Welcoming Kellie DAY to the LANCHBURY Family

4:30pm 11th April, 2003 saw the welcoming of a new member of the LANCHBURY family. Kellie DAY was married to Julian Darrin LANCHBURY, in Perth, Western Australia.

Darrin arrived at Queen's Gardens in Perth city, appearing as cool as the proverbial cucumber while awaiting his beautiful bride. Unfortunately, the day was not a pretty one, but the sun shone from Kellie's face as she arrived and I don't think either of them noticed the dark clouds or the chill of the wind.

The ceremony was relaxed and happy, in keeping with Darrin and Kellie's wishes, followed by photographs in the lovely gardens.

Darrin and Kellie during the ceremony
The Ceremony
A Hug to Complete
               the Deal
A Beautiful Hug

A photography session followed the ceremony...

               family group
LANCHBURY family group -
a new Australian record with 9 people
(We're working on the 10th)
               family group
DAY family group

Then to the river cruise for the reception.

Darrin and 
               Kellie at the reception
Darrin and Kellie at the reception
aboard the MV Explorer
while cruising the Swan River,
Perth to Fremantle and return.
Darrin's speech of thanks
at the reception.

               thank you speech
Darrin and 
               Kellie cut the cake
Darrin and Kellie
cut the Wedding Cake.
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