These pages have come about through the generosity of Anne ALLISON nee LANCHBURY who contacted me early in 2007 after her computer 'literally burst open' at this site. I am very grateful to her for all the time she has taken in locating all of this information and sending it to me despite technical problems between the two of us.
Most of the photographs will either have labels on them, or text taken from Anne's emails when she sent them to me. If you should wish to contact her, please send me an email at maygenealogy @ (removing the spaces) which I will forward on for her to reply directly to you.
I hope you enjoy sharing her wonderful photographic history. I am putting it here in no particular order so that you can enjoy exploring these pages...
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Reginald Charles LANCHBURY
Anne's father, Reginald Charles,
dressed in the tradition of the day,
was born 15th December 1900 and
married Ellen BREWSTER
19th January 1928.
Fred LANCHBURY at Hughden Farm
This is Anne's grandfather, Fred, pictured
at the family dairy farm named Hughden
Farm in Buckinghamshire, England.
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Death notice in the Bucks Yeoman of Fred Death notice in the Bucks Yeoman of Fred Death notice in the Bucks Yeoman of Fred
These notices appeared in the Bucks Yeoman Newspaper after Fred's death.
Grave of Annie and Fred LANCHBURY at Thame, Oxfordshire
The grave of Anne's grandparents, Annie and Frederick LANCHBURY,
in Thame, Oxfordshire, England. The inscription says
In loving memory of mother Annie LANCHBURY devoted wife of
Frederick LANCHBURY died December 1?th 1940 aged 65.
Also the above Frederick LANCHBURY died February 6th 1949 aged 78. At rest.
Close up of Annie and Freds Grave
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Anne writes 'my mother, Ellen Anne Lanchbury, took these in the very hot summer of 1949. She sent them to me when I was in New South Wales.'
They are photos taken at Hughden Farm. Anne continues 'The girl is the daughter of Stanley Lanchbury (my father's younger brother) The biggest boy is my brother Frederick James (born 30th September 1940) The smaller one is my brother Alan Robert (born 13th April ?) I will try to find the dates of their deaths at a later stage. Sadly Fredrick James, who was born with the handicap of being profoundly deaf, was on holiday with an organised holiday for deaf boys, when he was drowned in a boating accident on the river Thames. Jimmy was able to live a full life with this handicap, he had learned to drive, and drove his own car. He worked as a fully trained baker, at Jackson's in Aylesbury. I will find a date for you but, as I remember, he was about twenty/twenty-one then. It was a very traumatic time for all the family.
Alan was killed at the age of about twenty-three, in a horrific car accident, which occurred just a mile out of this village. Three young men were killed, the driver was the only survivor.
Monica Lanchbury, still farms at Hughden with her younger sister Jill Elaine.'
LANCHBURY children playing on the family farm
LANCHBURY children playing on the family farm
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'Top: 'Off to School' c1906 (this much loved photo is very faded) "Home Farm", Kingsey. My father, Reg, is holding the donkey, in the cart is his mother Annie and sisters Dorothy and Cissy, with servant girl at the farm gate. (Just imagine getting this lot ready to drive the three miles to school at Haddenham. Dad used to help get the donkey cart ready. Later when they moved to Hughden they had a pony and a "governess cart", sorry that no photos of that seem to exist.)'
'Left: Yolsum Farm House, Fort End, Haddenham 11 July 1959. Where it says "Lanchbury's Dairy" was where some of the cans were kept. The dairy-works were at the rear of the premises.'
'Right: The house and roof of part of the first dairy at "Pennelhurst", Upper Hartwell, we lived there for over eighteen years. If you think the roof looks odd it is because Dad changed all the levels of the dairy entrance. The second dairy was much larger, and the old dairy became a parking area for the vans. The boy is my brother James Fredrick with his cousin Julie BREWSTER c1946.'
'Bottom: Whit Sunday 1930 in the garden at Hughden Farm, Anne Lanchbury in the arms of maternal grandmother Sarah Ellen BREWSTER (nee GREEN). (I lived there until I was four, then Dad bought Hadley Herd Dairy in Aylesbury and his brother Stanley took over farming. His two daughters Monica and Jill LANCHBURY still run the farm.) Sorry again that I have so far been unable to trace any pictures of that dairy.'
Reg, Dorothy and Cissy LANCHBURY
Yolsum Farm, Haddenham James LANCHBURY and Julie BREWSTER
Anne LANCHBURY with grandmother
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'The attachment is an advertisement, and a part view of an old milk-round book, with some of my Dad's jottings decorating it. It is dated 1964. It is a pity that we have no better photographic record, but I guess in those days we either did not own a camera, or everyone was too busy working to think about recording all that went on. It is such a pity that we have no record of the vehicles that Dad used over the years to do the milk rounds. At first they were horse draw milk-floats, which I can't remember. Later he used three-wheeled vans, they were great fun. After the war the fleet consisted of ex-W.D. vans, painted up in our colours. Before he retired he had newer and more modern vehicles.
'My father, Reg Lanchbury, always told us that he thought the family had been Cattle Drovers, bring cattle from the Welsh Border area to London. When they became more prosperous they bought faming land and used them as "stop over" grazing land for the drovers animals. It does sound very feasible, as being in the trade they must have had many contacts.'
Lanchbury Milk advertisement
Lanchbury round ready reckoner
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