1891 Census Data

1891 CENSUS Entries for LA(I)NCHBURY etc

This data has been gathered by many researchers from varying sources. It is recommended that you use this as a guide only, and check the data with original sources where you can.

There are a few family groups at the top but the main list is lower down. Unfortunately this just is a list of names and not available as family groups, but it will at least assist you to see if your names are availabe and where they were living so you can make further enquiries. Don't forget to check through the list as there are alternate surname spellings towards the end. What the enumerator and transcriber typed may not be what you think you're looking for!

HADDENHAM 1891 CENSUS, Buckinghamshire
LANCHBURY James M 31 Farmer Towersey
Emily 31 South Weston, Oxon
Mabel E 9 Haddenham
William 8 Haddenham
Daisy 7 Haddenham
Ada 5 Haddenham
James K 3 Haddenham
Louie 1 Haddenham (note Louie is female)

KINGSEY 1891 CENSUS, Buckinghamshire
LANCHBURY Sarah 61 Farmer Stoke Mandeville
Emily 27 Kingsey
Herbert William 23 Kingsey
Maria 22 Kingsey
Frederick 20 Kingsey

DIDBROOK 1891 CENSUS, Gloucestershire (Includes Pinnock, Hyde & Wormington)
LAUNCHBURY John W 29 Wheelwright Aldsworth
Rhoda 36 Grocer Didbrook
Hudson 4 Didbrook
Aldwin 1 Didbrook
JEFFS Millicent Visitor 12 Chipping Norton
SQUIRE Phillip Boarder 24 Blacksmith Devon Lynton

WRIGHT Joseph 52 Bailiff Gls
Eliza 54 Cutsdean
Thomas 22 Ag lab Cutsdean
George 18 Ag lab Taddington
LAUNCHBURY John Lodger 18 Ag lab Maugersbury

GREAT RISSINGTON 1891 CENSUS, Gloucestershire
JAMES Job 42 Farm Lab Lyneham
Ruth 38 Great Rissington
George 16 Farm Lab Great Rissington
Henry 14 Ag Lab Great Rissington
Emma 11 Great Rissington
Elizabeth 9 Scholar Great Rissington
Mary 7 Scholar Great Rissington
Joseph 5 Scholar Great Rissington
Frederick 3 Scholar Great Rissington
Kate 1 Great Rissington
LAUNCHBURY Mary A Mother in Law Widow 78 Churchill

LAUNCHBURY Mark, Widower, 61, Farm Lab, Gt. Rissington

TEMPLE GUITING 1891 CENSUS, Gloucestershire (Includes Ford)
Part of the Parish of Temple Guiting, Barton, Nosehill Farm, Chalk Hill Cottages. Kinton Hill Cottages and Farm. Guiting Hill House, Trafalgar Farm and Cottages, Poor Lots Cottage, Benborough Farm, Village of Ford, Temple Guiting Village, Kinton, Wood Hill and Woodhouse Farm.
Persons 223 male 197 Female 420 Total
Enumerator Charles Stanley

LAUNCHBURY Robert 45 Shepherd Rissington
Hannah 45 Rissington
Robert 16 Ag Lab Maugersbury
Joseph 14 Ag Lab Maugersbury
Mary 11 Scholar Guiting Power
Wilfred 9 Scholar Didbrook
Richard 5 Scholar Dumbleton
George 2 Stanway

WINCHCOMBE 1891 CENSUS, Gloucestershire
Includes Coates, Sudeley Tenements, Abbey Demesnes, Eccles - Hamlets, Union Workhouse
HALL Hannah Widow 76 own means New Cross
LAUNCHBURY Aldwin Boarder 21 Bakers Assistant Roel

WYCK RISSINGTON 1891 CENSUS, Gloucestershire
LAUNCHBURY William Widr 75 Ag Lab Gt Rissington

LAUNCHBURY Thomas Widr 26 Ag Lab Wyck Rissington
Hannah Mother Widow 56 Castle Eaton
Edward 18 Brother Ag Lab Wyck Rissington
SCOTT Edward Lodger 21 Ag Lab Purton

LAUNCHBURY George 30 Carter Wyck Rissington
Lavinia 30 Icomb
JAMES Thomas Lodger 64 Ag Lab Gt Rissington
FIFIELD Charlotte Visitor 6 Scholar Wyck Rissington

78 5
Warrington Crescent Paddington, London
Jane LAUNCHBURY, Servant, age 23, Parlour Maid, Born London Notting Hill

Rock Hall
Martha LAINCHBURY, Widow, 47, Dean
Ernest, son, 19, Gen Lab, Milton
Agnes, dau, 18, Milton
Emma C, dau, 12, Tanhouse
Alice, dau, 10, Wylchby
Lily, dau, 4, Over Norton

HOOK NORTON, 1891 CENSUS Oxfordshire
Lower Cradle Farm
George Randall, Head, 65, Shepherd, Enstone
Mary Randall, Wife, 55, Dunthrop
Amelia LAINCHBURY, Granddaughter, 8, Scholar, Southcomb

Upton Road, Shop
Alfred LUNCHBURY, Lodger, Single, 33, Railway Engine Driver, Witney

CUTSDEAN 1891 CENSUS, Worcestershire
LAUNCHBURY Job, 23, Ag Lab, Gt Rissington
Francis, Wife, 22, Dumbleton
Alfred, Son, 1 month, Cutsdean, Wcs

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1891 Census
Name Birth Address
Ada LainchburyBorn c1878 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Agnes A LainchburyBorn c1878 Cornwell, OxfordshireKingham, Oxfordshire
Albert LainchburyBorn c1881 Chipping Norton, OxfordshireHeythrop, Oxfordshire
Albert LainchburyBorn c1886 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Alice M LainchburyBorn c1886 Chesterfield, DerbyshireChesterfield, Derbyshire
Amelia LainchburyBorn c1883 South Comb, OxfordshireHook Norton, Oxfordshire
Annie LainchburyBorn c1883 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Annie S LainchburyBorn c1881 Witney, OxfordshireCharlbury, Oxfordshire,
Arthur LainchburyBorn c1857 Cheddington, OxfordshireGrays Thurrock, Essex
Arthur C LainchburyBorn c1888 Grays, EssexGrays Thurrock, Essex
Benjamin LainchburyBorn c1881 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Cabel LainchburyBorn c1853 Spelsbury, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Caleb LainchburyBorn c1845 Cornwell, OxfordshireKingham, Oxfordshire
Caroline LainchburyBorn c1846 Mickleton, GloucestershireChipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Catherine M LainchburyBorn c1886 Witney, OxfordshireCharlbury, Oxfordshire
Charles LainchburyBorn c1884 NAshford, Ashford, Middlesex
Charles LainchburyBorn c1843 Chadlington, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Charles P LainchburyBorn c1887 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Charley LainchburyBorn c1862 Deal Spelsbrin, OxfordshireNew Swindon, Wiltshire
Chas Richd LainchburyBorn c1887 Swindon, WiltshireNew Swindon, Wiltshire
Clara LainchburyBorn c1886 Northfleet, KentGrays Thurrock, Essex
Daisy LainchburyBorn c1889Chadlington, Oxfordshire
Dinah LainchburyBorn c1853 Saston, OxfordshireCharlbury, Oxfordshire
Edith LainchburyBorn c1881 Chesterfield, DerbyshireChesterfield, Derbyshire
Edith LainchburyBorn c1889 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Edith A LainchburyBorn c1890 Charlbury, OxfordshireCharlbury, Oxfordshire
Edith E LainchburyBorn c1870 Chipping Norton, OxfordshireChipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Edward LainchburyBorn c1856 Dean, OxfordshireRushden, Northamptonshire
Edward LainchburyBorn c1868 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Edward W LainchburyBorn c1870 Birmingham, WarwickshireBordesley, Aston, Warwickshire
Eli J LainchburyBorn c1884 Cromhall, GloucestershireCromhall, Gloucestershire
Eliza LainchburyBorn c1831 Chadlington, OxfordshireHeythrop, Oxfordshire
Elizabeth LainchburyBorn c1871 Cirencester, GloucestershireCheltenham, Gloucestershire
Elizabeth LainchburyBorn c1849 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Elizabeth LainchburyBorn c1874 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Elizabeth LainchburyBorn c1871 Hook Norton, OxfordshireHeythrop, Oxfordshire
Elizabeth LainchburyBorn c1847 Over Norton, OxfordshireKingham, Oxfordshire
Elizabeth LainchburyBorn c1851 WarwickshireAston, Warwickshire
Elizabeth LainchburyBorn c1856 Stopsley, BedfordshireAston, Warwickshire
Emily LainchburyBorn c1845 Steeple Aston, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Emma LainchburyBorn c1864 Horndon, EssexGrays Thurrock, Essex
Emma LainchburyBorn c1884 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Ernest T LainchburyBorn c1869 Cornwell, OxfordshireKingham, Oxfordshire
Ethel LainchburyBorn c1882 Cornwell, OxfordshireKingham, Oxfordshire
Fanny LainchburyBorn c1868 Worcester, WarwickshireBarnstaple, Devon
Flora LainchburyBorn c1884 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Florence LainchburyBorn c1882 Chesterfield, DerbyshireChesterfield, Derbyshire
Florence E LainchburyBorn c1875 Cornwell, OxfordshireKingham, Oxfordshire
Francis LainchburyBorn c1860 Chadlington, OxfordshireStamford, St Michael, Lincolnshire
Frank LainchburyBorn c1874 Chipping Norton, OxfordshireChipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Frank Felix LainchburyBorn c1879 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Fredrick LainchburyBorn c1858 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Gaerice LainchburyBorn c 1891 Cromhall, GloucestershireCromhall, Gloucestershire
Galvin LainchburyBorn c1849 Cormwell, DevonCromhall, Gloucestershire
George LainchburyBorn c1857 Ombersley, WorcestershireUpper Sapey, Tedstone De La Mere, Herefordshire
George LainchburyBorn c1866 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
George LainchburyBorn c1881 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
George LainchburyBorn c1826 Dean, OxfordshireHeythrop, Oxfordshire
George LainchburyBorn c1878 WarwickshireAston, Warwickshire
Hannah LainchburyBorn c1852 Wotton Under Edge, GloucestershireCromhall, Gloucestershire
Harriett LainchburyBorn c1861 Norths, WellingboroughRushden, Northamptonshire
Helen LainchburyBorn c1844 Birmingham, WarwickshireBordesley, Aston, Warwickshire
Henry LainchburyBorn c1858 Dean, OxfordshireCharlbury, Oxfordshire
Henry LainchburyBorn c1872 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Herbert G LainchburyBorn c1886 Birmingham, WarwickshireAston, Warwickshire
Horace E LainchburyBorn c1889 Norths, WellingboroughRushden, Northamptonshire
Ida LainchburyBorn c1890 WarwickshireAston, Warwickshire
James LainchburyBorn c1856 Spelsbury, OxfordshireChesterfield, Derbyshire
James LainchburyBorn c1859 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Jane E LainchburyBorn c1884 Chadwell, EssexGrays Thurrock, Essex
Jason LainchburyBorn c1844 Ramsden, OxfordshireRamsden, Oxfordshire
Jesse LainchburyBorn c1855 Ombersley, WorcestershireOmbersley, Ombersley, Worcestershire
John LainchburyBorn c1810 Bristol, SomersetChadlington, Oxfordshire
John LainchburyBorn c1882 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
John LainchburyBorn c1876 WarwickshireAston, Warwickshire
Joseph LainchburyBorn c1865 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Joseph LainchburyBorn c1888 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Joseph LainchburyBorn c1879 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Julia LainchburyBorn c1886 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Kate LainchburyBorn c1884 Birmingham, WarwickshireAston, Warwickshire
Laurina E LainchburyBorn c1882 Cromhall, GloucestershireCromhall, Gloucestershire
Lottie L LainchburyBorn c1889 Chesterfield, DerbyshireChesterfield, Derbyshire
Louisa LainchburyBorn c1856 Charlbury, OxfordshireCharlbury, Oxfordshire
Louisa LainchburyBorn c1853 Over Norton, OxfordshireNew Swindon, Wiltshire
Louisa H LainchburyBorn c1873 Cornwell, OxfordshireKingham, Oxfordshire
Louisa Mary LainchburyBorn c1880 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Marion G LainchburyBorn c1889 Charlbury, OxfordshireCharlbury, Oxfordshire
Mary LainchburyBorn c1859 Northington, LeicestershireChesterfield, Derbyshire
Mary LainchburyBorn c1881 Cromhall, GloucestershireCromhall, Gloucestershire
Mary LainchburyBorn c1855 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Mary LainchburyBorn c1883 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Mary LainchburyBorn c1881 WarwickshireAston, Warwickshire
Mary Ann LainchburyBorn c1834 Chadlington, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
May LainchburyBorn c1887 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Mimie LainchburyBorn c1880 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Phillis LainchburyBorn c1878 Nk, LondonChadlington, Oxfordshire
Reuben LainchburyBorn c1831 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Reuben LainchburyBorn c1888 Swindon, WiltshireNew Swindon, Wiltshire
Richard LainchburyBorn c1830 Dean, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Richard LainchburyBorn c1862 Dean, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Richard LainchburyBorn c1883 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Richard LainchburyBorn c1846 WarwickshireAston, Warwickshire
Richard LainchburyBorn c1885 WarwickshireAston, Warwickshire
Robert LainchburyBorn c1854 Rissington, GloucestershireAston, Warwickshire
Rose Ann LainchburyBorn c1853 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
Rosena LainchburyBorn c1878 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Sarah LainchburyBorn c1820 Milton, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Sarah LainchburyBorn c1835 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
Thomas LainchburyBorn c1852 Spelsbury, OxfordshireCharlbury, Oxfordshire
Thomas LainchburyBorn c1819 Charlbury, OxfordshireChipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Walter LainchburyBorn c1872 Chipping Norton, OxfordshireChipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Walter W LainchburyBorn c1890 Grays, EssexGrays Thurrock, Essex
Wilfred LainchburyBorn c1887 Dean, OxfordshireDean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire
William LainchburyBorn c1870 Chadlington, OxfordshireChadlington, Oxfordshire
William LainchburyBorn c1869 Dean, OxfordshireHeythrop, Oxfordshire
William LainchburyBorn c1883 WarwickshireAston, Warwickshire
Clara Lainchburg Born c1890 Chadlington, Oxfordshire Chadlington, Oxfordshire
Clara Lainebury Born c1872 Tylohuox, Berkshire Hackney, London
Annie Lainsbury Born c1877 Reading, Berkshire Reading, St Giles, Berkshire
Charles Lainsbury Born c1853 Reading, Berkshire Reading, St Giles, Berkshire
Edward J Lainsbury Born c1851 Tilehurst, Berkshire Tilehurst, Berkshire
Elizabeth Lainsbury Born c1846 Tilehurst, Berkshire Tilehurst, Berkshire
Elizah Lainsbury Born c1819 Norwich, Norfolk Reading, St Giles, Berkshire
Florence Lainsbury Born c1888 Portsmouth, Hampshire Portsea, Hampshire
George Lainsbury Born c1871 Reading, Berkshire Reading, St Giles, Berkshire
Helen Lainsbury Born c1880 Reading, Berkshire Reading, St Giles, Berkshire
Mary Lainsbury Born c1835 Brompton, London Lambeth, London
Sarah Lainsbury Born c1855 Reading, Berkshire Reading, St Giles, Berkshire
Sophia Lainsbury Born c1867 St Pancras, London
Thomas Lainsbury Born c1882 Reading, Berkshire Reading, St Giles, Berkshire
William Lainsbury Born c1873 Reading, Berkshire Reading, St Giles, Berkshire
Wm Lainsbury Born c1822 Reading, Berkshire Reading, St Giles, Berkshire
Albert V Lainshbury Born c1867 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Birmingham, Warwickshire
Alfred Lainshbury Born c1848 Craban St Hontom, London Hackney, London
Charles Lainshbury Born c1869 Phitting Norta, Oxfordshire New Windsor, New Windsor, Berkshire
Emma R Lainshbury Born c1878 Islington Hackney, London
Rebecca Lainshbury Born c1868 Loddington Harhorz E Hackney, London
Sarah Lainshbury Born c1875 Langley, Gloucestershire Painswick, Gloucestershire
William Lainshbury Born c1852 Dean, Oxfordshire Bradshaw Edge, Chapel en le Frith, Derbyshire
Alfred J Lamakberry Born c1868 Shoreditch, London Shoreditch, London
Ann Lamchbury Born c1844 Great Barrington, Gloucestershire Bulley, Painswick, Gloucestershire
Anna S Lamchbury Born c1874 The Slad, Gloucestershire Bulley, Painswick, Gloucestershire
Beatrice M Lamchbury Born c1882 Willisham, Middlesex Bermondsey, London
Fanny M Lamchbury Born c1873 Dean Eustvus, Oxfordshire Ascot, Oxfordshire
George Lamchbury Born c1846 Splsbury, Oxfordshire Bermondsey, London
George C Lamchbury Born c1877 Penge, Surrey Bermondsey, London
Jane E Lamchbury Born c1846 Charlbury, Oxfordshire Bermondsey, London
John Lamchbury Born c1842 Fultbrook, Oxfordshire Bulley, Painswick, Gloucestershire
Rebbece Lamchbury Born c1877 Painswick, Gloucestershire Bulley, Painswick, Gloucestershire
Sarah A D Lamchbury Born c1869 Oxfordsh, Chipp Norton Leamington, Leamington, Warwickshire
Alfred Lamechbury Born c1870 Kings Heath, Worcestershire Kings Heath, Kings Norton, Worcestershire
Frederick Lamechbury Born c1881 Kings Heath, Worcestershire Kings Heath, Kings Norton, Worcestershire
Henry Lamechbury Born c1846 Oxfordshire Kings Heath, Kings Norton, Worcestershire
Lillie Lamechbury Born c1884 Kings Heath, Worcestershire Kings Heath, Kings Norton, Worcestershire
Mary Lamechbury Born c1846 Kings Heath, Worcestershire Kings Heath, Kings Norton, Worcestershire
John Lamesby Born c1830 Wardmore, Kendal Rushulme, Lancashire
John Lamesby Born c1868 London Rushulme, Lancashire
Ann Lamichbury Born c1839 Glorshire, Clapton Burford, Burford, Oxfordshire
Henry Lamichbury Born c1882 Burford, Oxfordshire 1891 -Burford, Oxfordshire
John Lamichbury Born c1885 Burford, Oxfordshire 1891 -Burford, Oxfordshire
Ruth Lamichbury Born c1859 Glorshire, Risington Burford, Oxfordshire
William Lamichbury Born c1832 Idbury, Oxfordshire Burford, Oxfordshire
Willian Lamichbury Born c1879 Burford, Oxfordshire 1891 -, Burford, Oxfordshire
Elizabeth Lamsbury Born c1859 Shinfield, Berkshire West End, South Stoneham, Hampshire
Emma Lamsbury Born c1866 Grateley, Hampshire Fulham, London
Marid Lamseby Born c1830 Hopeow, Lancashire West Hartlepool, Stranton, Durham
Eliza E Lamshburg Born c1884 Boiley, Berkshire North Hinksey, Berkshire
Aldwin J Lancbury Born c1870 Roel, Gloucestershire Winchcombe, Gloucestershire
Hannah Lancebury Born c1890 Padiham, Lancashire Padiham, Lancashire
Jane Lancebury Born c1858 Middleton, Shropshire Padiham, Lancashire
Mary Lancebury Born c1885 Padiham, Lancashire Padiham, Lancashire
William H Lancebury Born c1858 Handborough, Oxfordshire Padiham, Lancashire
Charles Lanceby Born c1822 Plumstead, Kent Plumstead, London
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