The 1841 census of Hedgerley, Buckinghamshire.
Taken on 6th June 1841.
This transcription may be copied & disseminated freely, as long as no charge is made.
Ref: HO107/60/10
County of Bucks
Hundred, Wapentake, Soke or Liberty of Stoke
Parish of Hedgerley
Superintendent Registrar's District ? Union Bucks
Registrar's District Iver
Enumeration District 4.
Description of ditto Parish of Hedgerley
The whole of the Parish
nb: Place names below listed as "Hedy", "Hed", "H" & "Hedgy" are all abbreviations of Hedgerley.  
Place House   Name Surname Age M   Occup- Born in     Foreign?     Piece   Folio  
    H/H       Age F   ation county?   Place   ED   Page
Moat Farm1//George BATE20 FarmerN HO107601031
Moat Farm1 PhebeBATE 20 N HO107601031
Moat Farm1/ Peter HALES30 Wine MerchantN HO107601031
Moat Farm1 Elizabeth HALES 30 N HO107601031
Moat Farm1 ElizaTUURSELL 20F. S.N HO107601031
Moat Farm1 ElizaROUNER? 20F. S.N HO107601031
Moat Farm1 George YOUNG20 M. S.N HO107601031
Moat Farm1 ThomasTHATCHER20 M. S.Y HO107601031
Moat Farm1 James LESLIE20 M. S.Y HO107601031
Moat Farm1 Joseph LESLIE10 M. S.Y HO107601031
Bulstrode2//William WORLEY40 GardenerY HO107601031
Bulstrode2 MarthaWORLEY 40 Y HO107601031
Bulstrode2 ElizaWORLEY 15 Y HO107601031
Bulstrode3//JonathonSAVIL25 GardenerY HO107601031
Bulstrode3 AlisSAVIL 35 Y HO107601031
Bulstrode3 GeorgeSAVIL5  Y HO107601031
Bulstrode3 AnnSAVIL 4 Y HO107601031
Bulstrode3 MarySAVIL 2 Y HO107601031
Bulstrode Lodge4//Mary WHEELER 60Beer Seller Y HO107601031
Bulstrode Lodge4 Joseph TURNER30 SawyerY HO107601031
Bulstrode Lodge4 SarahTURNER 30 Y HO107601031
Bulstrode Lodge4 RobertTURNER8  Y HO107601031
Bulstrode Lodge4/ SarahWEST 4 N HO107601031
Bulstrode Lodge4 Moses SMITH40 Ag LabY HO107601031
Bulstrode Lodge4 James TURNER30 Ag LabY HO107601042
Bulstrode Lodge4 William PUSEY30 Ag LabY HO107601042
Bulstrode Lodge4 William BARLOW30 Ag LabY HO107601042
Bulstrode Lodge4 RichardBARLOW25 Ag LabY HO107601042
Bulstrode P5//John FALLOW70 BailiffN HO107601042
Bulstrode P5/ JaneWOTTEN 40F.S.N HO107601042
Bulstrode P5 Emma STOCKWELL 20F.S.Y HO107601042
Bulstrode6//Thomas SYRED60 Ag LabY HO107601042
Hedy Green7//Thomas GURNEY40 Ag LabY HO107601042
Hedy Green7 FrancesGURNEY 30 Y HO107601042
Hedy Green7 ThomasGURNEY10  Y HO107601042
Hedy Green7 IsaacGURNEY10  Y HO107601042
Hedy Green7 MichelGURNEY9  Y HO107601042
Hedy Green7 WilliamGURNEY5  Y HO107601042
Hedy Green7 AnnGURNEY 2 Y HO107601042
Hed Park8//John BEESON50 Ag LabN HO107601042
Hed Park8 JosephBEESON10  N HO107601042
Hed Park8 AronBEESON9  N HO107601042
Hedgerley Park Gardens9//Samuel HOWARD70 Ag LabY HO107601042
Hedgerley Park Gardens9 MaryHOWARD 50 Y HO107601042
Leath Cottage10//Charlotte ELEY 30IndY HO107601042
Leath Cottage10 Georgianna SYMONDS 20 Y HO107601042
Hedy Green11//Mary PINER 50 Y HO107601042
Hedy Green11 JohnPINER20 Ag LabY HO107601042
Hedy Green11/ William CHURCH35 Ag LabY HO107601042
Lodge12//CharlesWINGROVE60 Ag LabY HO107601042
Hedgy Green13//JohnHARE40 Ag LabY HO107601043
Hedgy Green13 HarrietHARE 35 Y HO107601043
Hedgy Green13 JamesHARE15 Ag LabY HO107601043
Hedgy Green13 MaryHARE 15 Y HO107601043
Hedgy Green13 JohnHARE10  Y HO107601043
Hedgy Green14//ThomasGRACE35 Ag LabY HO107601043
Hedgy Green14 MaryGRACE 35 Y HO107601043
Hedgy Green14 DanielGRACE12  Y HO107601043
Hedgy Green14 JohnGRACE10  Y HO107601043
Hedgy Green14 AnnGRACE 6 Y HO107601043
Hedgy Green14 EmaGRACE 2 Y HO107601043
Parsonage15//Abraham HANCOCK55 LabourerN HO107601043
Parsonage15 MaryHANCOCK 50 N HO107601043
Parsonage15 MaryHANCOCK 5 N HO107601043
Hed Green16//Henery BLAKE30 Ag LabY HO107601043
Hed Green16 MaryBLAKE 30 Y HO107601043
Hed Green16 WilliamBLAKE7  Y HO107601043
Hed Green16 George BLAKE4  Y HO107601043
Hed Green16 HesterBLAKE 2 Y HO107601043
Hed Green16/ Robert CLAYTON45 Ag LabY HO107601043
Hed Green17//JohnSYRED60 Ag LabY HO107601043
Hed Green17 MarySYRED 50 Y HO107601043
Hed Green17 WilliamSYRED20 Ag LabY HO107601043
Hed Green17 GeorgePALMER4  Y HO107601043
Hed Green17/ WilliamHOCKLEY60 GamekeeperY HO107601043
Colly Hill18//GeorgeRAWLINSON35 BailiffY HO107601054
Colly Hill18 ElizabethRAWLINSON 30 Y HO107601054
Colly Hill18/ ElizabethFOSTER 15F. S.Y HO107601054
Lodge19//MaryHOWARD 40 Y HO107601054
Lodge19 EmmaHOWARD 10 Y HO107601054
Lodge19 SamuelHOWARD10  Y HO107601054
Lodge19 ElizaHOWARD 9 Y HO107601054
Lodge19 EllenHOWARD 7 Y HO107601054
Lodge19 LucyHOWARD 6 Y HO107601054
Lodge19 JaneHOWARD 4 Y HO107601054
H.Park20//WilliamJEFFERY30 M. S.N HO107601054
H.Park20 George CLARK15 M. S.Y HO107601054
H.Park20 Robert HOWARD20 M. S.Y HO107601054
H.Park20 JohnSAFFETS10  Y HO107601054
H.Park20 Mary TYLER 50F. S.N HO107601054
H.Park20 Sarah THOMPSON 20F. S.N HO107601054
H.Park20 Mary KEELEY 20F. S.Y HO107601054
H.Park20 Caroline WATTERS 15F. S.N HO107601054
Shell Farm21//John RAINGECROFT85 FarmerY HO107601054
Shell Farm21 Mary CROUCH 55 Y HO107601054
Shell Farm21 William ROPER8  N HO107601054
Shell Farm21 HarrietROPER 5 N HO107601054
Shell Farm21//Lucy COCK 60 Y HO107601054
Shell Farm22 WilliamCOCK25 Ag LabY HO107601054
Shell Farm22 JamesCOCK15 Ag LabY HO107601054
Hedy Hill23//ThomasELMS30 Ag LabY HO107601055
Hedy Hill23 JaneELMS 30 Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill23 CharlotteELMS 10 Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill24//John ALSFORD60 Ag LabY HO107601055
Hedy Hill24 MaryALSFORD 65 Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill24 William ELMS10  Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill25//WilliamALSFORD60 Ag LabY HO107601055
Hedy Hill25 CatherineALSFORD 15 Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill25/ Sarah ELMS 10 Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill25 William CLAYTON25 Ag LabY HO107601055
Hedy Hill26//John BODDY40 Ag LabY HO107601055
Hedy Hill26 PecoverBODDY 35 Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill26 RobertBODDY9  Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill26 RowinerBODDY 5 Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill26 ElizabethBODDY 3 Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill26 CarolineBODDY 2 Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill25 JosephBODDY9 mths  Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill27//Thomas SINEY35 Ag LabN HO107601055
Hedy Hill27 ElizabethSINEY 35 Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill27 JohnSINEY14  Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill27 JamesSINEY13  Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill27 SarahSINEY 12 Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill27 ThomasSINEY10  Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill27 AnnSINEY 6 Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill27 EleanorSINEY 4 Y HO107601055
Hedy Hill27 WilliamSINEY1  Y HO107601066
Hedgerley28//James NEWEL45 Ag LabN HO107601066
Hedgerley28 MaryNEWEL 45 N HO107601066
Hedgerley28 ThomasNEWEL20 Ag LabY HO107601066
Hedgerley28 WilliamNEWEL10  Y HO107601066
Hedgerley28 EllenNEWEL 6 Y HO107601066
Hedgerley29//AbrahamPUSEY65 Ag LabY HO107601066
Hedgerley29 SarahPUSEY 55 Y HO107601066
Hedgerley29 RichardPUSEY35 Ag LabY HO107601066
Hedgerley29 JohnPUSEY25 Ag LabY HO107601066
Hedgerley29 GeorgePUSEY10  Y HO107601066
White House30//ThomasNASH45 PublicanY HO107601066
White House30 MarthaNASH 45 Y HO107601066
White House30 AnnNASH 20 Y HO107601066
White House30 ElizaNASH 15 Y HO107601066
White House30 CharlesNASH10  Y HO107601066
White House30 JamesNASH9  Y HO107601066
White House30 CarolineNASH 7 Y HO107601066
White House30 LouisaNASH 5 Y HO107601066
White House30/ Rose CHEAL 50 N HO107601066
Hedy Court31//DavidFOX35 FarmerN HO107601066
Hedy Court31 SarahFOX 35 N HO107601066
Hedy Court31 EdwardFOX1  N HO107601066
Hedy Court31 Mary PINER 20F. S.Y HO107601066
Hedy Court31 JohnWELCH30 M. S.Y HO107601066
Hedy Court31 CatherineWELCH 25F. S.N HO107601067
Hedy Court31/ John SAUNDERS30 FarmerN HO107601067
Hedy Court31 Henery SAUNDERS20 FarmerN HO107601067
Hedy Green32//Daniel SIMMONDS50 FarmerN HO107601067
Hedy Green32 CatherineSIMMONDS 50 N HO107601067
Hedy Green32 FrancisSIMMONDS14  Y HO107601067
Hedy Green32 MargaretSIMMONDS 12 Y HO107601067
Hedy Green32 GeorgeSIMMONDS11  Y HO107601067
Hedy Green32/ John HUGINS?25 Ag LabY HO107601067
Hedy Green32 George DANCER15 Ag LabY HO107601067
Hedy Green32 William STEWARD35 Ag LabY HO107601067
Houses - Inhabited 32, Uninhabited 5. 89 Male, 72 Female.  
11 Persons, 121 in Families, Residue 40.  
27 Families.  
Enumerator: Daniel Simmonds