1901 CENSUS Entries for LA(I)NCHBURY etc

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Gloucester Street, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, England
Reference 90 09
Name         Position     Age       Occupation   Birth Place
Aldwin LANCHBURY Head Married 31 Journeyman Baker Roel, Gls
Emily LANCHBURY Wife Married 32         Winchcombe, Gls
Nellie LANCHBURY Daughter 9         Winchcombe, Gls
Charley LANCHBURY Son 7         Winchcombe, Gls
Reginald LANCHBURY Son 4         Winchcombe, Gls
Ruby LANCHBURY Daughter 2         Winchcombe, Gls
Amos LANCHBURY Son 1         Winchcombe, Gls

Carey's Farm, Toddington (Thank you to Rosemary of Winchcombe)
Wilfred LAUNCHBURY, Serv, Unmarrried, age 19. carter on farm, born Didbrook

Church Stanway (Thank you to Rosemary of Winchcombe)
Hudson LAUNCHBURY, Serv, Unmarried, age 16, Baker's Servant- Domestic, born Didbrook

Didbrook (Thank you to Rosemary of Winchcombe)
John H Lanchbury, Marr, age 38, Wheelwright, born Aldsworth
Rhoda Lanchbury, wife, Marr, age 46, shopkeeper of small general store, born Didbrook
Aldwin Lanchbury, son, age 11, born Didbrook
Walter Lanchbury, son, age 9, born Didbrook
Eustace Lanchbury, son, age 6, born Didbrook

Ada LAINCHBURY 22 Birmingham Birmingham Aston  
Albert LAINCHBURY 33 Oxs Chipping Norton Birmingham Aston Store Keeper In Ice Works
Elizabeth LAINCHBURY 50 Warwick Tysoe Birmingham Aston  
Ellen LAINCHBURY 50 Worcestershire Northfield Birmingham Warwickshire Aston  
Fanny LAINCHBURY 9 Warw Bgham Birmingham Aston  
Florence LAINCHBURY 33 Staffs Oldbury Birmingham Aston  
George LAINCHBURY 23 Warwick Birmingham Birmingham Aston Bricklayer
Gladys LAINCHBURY 1 Warw Bgham Birmingham Aston  
Ida LAINCHBURY 10 Warwick Birmingham Birmingham Aston  
John LAINCHBURY 25 Birmingham Birmingham Aston Bricklayer
Millie LAINCHBURY 20 Oxon Chipping Norton Warwickshire Aston General Servant Domestic
Richard LAINCHBURY 16 Warwick Birmingham Birmingham Aston Bricklayer
Richard LAINCHBURY 54 Warwick Storeton Birmingham Aston Bricklayer
Stanley LAINCHBURY 4 Warwick Birmingham Birmingham Aston  
Walter LAINCHBURY 8 Warwick Birmingham Birmingham Aston  
William LAINCHBURY 18 Warwick Birmingham Birmingham Aston Bricklayer
Frank LAINCHBURY 27 Oxford Chipping Norton Bucks Beaconsfield Grocers Assistant
Fanny LAINCHBURY 28 Dean Oxon Kent Beckenham Housemaid Domestic
George LAINCHBURY 22 Surrey Penge London Bermondsey Railway Clerk
George LAINCHBURY 55 Oxon Taston London Bermondsey Railway Policeman
Jane LAINCHBURY 55 Oxon Taston London Bermondsey  
Lavina LAINCHBURY 19 Gloucest Falfield Durham Blackwell Ladys Maid Domestic
Charles LAINCHBURY 13 Oxon Chadlington Oxfordshire Chadlington Labourer Agricultural
Clara LAINCHBURY 10 Oxon Chadlington Oxfordshire Chadlington  
Daisey LAINCHBURY 12 Oxon Chadlington Oxfordshire Chadlington  
Elizabeth LAINCHBURY 27 Oxon Chadlington Oxfordshire Chadlington  
Frederick LAINCHBURY 45 Oxon Chadlington Oxfordshire Chadlington Labourer On Estate
James LAINCHBURY 9 Oxon Chadlington Oxfordshire Chadlington  
Joseph LAINCHBURY 10 Oxon Chadlington Oxfordshire Chadlington  
Joseph LAINCHBURY 36 Oxon Chadlington Oxfordshire Chadlington Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
Julia LAINCHBURY 15 Oxon Chadlington Oxfordshire Chadlington  
Lily LAINCHBURY 1 Oxon Chadlington Oxfordshire Chadlington  
Mary LAINCHBURY 6 Oxon Chadlington Oxfordshire Chadlington Scholar
Mary LAINCHBURY 46 Oxon Chadlington Oxfordshire Chadlington  
Dinah LAINCHBURY 48 Oxon Taston Oxon Charlbury  
Edith LAINCHBURY 10 Oxon Charlby Oxon Charlbury  
Florence LAINCHBURY 8 Oxon Charlby Oxon Charlbury  
Herbert LAINCHBURY 5 Oxon Charlby Oxon Charlbury  
Maria LAINCHBURY 12 Oxon Charlby Oxon Charlbury  
Thomas LAINCHBURY 49 Oxon Spelsbury Oxon Charlbury Grocer Shopkeeper
William LAINCHBURY 4 Oxon Charlby Oxon Charlbury  
Alice LAINCHBURY 15 Derby Chesterfield Derbyshire Chesterfield Net Minder
Edith LAINCHBURY 20 Derby Chesterfield Derbyshire Chesterfield Net Minder
Ellis LAINCHBURY 45 Oxfords Dean Derbyshire Chesterfield Grocers Carter
Florence LAINCHBURY 19 Derby Chesterfield Derbyshire Chesterfield Net Minder
James LAINCHBURY 6 Derby Chesterfield Derbyshire Chesterfield  
Lottie LAINCHBURY 12 Derby Chesterfield Derbyshire Chesterfield  
Mary LAINCHBURY 42 Leicesters Coal Corton Derbyshire Chesterfield  
Dorothy LAINCHBURY 9 Warwick Birm Warwickshire Chilvers Coton  
Edward LAINCHBURY 31 Warwick Birm Warwickshire Chilvers Coton Printers Machine Minder
Olive LAINCHBURY 5 Warwick Birm Warwickshire Chilvers Coton  
Phillis LAINCHBURY 3 Warwick Birm Warwickshire Chilvers Coton  
Sophie LAINCHBURY 30 Wilts Warwickshire Chilvers Coton  
Caroline LAINCHBURY 54 Gloucester Mickleton Oxfordshire Chipping Norton Upholsterer
Edith LAINCHBURY 30 Oxon Chipping Norton Oxfordshire Chipping Norton Dressmaker
Ellen LAINCHBURY 39 Northants Wellingbro Northampton Earls Barton  
Frank LAINCHBURY 18 Northants Wellingbro Northampton Earls Barton Gardener Domestic
Mable LAINCHBURY 6 Northants Wellingbro Northampton Earls Barton  
William LAINCHBURY 14 Northants Wellingbro Northampton Earls Barton Gardener Domestic
William LAINCHBURY 40 Oxford Oxford Northampton Earls Barton Gardener Domestic
Albert LAINCHBURY 7 Edmonton Middx Middlesex Edmonton 
Albert LAINCHBURY 33 London Holborn Middlesex Edmonton Telegraph Instrument Maker
Alfred LAINCHBURY 5 Charlton L Middlesex Edmonton  
Annie LAINCHBURY 3 Middx Edmonton Middlesex Edmonton  
Charles LAINCHBURY 17 London Hammersmith Middlesex Edmonton Carpenter Improver
Ethel LAINCHBURY 3 Edmonton Middx Middlesex Edmonton  
Leonard LAINCHBURY 30 London St Giles Middlesex Edmonton Electrical Instrument Maker
Mary LAINCHBURY 27 London Bethnal Green Middlesex Edmonton  
Pelleepiere LAINCHBURY 30 London Bermondsey Middlesex Edmonton Clerk Cab Company
Sarah LAINCHBURY 33 London Hoxton Middlesex Edmonton  
Emma LAINCHBURY 62 Oxon Spelsbury Oxford Enstone Living On Own Means
Clara LAINCHBURY 15 Gravesend Kent Essex Grays Thurrock General Serv Dom
Henry LAINCHBURY 43 Oxon Dean Oxford Great Tew Cowman On Farm
Louisa LAINCHBURY 45 Oxon Charlbury Oxford Great Tew  
Alfred LAINCHBURY 53 London Hoxton London Hackney Brass Finisher
Agnes LAINCHBURY 3 London Hampstead London Hampstead  
Annie LAINCHBURY 32 Surrey Beare Green London Hampstead  
Charles LAINCHBURY 8M London Hampstead London Hampstead  
Hilda LAINCHBURY 5 London Hampstead London Hampstead  
Lily LAINCHBURY 14 Essex Chipping Newton London Hampstead  
Albert LAINCHBURY 20 Oxon South Comb Oxfordshire Heythrop With Dunthrop Woodmans Labourer
Eliza LAINCHBURY 70 Oxon Chadlington Oxfordshire Heythrop With Dunthrop  
Elizabeth LAINCHBURY 30 Oxon Hook Norton Oxfordshire Heythrop With Dunthrop  
George LAINCHBURY 75 Oxon Dean Oxfordshire Heythrop With Dunthrop ... Woodman
Harry LAINCHBURY 9 Oxon Heythrop Oxfordshire Heythrop With Dunthrop  
Reginald LAINCHBURY 7 Oxon Heythrop Oxfordshire Heythrop With Dunthrop  
William LAINCHBURY 32 Oxon Dean Oxfordshire Heythrop With Dunthrop Woodman Labourer
Fred LAINCHBURY 2M Oxon Hook Norton Oxford Hook Norton  
Hannah LAINCHBURY 8 Oxon Hook Norton Oxford Hook Norton Attends School
Horace LAINCHBURY 2 London Fulham Oxford Hook Norton  
Jane LAINCHBURY 29 Oxon Hook Norton Oxford Hook Norton  
Jessie LAINCHBURY 5 London Westminster Oxford Hook Norton  
John LAINCHBURY 4 London Chelsea Oxford Hook Norton  
William LAINCHBURY 31 Oxon Chadlington Oxford Hook Norton Labourer Iron Ore Miner
Agnes LAINCHBURY 23 Oxon Cornwell Oxford Kingham  
Caleb LAINCHBURY 56 Oxon Cornwell Oxford Kingham Agricultural Engineer
Elizabeth LAINCHBURY 54 Oxon Over Norton Oxford Kingham  
Ernest LAINCHBURY 3 Oxon Kingham Oxford Kingham  
Ernest LAINCHBURY 32 Oxon Cornwell Oxford Kingham Mechanical Engineer
Ethel LAINCHBURY 19 Oxon Cornwell Oxford Kingham  
Kate LAINCHBURY 31 Oxon Churchill Oxford Kingham  
Amelia LAINCHBURY 25 ... Glos Gloucester Longney  
Charles LAINCHBURY 25 Elmore Glos Gloucester Longney Hay Trusser & Farm Labourer
Emma LAINCHBURY 57 Windrush Gloucester Longney  
Frank LAINCHBURY 26 Bromley Hereford Gloucester Longney Farm Labourer General
John LAINCHBURY 46 Gt Rissington Gloucester Longney Carter On Farm
Louisa LAINCHBURY 20 Longney Glos Gloucester Longney  
Norah LAINCHBURY 4 Longney Glos Gloucester Longney  
Annie LAINCHBURY 20 Oxford Witney Beds Luton Drapers Assistant Saleswoman
George LAINCHBURY 20 Oxfordshire Herefordshire Marstow Entire Fruit Growers Labourer
Thomas LAINCHBURY 82 Oxon Charlbury Glos Mickleton Living On Own Means
Mary LAINCHBURY 20 Cromholt Glous Oxford Rousham Entire Housemaid Domestic
Albert LAINCHBURY 15 Oxon Spelsbury Oxford Spelsbury Under Carter On Farm
Annie LAINCHBURY 18 Oxon Spelsbury Oxford Spelsbury  
Arthur LAINCHBURY 7 Oxon Spelsbury Oxford Spelsbury  
Caleb LAINCHBURY 48 Oxon Spelsbury Oxford Spelsbury Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
Charles LAINCHBURY 58 Oxon Chudlington Oxford Spelsbury Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
Edith LAINCHBURY 12 Oxon Spelsbury Oxford Spelsbury  
Emily LAINCHBURY 50 Oxon Heeple Aston Oxford Spelsbury  
Fanny LAINCHBURY 4 Oxon Spelsbury Oxford Spelsbury  
Mary LAINCHBURY 42 Oxon Taston Oxford Spelsbury  
Reuben LAINCHBURY 70 Oxon Spelsbury Oxford Spelsbury Portman
Rose LAINCHBURY 48 Oxon Spelsbury Oxford Spelsbury  
Wilfred LAINCHBURY 14 Oxon Spelsbury Oxford Spelsbury  
Emma LAINCHBURY 17 Oxford Dean Court B Oxford St Giles General Servant Domestic
Amelia LAINCHBURY 53 Winchombe Gloucester London St Pauls Deptford Charwoman
Arthur LAINCHBURY 15 Deptford London St Pauls Deptford Bakers Bay Bread Maker
Eva LAINCHBURY 17 Deptford London St Pauls Deptford  
Rose LAINCHBURY 20 Rotherhithe London St Pauls Deptford Sur Sewer
Charles LAINCHBURY 14 Wilts Swindon Wiltshire Swindon  
Charles LAINCHBURY 39 Oxon Derby Wiltshire Swindon Railway Carriage Fitter
Elsie LAINCHBURY 7M Wilts Swindon Wilts Swindon  
Emily LAINCHBURY 6 Wilts Swindon Wilts Swindon  
Jabel LAINCHBURY 34 Oxon Dean Spelsbury Wilts Swindon Machinist Iron
Louisa LAINCHBURY 48 Oxon Over Norton Wiltshire Swindon  
Mary LAINCHBURY 31 Oxon Dean Spelsbury Wilts Swindon  
Rueben LAINCHBURY 13 Wilts Swindon Wiltshire Swindon  
William LAINCHBURY 56 Wor Ombersly Wiltshire Swindon Shoeing Smith
Anna LAINCHBURY 49 Oxfords Cornwall Gloucestershire Tortworth  
Gabriel LAINCHBURY 10 Glo Cromhall Gloucestershire Tortworth  
Gabriel LAINCHBURY 53 Oxfords Cornwall Gloucestershire Tortworth Gamekeeper Head
James LAINCHBURY 18 Glo Cromhall Gloucestershire Tortworth Carpenter
Ada LAINCHBURY 22 London Canonbury Essex Unknown 
Lizzie LAINCHBURY 16 Wellingboro Northants Northampton NorthamptonWard Maid
Alfred LAINCHBURY 1M Norths Wellingbro Northamptonshire Wellingborough  
Arthur LAINCHBURY 14 Norths Wellingbro Northamptonshire Wellingborough Shoe Trade Press
Cyril LAINCHBURY 10 Northampton Wellingborough Northamptonshire Wellingborough  
Edward LAINCHBURY 45 Oxon Deanspelsbury Northamptonshire Wellingborough Hotel Cook
Elsie LAINCHBURY 10 Norths Rushden Northamptonshire Wellingborough  
Fanny LAINCHBURY 31 Northampton Wolverton Northamptonshire Wellingborough  
Florence LAINCHBURY 7 Northampton Wollaston Northamptonshire Wellingborough  
Harriet LAINCHBURY 40 Norths Wellingbro Northamptonshire Wellingborough  
Horace LAINCHBURY 12 Norths Wellingbro Northamptonshire Wellingborough  
James LAINCHBURY 39 Oxford Newcould Northamptonshire Wellingborough Insurance Agent
William LAINCHBURY 8 Norths Wellingbro Northamptonshire Wellingborough  
Alice LAINCHBURY 2 Hereford Whitbourne Hereford Whitbourne  
Ann LAINCHBURY 36 Pembroke Walsdale Hereford Whitbourne  
Francis LAINCHBURY 6 Hereford Fedstone Delemere Hereford Whitbourne  
George LAINCHBURY 1 Hereford Whitbourne Hereford Whitbourne  
George LAINCHBURY 42 Worcester Ombersley Hereford Whitbourne Stockman On Farm
Alfred LAINCHBURY 4 London Hackney London Woolwich  
Alfred LAINCHBURY 33 London Shoreditch London Woolwich Scientific Instrument Maker
Ellen LAINCHBURY 6 London City London Woolwich  
Hannah LAINCHBURY 31 London Shoreditch London Woolwich  
Herbert LAINCHBURY 2 London Woolwich London Woolwich  
Ada LANCHBURY36London WalworthLondonSt George Hanover Square 
Agnes LANCHBURY 1Glos DaglingworthGloucesterDaglingworth 
Albert LANCHBURY 14Oxford CurbridgeOxfordWitney TownshipFarm Labourer General
Albert LANCHBURY 39OxonSurreyEwellFly Driver
Aldwin LANCHBURY 11Glos DidbrookGloucestershireDidbrook 
Aldwin LANCHBURY 31Glos RoesGloucestershireCharlton AbbottsJourneyman Baker
Alfred LANCHBURY 10WorcestershireGloucestershire  
Alfred LANCHBURY 17Warwickshire CoventryWarwickshireFoleshillRoad Runner Coal Mine
Alfred LANCHBURY 46Oxfordshire BladenWarwickshireFoleshillGeneral Labourer
Alfred LANCHBURY 55Minster Lovell OxonOxonAston & CoteBlacksmith
Alice LANCHBURY 17Oxford WitneyOxfordWitney TownshipWoollen Weaver
Amelia LANCHBURY 42Worc BlockleyGloucestershireCharlton Abbotts 
Amelia LANCHBURY 69Oxon NorthleighOxfordWitney 
Amos LANCHBURY 1Glos,WinchcombeGloucestershireCharlton Abbotts 
Amy LANCHBURY 11Aston OxonOxonAston & Cote 
Annie LANCHBURY 5Oxford WitneyOxfordWitney Township 
Annie LANCHBURY 28Oxon ThameOxfordThame 
Annie LANCHBURY 34Oxon SouthleighOxfordWitneyLadies Maid
Any (sic) LANCHBURY9Hounslow MiddxLondonSt Marylebone 
Arthur LANCHBURY13Essex GraysEssexGrays Thurrock 
Arthur LANCHBURY45Oxford ChadlingtonEssexGrays ThurrockDock Labourer
Benjamin LANCHBURY20Oxon DeanLOndonKenWaiter Dom
Bessie LANCHBURY2Essex GraysEssexGrays Thurrock 
Charley LANCHBURY7Glos WinchcombeGloucestershireCharlton Abbotts 
Charlotte LANCHBURY35London PaddingtonMiddlesexTottenhamLadies Maid
Daphne LANCHBURY5Surrey EwellSurreyEwell 
Dorothy LANCHBURY2OxfordOxfordSt Mary Magdalen 
Dorothy LANCHBURY2OxonThameOxfordThame 
Edith LANCHBURY6GloucestershireGloucestershire  
Edith LANCHBURY18Botley BerksOxfordshireHeadingtonScullery Maid Domestic
Edith LANCHBURY19Oxford AstonOxfordWitney TownshipGeneral Servant Domestic
Edward LANCHBURY32Oxon ChadlingtonOxfordshireChadlingtonAgricultural Labourer
Edward LANCHBURY33London SouthwarkLondonCamberwellDrapers Assistant
Edwin LANCHBURY48OxfordLondonSt MarylebonePark Keeper Regents
Elizabeth LANCHBURY6Oxford WitneyOxfordWitney Township 
Elizabeth LANCHBURY20Glos DowdeswellGloucesterSevenhampton 
Elizabeth LANCHBURY27Oxon ChadlingtonOxfordshireChadlingtonHouse Keeper
Elizabeth LANCHBURY49IrelandLondonSt Marylebone 
Ellen LANCHBURY7Bucks AylesburyBuckinghamshireAylesbury 
Ellen LANCHBURY25WarwickLancasterBlackpoolWaitress Domestic
Emanue LANCHBURYl72Oxon SouthleighOxfordWitneyRetired Railway Ganger
Emily LANCHBURY2Gloucestershire WinchcombGloucestershire  
Emily LANCHBURY10Warwickshire FoleshillWarwickshireFoleshill 
Emily LANCHBURY11Glos BidfieldGloucesterDaglingworth 
Emily LANCHBURY32Glos WinchcombGloucestershireCharlton Abbotts 
Emma LANCHBURY1Oxford WitneyOxfordWitney Township 
Emma LANCHBURY26Notts NottinghamLeicestershireLeicester Formerly Leicester Abbey Part ofNo Occupation
Emma LANCHBURY37Essex HorndonEssexGrays Thurrock 
Ernest LANCHBURY5GloucestershireGloucestershire  
Ernest LANCHBURY7London MaryleboneLondonSt Marylebone 
Ernest LANCHBURY17Oxon Shilton ShiltonBlack Smiths Assistant
Ethel LANCHBURY18Nottm Hyson GreenNottinghamshireNottinghamClerk Bleachers
Ethel LANCHBURY30Oxon Westail BurfordOxfordSt Mary Magdalen 
Eustace LANCHBURY6Glos DidbrookGloucestershireDidbrook 
Flora LANCHBURY17Oxon ChadlingtonGloucesterWestcoteKitchenmaid
Florence LANCHBURY17Hants AldershotLondonSt MaryleboneMilliner
Florence LANCHBURY38Sussex TillingtonSurreyEwell 
Francis LANCHBURY32GloucestershireGloucestershire  
Frank LANCHBURY16Oxford LewOxfordWitney TownshipOstler Domestic
Frank LANCHBURY19Berks Lower HatfordGloucestershireCoates EntireFarm Labourer
Fred LANCHBURY1Oxon ThameOxfordThame 
Frederick LANCHBURY3Oxford WitneyOxfordWitney Township 
Frederick LANCHBURY4Glos BidfieldGloucesterDaglingworth 
Frederick LANCHBURY13 LondonSt Marylebone 
Frederick LANCHBURY15Dumbleton GlosGloucesterWeston On Avon EntireFarm Labourer
Frederick LANCHBURY30Oxon KingseyOxfordThameFarmer Son
Geo LANCHBURY40Glos Wyck RissingtonGloucesterWyck RissingtonCarter On Farm
George LANCHBURY13Hornsleasow GlosGloucesterWeston On Avon EntireFarm Labourer
George LANCHBURY36Oxon ChadlingtonOxfordshireChadlingtonAgricultural Labourer
Gertrude LANCHBURY14Berkshire BotleyBerkshireCumnor 
Hannah LANCHBURY30Stafford Great BarrWarwickAston manorServant Domestic
Hannah LANCHBURY55Gt Rissington GlosGloucesterWeston On Avon Entire 
Hannah LANCHBURY66Wilts Castle EatonGloucesterWyck Rissington 
Harriett LANCHBURY3Warwickshire FoleshillWarwickshireFoleshill 
Harriett LANCHBURY57Moor Green GreasleyNottinghamshireNottinghamDairy Shop Keeper
Henry LANCHBURY11Oxford WitneyOxfordWitney Township 
Herbert LANCHBURY11London MiddsxLondonSt George Hanover Square 
Hilda LANCHBURY5mLeigh KentLondonSt George Hanover Square 
Horace LANCHBURY23New OxfordOxfordSt ThomasMachinist Printers
James LANCHBURY12Berkshire BotleyBerkshireCumnor 
James LANCHBURY25Ireland NewbridgeNottinghamshireNottinghamCoal Dealer
James LANCHBURY32Oxon SouthleighOxfordWitneyGrocers Assistant
Jane LANCHBURY8Oxford WitneyOxfordWitney Township 
Jane LANCHBURY17Essex GraysEssexGrays ThurrockPaper Sorter
Jane LANCHBURY33London CityLondonCamberwell 
Job LANCHBURY33Gloucestershire Gt BipingtonGloucestershire Shepherd On Farm
John LANCHBURY13Oxford WitneyOxfordWitney TownshipBlacksmiths Apprentice
John LANCHBURY16Warwickshire StivichallWarwickshireFoleshillHorse Driver Coal Mine
John LANCHBURY28Gloucestershire Stow-on-the-WoldGloucestershire Cattleman On Farm
John LANCHBURY38Glos AldsworthGloucestershireDidbrookWheelwright
Joseph LANCHBURY23Warwickshire StivichallWarwickshireFoleshillRoader Coal Mine
Joseph LANCHBURY67Glos Great RissingtonGloucesterSevenhamptonCattleman On Farm
Kathleen LANCHBURY2Notts NottinghamLeicestershireLeicester Formerly Leicester Abbey Part of 
Laura LANCHBURY28GloucestershireGloucestershireCheltenhamBarmaid
Lavinia LANCHBURY40Glos IcombGloucesterWyck Rissington 
Lilian LANCHBURY23Holwell OxonOxfordshireBurfordGeneral Servant Domestic
Lillian LANCHBURY25Old Woodstock OxfordOxfordSt Thomas 
Lilly LANCHBURY33Wales Pembroke DockGloucestershire  
Louisa LANCHBURY38Oxford CrawleyOxfordWitney Township 
Margaret LANCHBURY30Oxon ChalburyOxfordshireBamptonLibrarian
Maria LANCHBURY73GermanyMiddlesexTottenham 
Mark LANCHBURY4Warwickshire FoleshillWarwickshireFoleshill 
Mary LANCHBURY6Warwickshire FoleshillWarwickshireFoleshill 
Mary LANCHBURY22Ireland Co Kildare HoveLadies Maid Domestic
Mary LANCHBURY59Salop Ashford BowdlerBirminghamAston 
Mary LANCHBURY70Worcestershire PershoreOxfordshireBampton 
Maud LANCHBURY16Oxon North HindseyOxfordSt GilesGeneral Domestic
Nellie LANCHBURY9Glos WinchcombeGloucestershireCharlton Abbotts 
Nellie LANCHBURY12Norethampton MillinbroKentMaidstone 
Reginald LANCHBURY3mOxon ThameOxfordThame 
Reginald LANCHBURY4Glos WinchcombeGloucestershireCharlton Abbotts 
Rhoda LANCHBURY46Glos DidbrookGloucestershireDidbrookShop Keeper Small General Store
Richard LANCHBURY38Oxon DeanOxfordshireChadlingtonAgricultural Labourer
Richard LANCHBURY42Upper Slaughter GlosGloucesterDaglingworthGroom & Gardener Comestic
Robert LANCHBURY7GloucestershireGloucestershire  
Robert LANCHBURY54Gt Rissington GlosGloucesterWeston On Avon EntireShepherd
Ronald LANCHBURY6London FulhamSurreyEwell 
Rose LANCHBURY56Aston OxonOxonAston & Cote 
Ruby LANCHBURY2Glos WinchcombeGloucestershireCharlton Abbotts 
Sarah LANCHBURY14Warwickshire FoleshillWarwickshireFoleshillServant Domestic
Sarah LANCHBURY44Warwickshire FoleshillWarwickshireFoleshill 
Sarah LANCHBURY66Oxon ChadlingtonOxfordshireChadlington 
Stephen LANCHBURY42Oxford CoggsOxfordWitney TownshipCarter To Coal Merchant
Stephen LANCHBURY58Oxford SouthleighBirminghamAstonGeneral Labourer
Thomas LANCHBURY36Glos Wyck RissingtonGloucesterWyck RissingtonCattleman On Farm
Walter LANCHBURY9Glos DidbrookGloucestershireDidbrook 
Walter LANCHBURY11Essex GraysEssexGrays Thurrock 
Walter LANCHBURY17Glos WithingtonGloucesterDaglingworthHorseman On Farm
William LANCHBURY11Warwickshire FoleshillWarwickshireFoleshill 
William LANCHBURY12London MiddsxLondonSt George Hanover Square 
William LANCHBURY13Glos WishangerGloucesterDaglingworthCarter Boy On Farm
William LANCHBURY26Oxford NewbotleyOxfordSt Mary MagdalenConfectioner Baker
William LANCHBURY27Worcestershire Balsall HeathBirminghamAstonGrocer
William LANCHBURY1Osney OxfordOxfordSt Thomas 

Cotswold House (Now known as Rodney’s)
SPENCER, Henry M., 49, (M), Head, Estate Agent Major 2nd B. Glos Regt, Comnor, Berks
SPENCER, Edith L., 45, (M), Wife of Henry M, Bangalore, India
SPENCER, Hilda A., 18, (S), Paxford
SPENCER, Eleanor C., 17, (S), Paxford
WYKES, Charlotte, 40, (S), Cook, Corly, Warwicks
SPRAGG, Alice B., 23, (S), Parlour Maid, Longborough, Glos
WEBB, Amy N., 21, (S), Little Compton, Warwicks
LAUNCHBURY, Mary J., 18, (S), Kitchen Maid, Chadlington, Oxon

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