchwarden      
   Edwd StoneChurchwarden      
1726Apr-26JohnWalker     of Bledlowbur. In wool (Bledlow parish InTranscript
 Aug-16ElizabethStonerelict of Ralph Stone senr deceased     bur. In wool ("Elizabeth Stone widow of West Wycombe" in Transcript)
 Sep-07JohnNewell     of Stoken Churchbur. In wool
   John Batchler.Rector      
   Edwd StoneChurchwarden      
   Ricd StoneChurchwarden      
1727Aug-12AnneTaylor     of Stoken Church("Oxen" added in Transcript) a spinster was bur. In wool
 Nov-23ElizabethHaleydauJohnElizabeth   bur. In wool
1728Jul-23ThomasStonesonRalphDamaris   bur. In wool (iIn the Transcript date is Aug 25th and Father Tho:)
 Dec-24EdwardStone     of Great Kimbelbur. In wool
 Sep-26ElizabethNewelldauXopherElizabeth  of Stoken Churchbur. In wool
 Jan-16JohnFordwidower     Clark of this parish upwards of thirty nine years bur. In wool ("John Ford of Stokenchurch" in the Transcript)
   John Batchler.Rector      
   Ralph StoneChurchwarden      
   Jasper HuntChurchwarden      
1729Mch 29ElizabethReadingwife of Joseph    of Horsingtonbur. In wool
 May-24MaryHuntdauJasperJoan   bur. In wool
 Aug-26MaryStallardDauJohnMary   bur. In wool
 Mch 3FrancesHuntspinster     bur. In wool ("paup" in Transcript)
1730Mch 26WilliamTrantersonEdwardGrace   bur. In wool (Not in Transcript)
 Oct-08MarySimmswife of Ralph     bur. In wool
1731Apr-08ThomasNewell     of Bledlowebur. In wool
 Oct-01MarySimmswife of Thomas     bur. In wool (This burial is recorded in the 1730 Transcript just before that of Oct 8. There is no Transcript for 1731 available)
 Mch 16WidowBarlowe      bur. In wool ("Mary wife of Ralph" deleted and mistake entered)
 Mch 20JohnCottrill      bur. In wool
1732Mch 31ElizabethDarveldauJohnElizabeth   bur. In wool (This burial not in Transcript)
 Oct-15ThomasHorton      bur. In wool
 Dec-27SarahPluaridgewife of John     bur. In wool
1733Apr-23AbigailHortonrelict of Tho     bur. In wool
 Jul-12HughHuntsonHughSusannah   bur. In wool (not in Trpt)
 Feb-06The WidowKontague     of Bledlowebur. In wool
1734May-14JosephNewellsonChristopherElizabeth  of Stoken Churchbur. In wool
 Jun-14JohnHuntsonHughSusannah   bur. In wool
 Aug-06MaryBrooksdauJane    a Traveller bur. In wool
 Nov-15JohnRandal     of Uxbridgebur. In wool
1735Aug-29HughHuntHughSusannah    bur. In wool
 Sep-12MaryWhitedauThomasSarah   bur. In wool
 Nov-18AnneHortondauJohnMary   bur. In wool
 Jan-12ElizabethBarloweDauThomasElizabeth   bur. In wool
1736Jun-06ElizabBradshawdauThoElizab   bur. In wool
 Jul-12ElizabethNewellrelict of John    of Stoken Churchbur. In wool
 Sep-23MaryBarnetwife of Ricd     bur. In wool
 Feb-23KatharineAllenwidow     bur. In wool
1737May-10AliciaClarkedauThomasAnn   bur. In wool
 May-11JasperHunt      bur. In wool
 Jul-31JohnPutnamBatchr     bur. In wool
 Oct-07JamesClarkeBatchr    of West Wycombebur. In wool
 Mch 5ThomasNewellsonAmbroseElizabeth   bur. In wool
1738Jan-30AnneTrendaldauJohnElizabeth   bur. In wool
 Mch 7JohnMathewssonJohnElizabeth   bur. In wool
1739Jun-07AnneRadenwife of James     bur. In wool
  Aug 29ElizabethRandalwife of Francis    of Thamebur. In wool
 Oct-18ThomasHawke      bur. In wool
 Jan-30ThomasClarke      bur. In wool ("Kept by ye parish" in Transcript)
 Feb-13JamesSmith alas Baden      bur. In wool ("Kept by ye parish" in Transcript)
1740May-13AnneGingerwife of William     bur. In wool
 Jun-20JohnPitkinsonThomasDinah   bur. In wool
 Sep-16WilliamGinger      bur. In wool ("poor" prefixed in Transcript)
 Dec-06ElizabethNewel      bur. In wool
 Dec-12WilliamHunt      bur. In wool
 Dec-17MaryStonedauRalphDamaris   bur. In wool
1741Jul-23SarahCowdrydauJohnSarah   bur. in wool
 Nov-11MaryBaden      bur. in wool (not in Transcript)
 Nov-25JohnHuntsonJohnSarah   bur. in wool
 Feb-06MaryHuntdauHughSusanna   bur. in wool
    The Transcript for 1741 also records:      
 Mch 20ThomasNewellsonWilliamRachel   buried.(this burial also appears in 1742 Transcript but with date as Mch 26. It only apears once in register, viz under date 29 Mch 1742)
1742Mch 29ThomasNewellsonWilliamRachel   bur. In wool (see also remarks under 6 Feb 1741 above)
 Apr-01SarahWallis      bur. In wool
 Jul-04ThomasSealsonJohnEleanor   bur. In wool
 Aug-10JohnCowdrysonJohnSarah   bur. In wool
 Dec-02Widow Clarke       bur. In wool
 Feb-09JohnPitkinsonThomasDinah   bur. In wool
 Feb-27ElizabethBradshawdauThomasElizabeth   bur. In wool
1743Aug-21RichardStonesonEdwdElizabeth   bur. In wool
 Oct-21JosephPitkinsonThomasDinah   bur. In wool
 Jan-26ThomasBurgess      bur. In wool
 Feb-02SarahCowper      bur. In wool (not in Transcript)
 Mch 21DamarisNewellwife of Thomas    of Bledlowbur. In wool
1744Oct-28FrancisRandall     of Thamebur. In wool
 Nov-10RichardLamburnsonRichardAnn  of Stoken Churchbur. In wool
 Nov-25SarahWhitewife of Thomas     bur. In wool
 Jan-31JosephHawkesonJohnElizabeth   bur. In wool
 Jan-31MaryHawkedauJohnElizabeth   bur. In wool
 Feb-04SarahCowerydauJohnSarah   bur. In wool
1745Apr-26ElizabethHawkswife of John     bur. In wool
 May-03SarahWellardwife of William     bur.
 Sep-13MaryStonewife of Richard     Two of her Children Sarah aged seven & Mary aged one to-whom gave suck buried at ye same time. She murdered both these children by cutting their throats with a razor, then she murdered herself by cutting her own throat and ripping up her belly.
 Sep-13SarahStone   7  Two of her Children Sarah aged seven & Mary aged one to-whom gave suck buried at ye same time. She murdered both these children by cutting their throats with a razor, then she murdered herself by cutting her own throat and ripping up her belly.
 Sep-13MaryStone   1  Two of her Children Sarah aged seven & Mary aged one to-whom gave suck buried at ye same time. She murdered both these children by cutting their throats with a razor, then she murdered herself by cutting her own throat and ripping up her belly.
 Oct-08ChristopherFord      Bur. In wool
1746 In the Register there is a space left blank for the buriels 1746 but the Transcript 1746 records five buriels that are recorded in the register under the date 1747 namely:        
 Apr-16PhiladelphiaWarrendauThomasMary   Bur. In wool
 Jun-12FrancisStacywife of Stephen     Bur. In wool
 Sep-28AnnJohnsondauJosephMary   Bur. In wool
 Oct-21ElizabethPiseydauWilliamDinah   bur.
 Dec-06ChristopherFord      Bur. In wool
1747 As aforesaid, the Register records for 1747, the five burials recorded in the 1747 Transcript, The 1747 Transcript has, however, the following 7 burials, none of which are in the Register:-        
 Apr-30MaryNewellrelict of Thomas Newell      
 Jun-11SamuelWellard      pauper
 Nov-15MaryRandal     of Bledlow Parish 
1748Jan-14ThomasNewell     of bledlow bur.("farmer, bur in wool" in the Transcript)
 Feb-04MaryJohnsonwife of Joseph     bur.("a beggar" in transcript)
1749Jan-29AnnWellardwife of John     bur.
1750Mch 26SarahPizeydauWilliamDinah   bur.
 Nov-21ElizabethPizeywife of John      
 Sep-28ThomasBatten      a poor boy
 Mch 18JohnNewellinf     (see dupilicate entry in 1752, This burial is not in 1750 or 1751 Transcript)
 May-22ThomasWhite      (In the Transcript this burial follows that dated 18 April 1750)
1751Jun-07MaryBowderydauJohnAnn   bur. In wool
 Aug-30MaryWellardwidow     bur. In wool ("poor" in Transcript)
 Sep-07EdwdBarlowsonThomasElizabeth   bur. In wool
 Jan-22JohnWellard      bur. In wool
 Mch 18JohnNewellsonWilliamRachel   bur. In wool. This burial is placed ye year 1750 by mistake as appears above. (Not in 1750 or 1751 Transcript)
1752Jun-20JohnPizeysonWilliamDinah   bur. In wool
 Oct-11EdwardStonesonEdwardElizabeth   bur. In wool
 Nov-04AmbroseNewell      bur. In wool ("a farmer" in Transcript)
1753Jan-13RichardBarnet      bur. In wool
 Apr-03Mrs MaryStonerelict of Edward Stone    of Hadenham in Transcriptbur. In wool
 Apr-25ElizabethPitkindauThomasDinah   bur. In wool
 Jun-04BenjaminPisseysonWilliamDinah   bur. In wool
 Aug-01ElizabethBarlowdauThomasElizabeth   bur. In wool
 Aug-05EstherBarlowdauThomasElizabeth   bur. In wool.
1754May-13AnnNewellRelict of Ambrose     bur. in wool
 Jun-20RalphSimms      bur. in wool
 Dec-04RichardStone      bur. in wool
1755Feb-18JohnHorton      bur. in wool(This buriel is recorded both in 1754 & 1755Transcript) (Trpt records "pauper")
 Jul-02SusannaHuntwife of Hugh     bur. in wool
1756Apr-02BenjaminPizeysonWilliamDianah   bur. in wool
 Apr-20JohnCoudery      bur. in wool (Trpt. Cowdry)
 May-17DamarisStone      bur. In wool (Trpt. Widow)
 Jun-16ElizabethWingrove      bur. In wool (Trpt spinster, pauper)
 Nov-14ElizabethMathewswife of John     bur. In wool
1757Apr-01JohnIvessonThomasAnn   bur. in wool
 Jul-20SarahRidgwaywife of Thomas     bur. in wool
 Aug-08JohnWade      the elder bur. In wool
 Dec-15AnnHuntwid     bur. In wool ("poor" against her name in the Transcript)
1758Jan-22MaryStonedauRalpSarah   bur. In wool
1759Feb-11JohnNewellsonThomasClement  Ye Bottombur. In wool (In the Transcript the order is: Ann, Sarah & John and the date Feb 12) "they died of ye Measles"
 Feb-11AnnNewelldauThomasClement  Ye Bottombur. In wool (In the Transcript the order is: Ann, Sarah & John and the date Feb 12) "they died of ye Measles"
 Feb-11SarahNewelldauThomasClement  Ye Bottombur. In wool (In the Transcript the order is: Ann, Sarah & John and the date Feb 12) "they died of ye Measles"
 Feb-16ElizabethNewelldauThomasClement   bur. in wool
 Apr-04JohnBowderysonJohnRuth   bur. in wool
 Aug-12ElizabethPizeydauWmDinah   bur. in wool
1760Jan-24AnnBarneywife of Jeoffry     bur. in wool
 Feb-29JoannahChannordauMathewAnn   bur. in wool ("Channa" in the transcript)
 Nov-18SarahRidgwaydauThomasAnn   bur. in wool
 Nov-27HenryBennellsonWilliamMary   bur. in wool
1761Mch 2WilliamStonesonRalphSarah   bur. in wool
 Jan-29RichardPuseysonRichardHannah   bur. in wool
 Jun-21WilliamBowdreysonJohnRuth   bur. in wool
 Jul-04JohnNewellsonTho.Clement   bur. In wool(Transcript: June 24, John son of Tho & Clement Newell bur. In wool
1762Jan-14WidowStone      bur. In wool
 Feb-10MaryFellow      bur. In wool
 Feb-27RobertStonesonEdwardElizabeth   bur. In wool
 Mch 20HannahBowdrydauJohnAnn   bur. In wool
 Apr-24ThomasCray      bur. In wool
 May-29WilliamPusey      bur. In wool
 Jun-06EdwardBarlow      ye Elder bur. In wool
 Jun-08ElizabethWittington      and her Child, both bur. in wool in one grave
 Jun-29ThomasClarke      bur. In wool
 Oct-17WilliamNewell      bur. In wool (Transcript: "of Stoken Church parish)
1763Jan-17AnnWadewid     bur. In wool
 Jan-25ElizabethBarlowewife of Thomas     bur. In wool
 Feb-12ThomasBarlowesonThomasElizabeth   bur. In wool
 Mch 15ElizabethNewelldauWilliamRachel   bur. In wool
 Jun-13MaryBlackwelldauEdwardElizabeth   bur. In wool
 Sep-22AnnClarkewid     bur. In wool
 Nov-28SarahStonespinster    of Hadenham in Transcriptbur. In wool (Transcript recorded date as Nov 30 " MRS. S.S. of H, spinster)
1764Mch 17WidowDubery      bur. In wool (not in Trancsript)
 Mch 17FrancisBryant      bur. In woolen (not in Transcript)
 Mch 23WidowBarlowRelict of Edward Barlow     bur. In woolen (not in Transcript)
 Mch 28HannahIvesdauRalphJane   bur. In wool
 Jun-04JohnChannersonMathewAnn   bur. In wool
 Jun-25LeviGibbs      ye Elder bur. In woolen (Jun _1 in transcript)
 Sep-05ThomasCowdry      bur. In wool
 Sep-21MaryWestinfant     bur. In wool
1765Jan-20MaryWingrove      bur. In wool not in transcript
 May-15ElizabethHeiley      bur. In wool not in transcript
 May-27ElizabethSrapleton      bur. In wool
 Jun-05MaryHorton      bur. In wool
 Jun-21RuthBowdenwife of Steven     bur. In wool
 Jun-30ThosHorton      bur. In wool
 Jul-13MaryStaceywife of Steven     bur. In wool
 Aug-01HesterBeeden      bur.(sic)
 Aug-25ElinorSeal or Hunt      bur. In wool
 Sep-07ElizabethTrendallwife of Wm     bur. ("in wool" in trpr)
 Nov-02WilliamBennel    Farmer bur. In wool
 Nov-21WiddRandall      bur. In wool
 Dec-19HannahClarkedauJohnEliz   bur.
   (Of these 1765 burials, those dated May 27, Jun 6, Jun 30, Aug , Aug 25, & Nov 21 have a "p" recorded at the end in the Transcript, while that of Nov 2 has "done")       
1766Apr-28MaryBarney      bur. In wool
 Jun-22SarahIveswife of Thos (Daughter deleted)   bur. In wool
 Sep-14MaryHorton      bur. In wool
 Nov-16SusanBarnetwife of John     bur. In wool No: Powell, Curate
 Dec-05BenjaminPiseysonRichardHannah   bur. In wool
1767Dec-23JohnFellowsonThosSarah   bur.in wool
 Mch 10AnneStonedauRalphSarah   bur.in wool
 Apr-12CatharineStonedauJohnElizabeth   bur.in wool
  (Here there is an erasure in the register, evidently)   the baptism -(recorded elsewhere Feb 1 1787)    
 Aug-03WmBradshaw      bur in wool only
 Oct-31SarahBarneydauJeoffryMary   bur in wool only
1768Apr-26DavidMines      ("p" after name in transcript)
 Jul-21SarahStonewife of Ralph      
 Jan-19ElizabethCraywidow     ("p" after name in transcript)
 Sep-02EdwardBarlow     of Chinnor 
 Oct-22DinahPisseywidow     ("p" after name in transcript)
 Oct-25ThomasNewell     of Bledlow("p" after name in transcript)
1770Oct-23JohnMatthews    labourer (not in transcript)
 Oct-30ElizabethGibbswidow     ("p" after name in transcript)
 Mch 17MaryHydewidow      
 Jul-13MaryBarneywife of Jefferey      
 Oct-13AnnTrendledauWilliamAnn   (Trindall in transcript)
1772Sep-12JohnFennell     of Bacon Bottom 
 Oct-01RuthBowdrywife of John Bowdry hunr(sic)      
1773Feb-27ThomasBradshawsonHenryEliz.   (In the transcript the mother's name is recorded as "Eliz:"
 Jun-20AnnTrindallwifeWilliam    ("child" against this entry in transcript)
 Sep-16MaryBarlowdauJohnMargaret   (Sep 15th in trpt)
 Sep-22John VarneyBarneysonJeffereySarah    
 Oct-03Mary MagdalenePattersonwid of Capt James Patterson     late of the 69th Rigiment(sic) of Foot & dau of the late Collonel(sic) Charles Wm Tonyn of the 6th Regt Dragoons
 Dec-23ThomasWellwood    farmer  
1774Jan-06HenrySeymer      ("poor" against this entry in transcript)
 Mch 24EstherOvershottdauSamsonElizabeth   (altered from Samul) (Transcript Samuel & Elizabeth)
 Aug-03MargaretBarlowwife of John       
 Aug-14AnnStevenswife of Daniel      
 Oct-17FrireBallwid     ("Prisilla Ball" in transcript)
 Nov-16MaryFaulkenerwife of Richard      
1775 (No transcript of burials for 1775)        
 Apr-14JohnWelled     of Chinnor 
 Jun-07HannahBowerswife of William      
1776May-12AnnNewell      ("P" against entry in Transcript)
 Jan-15AnnKeenwidow    of Bradenham 
 no dateElizabethStaceydauWilliamMartha   (not in trpt)
 Feb-14JeofferyBarneny      P. (This entry from transcript is not in the register)
1778Jan-08ElizabethWhite      (spinster in the transcript) (the year 1778 is not shown in the register but this buriel is under the heading 1778 in the transcript)
 Mar-17AnnSarahwife of John      
 Aug-05WilliamBlackwell     of Stoken Church Liberty 
 Oct-18JohnMinesson Mary    
 Oct-29ElizabethOvershottwife of Samson    of High Wycombe 
 Dec-27JohnHeley   92  ("P" against entry in Transcript)
1780 (No transcript of burials for 1780)        
 Aug-11SarahHuntwife of John      
 Sep-15AnnOvershottdauSamson   of Wycombe 
 Oct-19SarahRicksonwifeJohn   of Crowell 
 Dec-20JosephBennett     of West Middlesex MilitiaDied 17th
1781Apr-15ThomasRidgewayson Elizabeth   the natural Son of
 Apr-25JaneBurnhamwife of Edward      
 Jul-15SusannaHuntspinster     (not in transcript)
 Aug-24MaryIveswife of Joseph    of Liberty of Stoken Church(this burial not in transcript)
1783May-12WilliamStone     Cookham in Berks(recorded on 2 trpts)
 Jun-06JohnStone    Farmer ("W? Proved" recorded in trpt)
 May-17HenryFennell      (This buriel in transcript but not in register)
1784Feb-11JohnBarlow      (recorded with year 1783 in transcript)
 Feb-24ElizabethVarnumwife of John     -do-
 Mar-31ElizabethBowdreywife of John     (not in trpt)
 Apr-10ElizabethNewelldauJohnHannah   (dated Mar 31 in trpt)
 May-22ElizabethStonewife of Edward      
 Nov-27MaryStandbrokwife of Francis      
1785Jan-04DinahPitkinwife of Thomas      
 Nov-27ElizabethStonewife of John Jnr      
1786No transcript for buroals(sic) 1786         
 Oct-22ThomasPitkin      clerk of Radnage 58 years past
 May-01AnnWhartonwife of Edward      
 May-12JohnAlmon   87Farmer  
 Jul-06WilliamNorth      ("poor" against entry in transcript)
 Sep-02JohnWade    Blacksmith ("blacksmith" against entry in transcript)
 Oct-20EdwardStone     of Green EndYeoman, aged 88
 Dec-02WilliamNewellsonJohnHannah   ("infant" in trpt)
 Jun-25SarahHarmanwife of Willam     ("poor" in transcript)
 Jul-09JaneStaceydauWmMartha   ("infant" in trpt)
 Dec-14JohnBennell    Farmer  
1789Mar-24SarahWellwood      (recorded under 1789 in transcript but no year stated in register to distinguish it from 1788)
 Jun-07HannahNewelldau Mary   reputed dau of John Stallwood (not in transcript)
 Dec-17JohnDormer      ("of this parish of Chinnor, Oxon." in trpt.)
1790Jan-10AmbroseNewellsonJohnLiddia   ("poor" in trpt.)
 Sep-14ElizabethRakestraw      poor
1791Jan-28AnnWest      pauper
 Sep-06DavidYeats     of Wilden, Bedfordshire 
1793Jul-22Peter GeorgeFlorida      a Negro Man
1794May-26JaneTonynwidow  91  of Colonel Charles William Tonyn Late of the sixth Regiment of Dragoons in the ninety first year of her age. Nat. 3 Juli 1703, Ob. 17 May 1794
 Nov-28JaneWarren   Infant   
 Dec-08RichardFletcher   Infant   
1795Apr-14LukeWellard      pauper
1797Mar-12JohnNewel    Farmer  
1798Apr-03SarahAldridgedau Elizabeth Lawrence   the illegitimate dau of.
 Aug-08WilliamDubery      pauper
 Sep-08ThomasRakestraw      pauper
 Dec-13SarahAlmonwidow     of John Almon, Late a farmer deceased. She was born Oct 26th. 1701. she departed this life Dec. 10th. 1798 aged 98 years six weeks and three days
1799Jan-17ElizabethAverywife of Benjamin      
 Aug-29WilliamStrandbrooksonFrancis    (Here in the register are recorded two entries which have been deleted with the remark: "The two last entered by mistake, they were Baptised & are living. C.W. Tonyn". Both Baptisms are to be duly found among the Baptisms)
1800Feb-21DanielStevens  82 Farmer  
 Mar-30SarahHesterdau Elizabeth Lawrence   the illegitimate dau of.
 Feb-10MaryWhartonwife of John      
1802Apr-12RichardFaulkner      recorded also in the 1802 Transcript
 May-11ElizabethBowdrey      recorded as May 18 in the 1801 transcript but May 11 in the 1802 transcript
1803Mar-11AnnFletcherwife of George      
 Mar-13WilliamCollenssonWmSarah   Wm Collens the younger
 Mar-27JohnLawrance    Labourer a labourerg (sic) man
 Jun-25SarahRidgewaywife of Mark      
 Aug-09WilliamTrindale    a woodman  
 Nov-13GeorgeThompson    marinor late a marinor in his Majesty's Navy
 Aug-25JulianaLevettwidow of Francis Levett Esqr     late of Province of East Florida and Dau of Late Colonel Chas Wm. Toyn of 6th Regt of Dragoons
 May-04ElizabethGreendauJohnAnn   (not in trpt,)
 no dateMarySeymourdauThomasSophia   (not in trpt.)
 Sep-07Charles WilliamTonyn      Rector of Radnage 38 years
1806Mar-28WilliamStevens    labourer (recorded in two transcripts; in the second date is given as Apr 26th 1806
 May-08John Varney       
 Nov-17MarthaStacey      (Transcript records : Martha wife of (blank) Stacey)
 Sep-12JacobRidgeway   minor   
 Nov-18MaryEastwidow     pauper
 Dec-21SarahHorton      pauper, (no transcript under date but on the same line as in Mch 3 1808)
 Apr-02SarahStanbrook      pauper
 May-01MaryHuntwidow     pauper
 May-01AnnRidgewaywidow     pauper
 Jun-08JohnHunt    Wheelwright  
 Aug-24AnnNeal   Infant   
 Nov-08Thos.Clark    Labr  
1809Mar-08JosephNeal   Inf   
 Apr-20JohnBattin   Infant   
 Jun-12EdwardBurnham      pauper (not in transcript)
 Aug-01GeorgeWarren     Pr.("Labourer" in transcript)
 Jan-24AliceClark      extra parochial
 Feb-11JamesGreen   Infant   
 May-28JohnHorton     Pr.("Labourer" in transcript)
1811Mar-09StephenStacey    Labourer  
 Mar-13JohnBowdry    Taylor pauper
 Mar-24SarahOxladespinster     (the Father & two daughters died of the scarlet fever)
 Apr-07JohnOxlade    Labourer (the Father & two daughters died of the scarlet fever)
 Apr-11MaryOxladespinster     (the Father & two daughters died of the scarlet fever)
 May-06MaryFletcher   Infant   
 Jul-16MaryNeale   Infant   
 Oct-27ThomasLawrence      pauper
1812Jan-13ChristopherAvery   95Farmer  
 Aug-09JosephIves    LabourerStok: Church 
 Aug-09WilliamCarter    LabourerPr. 
 Dec-19SusannahBowdrywidow    Pr.("Pauper" in transcript)
  END of record of Burials in this register book        
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